Kids In The Dark

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Fire Vs. Water

Submitted: May 20, 2017

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Submitted: May 20, 2017



Chapter Three: Fire Vs. Water.

Henry woke up in his bed staring at the ceiling as his alarm went off and he grabbed his old pair of glasses before getting dressed.

“Henry, someone’s here to see you!” Henry’s mother shouted up the stairs as he groaned and once he got to the stairs he saw Kelly standing at the door.

“What do you want? I thought I told you guys I was done.” Henry spoke out rather rudely as he walked into the kitchen followed by Kelly.

“You’re really just going to give up? One attack from a new vigilante and you’re done?” Kelly questioned scoffing as Henry rolled his eyes.

“You don’t understand. I’m not a match for him. Unless you forget, water puts fire out. That’s exactly what he did to me Kelly. He put me out, because he didn’t feel like I was doing a well enough job. So good riddance maybe he can make this town better. Now please get out.” Henry growled out pushing Kelly out of the house before slamming the door on her face.

“Come on Henry, you’ll be late for school.” Henry’s mother shouted out as henry grabbed a bottle of water heading to school.

“Bye, see you later!” Henry shouted out closing the door to the house.


On his way Henry heard someone shouting as he looked down at the alleyway seeing someone getting robbed.

“Help me!” The old woman yelled out as Henry sighed tossing his book bag to the side running into the alleyway.

“Hey, you don’t happen to have the time do you?” Henry questioned as the mugger turned around and he kicked his arm grabbing his arm twisting it.

“Nevermind, I’ll ask someone else.” Henry grunted elbowing the man in his stomach knocking him out before handing the woman her purse.

“Thank you young man. You’re just like those heroes.” The woman spoke out as Henry chuckled grabbing his book bag running towards the school.

“Have a great day!” Henry shouted out running off as the woman went back to her business starting to walk quicker as she pulled off the skin revealing Kelly under it.

“He should be coming back anytime now.” Kelly spoke out over a radio as Max smirked from his office hearing Kelly.

“Good, make sure the team has that wrist orb holder is finished.” Max told her as he turned around looking at his computer.

“Will do sir, although I must ask. Why are we giving him orbs?” Kelly questioned as she walked over to a car getting in.

“Just get here.” Max sighed as he hung up and Kelly leaned back in the backseat.


Henry ran into the school walking up to the table where Kane, and Jane were at seeing they had a news report of Silver Hydra.

“Henry, did you hear? There’s a new hero. Maybe the Golden Phoenix and him could team up. It’d be a badass team.” Jane spoke out as Henry looked at him.

“I don’t think they’d be a good pair.” Henry spoke out as Kane looked over at him.

“Yeah, besides I think the new guy could is pretty cool. He stopped the robbers in that science building.” Kane pointed out as Jane nodded.

“He also killed someone. Heroes in my book don’t kill.” Henry spoke out as Jane pointed to him looking over at Kane.

“What if he saw the man reaching for a weapon?” Kane questioned as Jane pointed to Kane looking over at Henry.

“Then maybe he should have shot the man’s arm instead of his head.” Henry told them as Jane chuckled looking at the two of them.

“This is just like middle school. The two of you fighting over which superhero would win in a fight making me decide.” Jane chuckled as the two smiled at him rolling their eyes.

“Well, I just think this new guy would win.” Kane told them shrugging taking a bite of an apple as Henry shrugged. Jane was about say something before a crashing sound was heard outside and the window to the school cafeteria crashed open.

“Get down!” Henry shouted out jumping over the table pulling Kane and Jane down to the ground under a table as a car crashed into the school. Kids were screaming out as Henry told Kane to get Jane out of there before hearing his phone go off.

“Henry, you have to get out of there! A man with the power to create tornados is attacking!” Kelly shouted out over the phone as she and a bunch of other agents cars were racing to the school.

“No, I got to hold him off.” Henry grunted getting out from under the table limping to his locker opening it before grabbing an extra pair of the glasses.

“Henry, you’ve been three days without practice. You could die. What if Silver Hydra shows up?” Kelly questioned as they could see a smaller tornado.

“Then he and I can fight. After I stop this man.” Henry spoke out pressing the button and his suit appeared on him.

“Damn it Henry, you’re an idiot.” Kelly growled out throwing the phone to the side stepping on the gas petal.

“Hey Kelly, a strong blast of fire should stop the tornado right?” Henry questioned over the earpiece as she sighed deeply.

“Yeah, but it has to be as hot as the sun. You’ve got to divert the path. Heat the atmosphere in front of it.” Kelly told him as Henry smirked getting in front of the man.

“Get out of my way Golden Phoenix!” The man shouted out creating another tornado.

“Sorry, you’re planning on hurting innocent children. I can’t let that happen.” Henry shouted out creating a fireball. Before either of them could do a thing a knife went flying past Henry aimed straight at the man's head before the tornado sucked it in throwing it back. Henry caught it as the blade was inches from Silver Hydra’s face.

“I thought I told you if I saw you again you’d be dead.” Silver Hydra spoke out looking at Henry.

“Look, you can kill me later. Can we just focus on stopping the bad guy first?” Henry asked as he looked back over at the man.

“My name is Terou. Now move out my way.” The man spoke out as the tornado got larger.

“Fine, you have any ideas on how to stop a tornado Phoenix boy?” Silver Hydra asked looking over at Henry.

“I actually do. But it’s going to get really hot first.” Henry spoke out as Silver Hydra backed up for him. Henry took a deep breath holding his hand out as a fire blast wave shot out and he held both hands up intensifying the fire as it was shot into the tornado.

“Golden Phoenix, you have to intensify the heat. Right now!” Silver Hydra shouted out as Henry grunted as the fire got hotter and the tornado started to die down.

“Silver Hydra, think you cans top him without killing?” Henry questioned after the tornado disappeared.

“Of course.” Silver Hydra spoke out walking towards Terou before punching him knocking him out.

“Silver Hydra! Golden Phoenix!” Jane shouted out running up to them.

“Uh hello child.” Henry spoke out as Jane hugged the two of them and Silver Hydra put his head down as if he was disappointed.

“Can I get a photo with you two? Please it’d mean alot to me and my friends.” Jane spoke out as Henry looked over at Silver Hydra who shrugged.

“Fine, but one.” Silver Hydra spoke out as Jane jumped happily.

“Okay, come on. Let’s get this over with.” Henry sighed as Jane took a selfie with them before smiling running off as Silver Hydra disappeared.

“Hey!” Kelly shouted out running up to Henry hugging him as Henry chuckled looking at her before she hit him.

“Next time you better get out when I say to.” Kelly told him and Henry rolled his eyes.

“Okay sorry. I gotta get back into the school. Bye.” Henry told her as he jumped up to the roof pressing the button on his mask as it turned to his glasses and the suit disappeared.

“Idiot.” elly sighed smirking shaking her head as Henry walked over to the window to the boys locker room slipping in as he saw Silver Hydra taking off his mask revealing Kane.

“Kane, you’re the Silver Hydra?” Henry asked walking up to him as Kane turned around turned quickly as Henry spotted something around his neck.

“Henry, you scared me. Yeah I am. Pretty cool isn’t it? Come on let’s get to class and I’ll explain it.” Kane chuckled before Henry blocked the entrance.

“Sorry, but I can’t let you do that. You’re wanted for murder.” Henry spoke out as Kane tilted his head.

“Then don’t get in my way. You know I can kick your ass. I know you don’t have any fighting practice.” Kane told him moving closer as Henry kept still.

“Then kick my ass. That’s the only way you’re getting past.” Henry spoke out as he threw a fist at him. Henry moved to the left dodging the punch before kicking Kane in his stomach spun around kicking him in his chest sending him flying into the lockers.

“You little brat!” Kane growled out getting up as Henry got in a fighting stance. Kane shot a blast of water out sending Henry flying backwards slamming against the wall.

“Told you not to get in my way.” Kane spoke out walking past him. Henry spat out blood kicking against the wall getting up with one knee on the ground, his other leg extended before sending a blast of fire at Kane knocking him down.

“I told you I’m not letting you go.” Henry chuckled as Kane got up looking at him.

“So you’re the Golden Phoenix?” Kane questioned as Henry nodded pressing the button on his glasses and the suit appeared on him.

“Cool tech.” Kane smirked out as he put his mask on and his suit came out from the mask.

“I’m so getting my ass kicked.” Henry groaned out cracking his neck before getting in a fighting position again.

“Get ready Henry. If we start the only way to stop is if one of us is in a body bag.” Kane spoke out as Henry shook his head.

“No Kane. I’m going to stop you without killing.” Henry responded as Kane chuckled running at him.

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