Devil In A Can

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Beer is the devil in a can.

He fills you with lies and decit wispering in your ear to will make you feel great and make all your problems disappear.

You have a beer and feel different. You feel good. The devil is right! Christian's are wrong..the devil is good...devil says...."see I'm not the bad guy everyone says I am."

You have another beer giving into the temptation the devil offers. Things just keep getting better! The stress is gone! The problems are gone! Life is good...

After time God gets further away. The lies and decit run strong without knowing any different.

Slowly life starts to change.

Work becomes a burden...relationships start to crumble...weekends can't come quick enough...the need to drown out the noise of life becomes louder.

Attitudes and behaviors have changed. You turned into a different person. Almost unrecognizable...voices are raised...tempers flare...hurtful words are said...loved ones are pushed away. The devil has complete control. He is laughing...

New problems develop that drinking does not solve.

Children are angry and not supervised. Only attention they get is negative. Children become resentful and never learned to cope with feeling. They start their own self destructive cycle.

No one noticed.

No one listened to their cries of pain.

No one listened to their cries for help.

No one really cares anymore.

Families are destroyed. Bonds are broken. The drink took a hold like a wreaking ball no one saw coming.

The devil is rejoicing for the damage has been done. The relationships are all broken including the one with God. Christian's were right. The devil was wrong.

Time to find all the broken pieces and put them back together again

But its not that simple...some of the pieces have blown away..

The only one to patch the empty holes is the one we pushed furthest away.

Submitted: May 18, 2017

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Submitted: May 18, 2017



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