Kids In The Dark

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Same Town, New Heroes

Submitted: May 18, 2017

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Submitted: May 18, 2017



Chapter One: Same Town New Heroes.

Henry ran down the school hall smiling as a groups of kids got outside to see a man tied up and cops showing up.

“It appears that the Golden Phoenix has stopped yet another criminal.” A news reporter explained as kids started taking photos. Henry smiled turning around walking into the school before a girl grabbed him slamming him into a locker.

“Henry, when we said you can’t use your powers we meant it.” The girl spoke out as Henry chuckled looking at her.

“Kelly, come on. I was awesome. I know how to control my powers. Why can’t I go out and help people?” Henry questioned as Kelly pulled him into a classroom.

“I don’t care. The council thinks we can’t control you. This little display of vigilante is proving that.” Kelly growled out as Henry sighed.

“Because you can’t control me. You can either help me protect this town, or you can stay out of my way.” Henry responded before opening the classroom door.

“Fine, we’ll help. But we’ll do it our way. On our schedule.” Kelly spoke out looking over at Henry.

“Okay, I’ll do it your way on some conditions.” Henry responded smiling turning around walking up to her.

“Which are what?” Kelly questioned crossing her arms sitting down at a table.

“One; I want a suit. A cool suit. Two; I want to be able to tell at least one friend. Three the most important one there is; we do not kill. No matter what happens we will not take someone’s life.” Henry answered as Kelly sighed banging her head to the table.

“I already have people working on a suit. Before you get to tell anyone what you’re doing we get to do a background check and make sure they are trustworthy. If you want no one to die, then no one will die.” Kelly responded as Henry smiled holding his hand out to shake Kelly’s.

“Alright, let’s get to work. I feel like it’ll take awhile to get the council’s permission.” Henry spoke out as he opened the door for Kelly.

“We already have permission. Come on, time for you to see the base.” Kelly told him as they walked outside getting to a limo.

“I thought you’d want to keep a low profile. Why is there a limo?” Henry questioned as a driver opened the door for him.

“Well, I thought you’d want to see your brand new mask that goes for your suit.” Kelly responded as Henry got in the limo with her.

“Okay, where’s the mask?” Henry asked looking over at Kelly as she pulled out a bag handing it to him. Henry took a deep breath grabbing it opening the bag. Once he opened it he felt cold fabric as it he had placed a silk shirt in the freezer.

“It’s soft, and cold.” Henry spoke out pulling out the mask seeing a phoenix symbol on the mask surrounded by flames and gold sparks.

“It’s cuben fiber. Strongest man-made fabric. It’s been modified to keep you cool. It won’t get ruined by any type of fire.” Kelly explained to him as Henry chuckled completely amazed.

“The eyes of it though, they have a screen in them. It’ll alert you when a threat it close to you. Also a really cool feature if I say so myself.” Kelly responded taking Henry’s glasses off of him before putting the mask around his short blue and green hair.

“What’re you doing?” Henry asked rubbing his eyes before Kelly pressed a button on the side of the mask as it turned into red and gold colored glasses.

“Whoa, I can see a lot better in these.” Henry spoke out smiling looking around as Kelly smirked.

“Yep, press the side of the glasses and they turn into the mask.” Kelly told him as she looked around glasses making sure they were on properly.

“So, in other words anyone can go pressing it and turning my mask on?” Henry questioned as Kelly shook her head.

“No, it only works with mine and your fingerprints.” Kelly told him as Henry nodded before the car slammed on it’s brakes. Henry flung forward as he forgot to even put his seatbelt on hitting a end of the limo.

“Henry, are you okay?” Kelly questioned getting unbuckled moving over to him.

“Yeah, what happened?” Henry asked getting up as they heard a gunshot and the window dividing the driver and backseat opened.

“Someone’s robbing a bank.” The driver spoke out as Henry chuckled looking over at Kelly.

“It’s like fate wanted this to happen.” Henry laughed as Kelly shook her head pressing the button on the glasses and they turned into the mask.

“Go stop the bank robbers idiot.” Kelly spoke out to him as he took his jacket off getting out of the limo seeing the robbers heading to a car.

“I hate it when they run.” Henry sighed throwing a fireball at one of the men knocking him to the ground.

“Oh damn, score one for the golden phoenix!” Henry shouted out the mask making his voice echo out and deeper.

“Stupid little kid! Halloween isn’t for a month!” One of the robbers shouted out aiming his gun at Henry.

“Now, stupid is a strong word. How about we use un-intelligent?” Henry suggested jumping over the man kicking the back of his leg making him kneel on it as Henry kicked him in his face knocking him out.

“Little brat.” The third and last man growled out firing his gun at Henry before he held his hand up stopping the bullets with a fire blast.

“Now, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” Henry shouted out jumping up punching the third man knocking him out. Henry ran over to the limo jumping in from the roof window.

“Drive, now!” Kelly ordered as the driver slammed on the gas pedal speeding off.

“Whoa, damn that was fun.” Henry sighed breathing heavily as Kelly smiled at him before buckling up again.

“Once we get to the base we’ll need that shirt, pants, and shoes.” Kelly told him as Henry looked at her slightly confused.

“Wait, why?” Henry asked turning the mask back into glasses.

“People saw you in them. We’ll donate them.” Kelly reassured him as Henry sighed nodding to her.

“Fine, but what am I going to be wearing? I’m definitely not wearing white suits.” Henry spoke out as Kelly handed him blue jeans, a black T-shirt and blue tennis shoes.

“Here you go. Change in here.” Kelly spoke out getting out of the limo after they got to the base.

“Of course. Change in the limo.” Henry sighed as he got changed. After a couple minutes Henry got out of the limo.

“Wow, that’s a good look on you. Especially with that jacket.” Kelly chuckled as Henry followed her putting the hoodie up on his jacket.

“Anyways, the suit we’re making for you is golden and red. Like your mask.” Kelly told him as Henry nodded as he saw the case with the suit.

“Dude, that looks amazing!” Henry shouted out slightly walking up to it as Kelly chuckled.

“Agent, we got it finished.” A man spoke out looking at the other two.

“Great, that’s amazing.” Kelly told him smiling as Henry tilted his head.

“What did they finish? What’s amazing?” Henry asked looking over at the two as Kelly smiled at him.

“Press the button on your glasses.” Kelly told him as Henry sighed doing as told and when the glasses turned into the mask his entire suit appeared on him and disappeared from the display case.

“No way! This is freaking awesome!” Henry shouted out happily looking down before Kelly lead him to a large room.

“Now, go see how well you move in that.” Kelly told him as Henry nodded smirking getting ready to run into the room. Henry ran into the room jumping over a balancing board before jumping up spinning around throwing a fireball hitting a target before running straight ahead before he jumped up dodging a blade being fired out of the second target.

“Here we go!” Henry shouted out throwing a larger fireball as it hit the target while part of it hit a gas tank causing an explosion sending Henry flying across the room and Kelly and the guard out of the room.

“Ouch.” Henry whined out getting up as Kelly ran over to him helping him up.

“Are you okay?” Kelly asked as he shook his head rubbing the back of his head and saw there was blood.

“I really hate explosions.” Henry spoke out fainting as the guard and Kelly caught him and Kelly grunted getting him out of the room heading to the medical room.

“What the hell happened to him?” Anite the nurse questioned walking up to the three.

“He threw a fireball at a target which also hit part of a gas tank and made a big boom sending him flying.” Kelly explained as Anite shook her head looking at Henry.

“Mind taking the suit off?” Anite questioned as Kelly nodded pressing the button and the suit disappeared.

“Okay, it looks like a concussion. He may need some stitches.” Anite told them as Kelly sighed hearing someone shouting.

“Kelly, what in the hell was that explosion?” Max the head of the agency asked walking into the room.

“A mistake. Henry accidently hit part of a gas tank in the training room with a fireball. It won’t happen again.” Kelly spoke out as Max tilt his head.

“There’s not supposed to be a gas tank in that room.” Max told her as her eyes went wide looking over at Henry.

“Are you saying, that someone was trying to hurt him?” Kelly asked whispering as Max took outside of the room.

“I’m saying someone is trying to kill him.” Max told her as they looked in seeing Henry still unconscious.

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