Kids In The Dark

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Kids In The Light

Submitted: May 24, 2017

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Submitted: May 24, 2017



Chapter Six: Kids In The Light.

“We’re gathered here today because a month ago a vigilante showed up and started fighting evil. He’s stayed in the dark for a month with another friend of his. Not today though, today, these kids in the dark are finally being recognized for all they’ve done. I welcome to the stage, Golden Phoenix and Silver Hydra.” The mayor of the town spoke out citizens cheered out and Henry and Kane walked out wearing their suits.

“Thank you for having us. We’re very honored.” Kane spoke out as Henry looked at the ground.

“No, we’re honored to have you in our presence.” The mayor spoke out as Henry kept staring at the ground before looking up as Kane elbowed him.

“Is everything alright?” Kane whispered as Henry shook his head.

“No, we never stopped Andreas, I don’t even remember waking up today.” Henry whispered back before he bolted up from a bed looking around.

“About time you’re up. Starting to think you were dead.” Anite spoke out as Henry got up seeing Kane, Kelly and Jane sitting by his bed.

“What happened?” Henry asked sitting up as Kelly cleared her throat and Henry saw Hideo’s body being wheeled past the room.

“Who died?” Henry asked looking over at them as Kane sighed deeply.

“No one, those are bodies from the morgue. Andreas got orb of Hades though. We have to find a way to stop him.” Kelly told Henry as he sighed happy no one died.

“What happened after he told us to bring it?” Henry questioned Kane looked at him stumped.

“Well, he knocked you out, he used the orb to send me flying across the base. He left after that.” Kane told him as Henry nodded grunting getting up.

“We have to stop him. If we don’t he’s going to use those orbs for no good.” Henry spoke out pressing the button on his glasses letting his suit and mask appear on him.

“I can sense it. He didn’t get too far. How long have I been out?” Henry asked as the three followed him.

“No longer than a hour.” Jane told him before an explosion went off sending Henry flying across the street and Andrea’s chuckled walking up to them showing Poseidon and Hades orbs in a necklace.

“Two down, one to go. Now where is Zeus orb?” Andreas questioned as Henry got up holding his side.

“Somewhere far away from here.” Henry chuckled smirking before Andreas sent a strong heatblast at him before Henry held his hand up absorbing the fire.

“What?!” Andreas shouted out shocked before sending a water blast at him and Kane got up absorbing it.

“Two elements and two people who can absorb them. Lucky you huh?” Kane chuckled before they sent the blasts back at him sending him flying.

“Henry, can you deal with him while I go get those orbs?” Kane asked before Henry chuckled looking over at him.

“Do you really need to ask?” Henry questioned laughing as Kane shook his head.

“You think you can stop me? I’m a god with these orbs.” Andreas shouted out getting up as Henry smiled looking at him.

“Yeah, you see the thing about gods, they don’t bleed.” Henry spoke out as Andreas looked at his hand seeing bleeding before Kane grabbed the two orbs and Henry shot a blast of fire sending him flying back and when he hit a street lamp he was knocked out.

“Gods also don’t get knocked out so easily.” Kane shrugged tossing the orbs to Kelly as she caught them. Jane walked up to Andreas putting power resistance cuffs on him.

“Heh, you really think I’d be beat so easily if there wasn’t a backup plan?” Andreas asked as Jane jumped back scared not expecting him to talk.

“What did you do?” Henry questioned tilting his head walking towards him.

“Have you ever heard of a beast from hell called the hellhound? Let’s just say it isn’t a dog and it’s target is the mayor. Can you stop someone that’s from the home of fire?” Andreas responded laughing as Henry looked over at Kelly.

“Get him to the base. Kane, come on.” Henry spoke out as Kelly nodded getting Andreas up to the ground as Kane and Henry ran towards the mayor's office.


Kelly threw Andreas against the wall holding a knife to his throat after they got to the base and he smirked at her.

“How do we stop the hellhound?” Kelly questioned as Jane closed the door.

“You won’t kill me. This entire base is too good for that.” Andreas chuckled before Kelly smirked at him slicing his throat and Jane shouted out covering his mouth.

“Kelly what the hell did you do? Henry’s going to be pissed!” Jane shouted out before Kelly leaned down next to Andrea's’ body touching his throat before it healed and he shot up gasping for air. Kelly pinned him back to the wall.

“Now, want to tell me how to stop that beast or should do we have to go through that all again?” Kelly questioned keeping the knife to his throat.

“Okay, okay! You have to send a blastwave of immense heat and extremely ice cold water to its heart!” Andreas shouted out as Kelly smiled putting the knife back.

“Wasn’t that hard now was it? Jane, make sure he gets to a cell.” Kelly told him as he nodded before she left.

“Where are you going?” Jane questioned looking over at her.

“To warn Golden Phoenix and Silver Hydra.” Kelly told him before closing the door.


Henry got sent flying into the mayor’s office crashing through the wall causing all the guards to pull out their guns.

“Okay, that beast is really pissing me off.” Henry groaned out getting up hearing a loud roar.

“Golden Phoenix! I’m going to need your help out here!” Kane shouted out as Henry sighed looking over at the guards and the guns.

“Uh, mind pointing that at the beast here to kill the mayor?” Henry questioned before jumping out of the hole landing on his feet running at the beast kicking it in it’s chest.

“Go get the mayor out of here. Now!” Henry shouted out as Kane nodded jumping through the hole in the wall.

“Mister Mayor, we have to get you out of here.” A guard told him as Kane nodded getting them out of the office.

“Okay you ugly excuse for a halloween costume. Bring it.” Henry shouted out making his hands get covered in fire.

“Golden Phoenix, you’re known for a powerful fire, but do you really think that I’m scared of you?” The hellhound spoke out his voice was rough and echoey.

“Nope, but I also don’t think you’ll win. Now, bring it.” Henry spoke out smirking as the hellhound ran at him. Henry smiled running at him before jumping up.

“Phoenix fire bomb!” Henry shouted out creating a large fire ball slamming it into the hellhound.


Kane heard the explosion making sure the mayor was safe before running back out to see a bunch of smoke and saw Henry.

“Ugh, dude, my head feels like it was murdered.” Henry groaned out as Kane chuckled helping him stand still.

“Golden Phoenix! Silver Hydra!” Kelly shouted out running up to them.

“Kelly, what’re you doing here?” Henry asked looking at her before they heard a echoey chuckled before turning around seeing the hellhound getting up.

“Henry, you have to make an intense heatwave. Kane you have to make the coldest water blast you can. Andreas said that’s the only way to stop this thing.” Kelly told them as Henry looked at Kane.

“Okay, go get out of here. We don’t know if this thing will explode or not.” Henry told her before looking back at the hellhound.

“That was cute. Now watch some real fire!” The hellhound shouted out sending a blast of fire at Henry burning a hole in his suit before sending him flying into the mayor's office.

“Henry!” Kelly shouted out running to him checking a pulse.

“Kelly, get out of here. I’ll be fine. My body can handle the heat.” Henry spoke out struggling to stand up.

“You can’t even stand up. Your body can handle heat but it can’t handle all this abuse. Ever since Kane showed up as the Silver Hydra your body has been tossed around non stop. It can’t take much more.” Kelly told him as Henry chuckled getting up with his hand on his chest.

“If I don’t stop this thing then it kills hundreds of people starting with you. I’m not letting that happen.” Henry told her before Henry walked back outside next to Kane.

“Ready Kane?” Henry questioned as he nodded and the two held their hands up. Henry sent the hottest heatwave he could as Kane sent the coldest blast of water. As soon as the two hit the hellhound it began to melt.

“What?! No I will not let myself be defeated by two teenagers!” The hellhound shouted out before it completely melted and the liquid disappeared. Henry chuckled before the mark on his chest began burn and he shouted out in pain before fainting.

“No!” Kelly shouted out running up to him and Kane caught him.

“Come on, we have to get him back to the base. Anite can help him.” Kane told her as she nodded helping him into a car.

“Should we really be here? It seems like he’s got it handled.” A kid on top of a building with green eyes and a leather jacket over a zipper shirt with a hoodie attached to it spoke out seeing Kane, Henry, and Kelly drive off.

“Well, we still got to protect him. Besides, you can’t say you have a little crush on him.” The other kid with blue eyes and who wore a white T-shirt and a leather jacket spoke out smiling over at the other.

“Hmm, undetermined.” The first kid chuckled before they turned around leaving.


Kane and Kelly rushed into the base and into the medical area where Anite was waiting for them.

“What happened to him?” Anite asked as she saw the large burn mark in the suit while Kane and Kelly laid him on the bed.

“He’s been tossed around like a salad for the last month. You tell us.” Kelly spoke out as Anite shrugged checking his pulse.

“He’ll be fine. Just no fighting for at least a month.” Anite told them as Kane sighed relieved he was going to be okay.

“Okay, what’s next?” Kane asked looking over at Kelly.

“We get to school. You three still have classes. As for me I’m now a teacher there.” Kelly told Kane and Jane.

“How old are you exactly?” Jane questioned before Kelly chuckled slightly.

“I’m thirty-four.” Kelly told him as the two nodded before getting in her car and she started it.

“So, when are we telling Henry that Hideo wasn’t dead before but died in that little attack on the base?” Kane questioned looking up at Kelly.

“When it’s the right time. Now be quiet.” Kelly told him as she got to the school parking turning the car off.

“See you later.” Kane spoke out walking into the school as Kelly looked around feeling someone watching her.

“Kudo, thought we promised we wouldn’t be stalking her.” The first teen spoke out walking up to the second teen.

“Relax Kato, I just want to know who my aunt is.” Kudo spoke out as Kato rolled his eyes.

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