Kids In The Dark

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Practice Makes Perfect.

Submitted: May 24, 2017

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Submitted: May 24, 2017



Chapter Five: Practice Makes Perfect.

Henry ran across a room jumping over a desk with Kane following right behind him as a fireball flew past them.

“Okay Kane, you can put the fireballs out before they get close. You know how to make a waterball?” Henry questioned as the practice trainers were getting closer.

“Yeah, but how do they have powers?” Kane responded asking as Henry chuckled.

“They don’t. They’re wearing specialized gloves, get those wet then the fireballs are done. You take the two on the left. I’ll the other two.” Henry told him as Kane nodded before they fist bumped and turned around running opposite direction.

“Over there!” A man shouted out throwing a fireball at Kane before he shot a waterball at it evaporating it. Henry jumped over another desk kicking a trainer's arm getting the glove off.

“Good, now you have to deal with hand-to-hand.” The trainer spoke out kicking him. Henry jumped back dodging the kick.

“I can use some hand-to-hand combat.” Henry chuckled as the trainer and him went at it. Kane jumped over the two trainers he was dealing with.

“Bye-bye misters.” Kane chuckled blasting the two across the floor knocking them out smiling. Henry grabbed the trainers arm hitting her in her side before twisting her arm throwing her to the ground.

“Kane!” Henry shouted out running up to him jumping on a desk before jumping down punching him.

“Ow! Henry what the hell?” Kane shouted being punched in the eye.

“You have to learn your partner's weaknesses in case they ever turn on you or are mind controlled.” Henry told him as Kane got in fighting position.

“Fine, but remember I’m your friend. If I start bleeding and you’re still fighting me you’ll have some explaining to do.” Kane told him as Henry chuckled spinning around throwing a kick as Kane ducked down.

“Okay, I promise I won’t kick your ass too badly.” Henry spoke out as Kane punched his pressure point in his leg before turning around kicking him in his chest sending him backwards.

“Seem’s like you’re going to be getting your ass kicked.” Kane chuckled as Henry jumped up running at him. Kane spun around dodging the tackle before punching Henry in the back. Henry shouted out falling to the ground looking up at Kane.

“How about instead of going for the win go in for a hit.” Kane told him as Henry smiled spitting out blood.

“I beat you once, I can do this.” Henry chuckled as Kane smirked at him.

“Then beat me again. If you can even move after that last blow.” Kane told him as Henry ran at him throwing a punch.


“Kelly! I did it! Get up, I did it!” Jane shouted out shaking Kelly before she bolted up startled looking around.

“What the hell? Jane I could’ve hurt you.” Kelly told him running her eye’s looking at him.

“Sorry, but I finally got the orb holder and the suit on the right frequency.” Jane told her as she could see him jumping slightly with excitement.

“Let’s go have Henry try it.” Kelly yawned out heading to the training floor. Once they got there Henry was tossed in front of the door as Jane and Kelly looked down at him.

“Don’t pick a fight with Kane.” Henry spoke out as he got up and Kelly looked over at Kane who was walking up to them.

“Hey, we found a way to boost your powers up without turning you into someone who wants to kill.” Jane spoke out smiling at Henry.

“Cool, let’s try it out. It’s attached to my suit right?” Henry asked getting up looking at them.

“Nope, the orb send power to your suit. I got everything working. Just put your suit on and you’ll be fine.” Jane told him as Henry smiled about to press the button on his glasses before the alarm went off.

“That man is back. Henry, and Kane. Get out there and stop him!” Max shouted over the voice system.

“Ugh, when can we get one full day break?” Henry groaned out as he and Kane ran out and Henry pressed the button on his glasses letting his suit appear on him.

“Whoa, that’s a lot of power. I like it.” Henry chuckled as he stopped moving looking at his arms.

“Admire your powers later. Stop man with the Poseidon orb now!” Kane spoke out dragging Henry along with him.

“Look at what we have here.” The man spoke out as Henry and Kane looked over at him.

“Hey, you’re the one who took the orb right? Listen, give us the orb and we won’t kick your ass as badly as we planned to.” Henry shouted out as the man chuckled.

“You’re a funny kid. Too bad I’m going to have to kill you.” The man spoke out as Henry looked over at Kane.

“Hey, this man believes he can kill me. How much do you bet I can kick his ass?” Henry questioned as Kane scoffed out.

“Fifty dollars.” Kane responded as Henry looked surprised.

“Okay, you heard him stranger. Fifty dollars to kick your ass by myself.” Henry spoke out as his hands were covered by fire.

“Bring it Golden Phoenix. Oh if you were wondering. My name is Hideo.” The man spoke out before Henry ran at him jumping up.

“Phoenix punch!” Henry shouted out as blue flames appeared around his fist before Hideo held the orb up blasting him across the town before chuckling.

“Guess you owe your friend fifty dollars.” Hideo shrugged about to walk away before a fireball hit him sending him a couple feet ahead before turning around seeing Henry.

“I’m not finished!” Henry shouted out creating a large fireball throwing it at Hideo and when made contact with him it made a explosion sending Henry and Kane flying back. Once the smoke cleared Henry got up looking around seeing Hideo run off before blacking out again. When he woke back up he saw a blurry light above him.

“Ugh, my head feels like someone stuck a hundred needles in it.” Henry groaned out getting up as Kane, Jane and Kelly got up hearing his voice.

“You’re awake, about time.” Kelly chuckled as Henry smiled at them.

“Hideo got away. Jane can you track him down? Kane, I’m going to need you to go after him.” Henry spoke out before seeing their faces.

“He didn’t get away. Hideo’s dead, that attack you used killed him.” Kelly spoke out as Henry’s eyes widened.

“Wh-what? No, you’re kidding. I couldn’t of killed him.” Henry whispered out as his voice trembled.

“We’re sorry.” Kane told him as Henry stared blankly at his hands before the three left to let him rest.

“I hope this is for the best.” Jane sighed as the three got in the elevator riding down to the lowest level.

“It is. We have to know the bosses plan for those orbs and Henry. Only way to do that is to  lie to him.” Kelly explained as they walked into an interrogation room where Hideo was chained up to a table.

“I don’t get it though. Why would we need to lie about this to Henry? Wouldn’t he be the one able to get answers?” Kane questioned and Kelly shook her head.

“No, the boss sent Hideo because he can get into people’s heads. He got into Henry’s head and that ended with a fire bomb.” Kelly told them as Jane rolled his eyes before Hideo looked up at the window smirking.

“I know you’re in there. I can sense you!” Hideo shouted out as Kelly walked into the room.

Henry got out of his bed looking around only seeing Anite before she saw him and walked up to him.

“You should be lying down. You were in a bad explosion. For a kid who doesn’t have the power to heal super fast it’ll take a while to heal.” Anite told him as Henry gulped looking at her.

“About that, heh, I won’t be coming back.” Henry told her as Anite tilted her head confused looking at him.

“What do you mean? Where are you going?” Anite asked crossing her arms leaning against the door.

“I don’t know, but I can’t stay here. I killed someone, my one moral code. I will never kill, yet here we are.” Henry spoke out shrugging as Anite nodded getting up as Henry’s phone went off.

“Better answer that. Don’t want them being in the dark.” Anite told him walking past him as he sighed answering the phone.

“Hello, this is Henry.” Henry spoke out walking out of the building before hearing a laughter.

“Heh, big fan of you Phoenix boy.” Someone answered as Henry stopped and looked around.

“Who is this?” Henry asked walking towards his car before the person hung up and he spun around swinging a fist and a teen caught it.

“Now, I’m here to finish what my partner started.” The teen spoke out hitting Henry in his chest slamming him into the car knocking him down.

“Who the hell are you?” Henry questioned spitting out blood unable to get up.

“My name is Andreas. I’m Hideo’s partner.” The teen spoke out walking towards the door of the base blasting the door open.

Kelly, Kane, and Jane heard the explosion as Hideo chuckled looking at them before Kelly pinned him to the wall.

“Heh, that’d be Andreas. My partner, if you thought I was bad. Ooh, wait until he finds your little buddy.” Hideo chuckled as Kane ran to the elevator getting on pressing the button repeatedly until the door closed. Henry got into the building before a blast of fire hit him sending him out the building.

“I like this power.” Andrea’s chuckled holding Hades orb.

“Then you’ll love this!” Kane shouted out sending out a large blast of water sending him flying out of the building.

“That hurt you little bastard.” Andreas growled out getting up before Henry kicked the orb out of his hand.

“Let me help with that.” Henry spoke out spinning around ducking down punching him in his stomach before jumping back grabbing the orb.

“Kane, let’s do this together!” Henry shouted out pressing the button on his glasses.

“Gladly.” Kane chuckled as his mask covered his face and the two held their orbs up.

“Little brats, bring it.” Andreas smirked gripping his fist.

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