Message in a Bottle

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: True Confessions  |  House: Booksie Classic
This poem was inspired by a real-life incident for a real-life person. I would really appreciate it if this was shared far enough to actually reach to him.

Submitted: May 19, 2017

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Submitted: May 19, 2017



Dear Finder,

  If you have seen this message, I beg of you to share it. It matters not to whom, it matters not how. I should only like to confess to my Plushie. I write this not for fame, but solely all for love.

  Please... I hope it will get to him... He will understand once he reads.


  And if this ever gets to you: it's not perfect like you are. It's not amazing like you are. It's not even close.... still, I love you.




Clear night, twinkling stars,

What could it hurt,

To gaze out these bars?


Little star, little star,

How do you do?

Yes, we're miles apart,

But there's something Ima say to you.


When I'm happy,

When I'm crazy,

Sad, or just plain chatty,

I'll share it all with you


When I'm lonely,

Sick, or hungry,

When no one's around,

I look at you,

My one and only.


So now, when the windows,

Are blocked with more than bars,

When I can't see your glow,

It's like I've got caught in an airtight jar.


Who would've known,

That stars are worth more than gold,

I should've known,

That stars hurt more than they don't.


But I can't say I haven't found,

That as soon as it was gone

300 billion pounds,

Can never do what it's done.


I think of them every second,

In the morning it's my first thought,

In my worst you give me strength,

You're like water in a draught.


I miss you so much,

It hurts like hell,

I could almost start a march,

To help you ring some bells.


I tried to stop, to hate,

I tried to cut it short,

But your voice is in my head,

And I am sure I cannot.




I can't see you,

I can't hear you.

I can't wish anymore,

From behind this dark door,

Upon the stars that are gone.


Especially since,

You are my star.

So now, my prince,

If this ever gets far,

I'd like you to know,

That I loved your glow.

I want to tell you,

That I've always loved you.

You know I always will....

The Annoying Poet,




© Copyright 2020 Jungy. All rights reserved.

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