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Submitted: May 18, 2017

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Submitted: May 18, 2017



It was a normal Tuesday morning, just like any other, the soft smell of cinnamon wove through the air, I looked out the misty window to see a quiet road with birds tweeting their own songs. 
I sat down on my little wooden table and started eating my breakfast of toast and bacon, suddenly I heard a loud knock on my door, "Strange" I thought to myself, considering it was 5 am, I looked through the peephole feeling, honestly a bit scared, to see another detective, so you see I'm a detective for my Linga County a place in Ohio, anyways,  I opened the large oak door to see the large man about 6 feet tall, long grizzly beard and a torn coat, "hello, nice to meet you!" I greeted the man while shaking his hand, "Hello, come with me now." "S-sure I suppose" I followed him to the police station, staying silent the whole way besides the occasional deep breath. We arrived at the run-down police station, windows broken, doors shredded and so on, I saw the Commissioner, James, " Hello" James said, "Hi, what do you need?" "Well a child has gone missing" "Oh, hell no, are you serious?" I hoped he was joking while the words slowly escaped my mouth. "were not kidding here's the files" he said as he tossed me a thick binder of files on the case. I read over them, Name: Jane Lemont
Age: 11
Location 46 Sundrive Boulevard 
"I'll find her" I murmured under my breath as I jumped into a police vehicle and drove down to Sundrive Blv.
I saw the house, 2 storeys tall, yellow Ute parked out the driveway and cream walls. I knocked on the doors to be greeted by the mother of Jane, Genea Lemont, tears flowing from her eyes.
I'm not finished yet but tell me if you enjoy!

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