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Submitted: May 19, 2017

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Submitted: May 19, 2017



I stand here now and think

About you, who just protected me

Out on this misty boardwalk

Surrounded by the sea.

Just as the foe prepared to strike,

You jumped in front and gave your life.


Heartless, I turned to walk away

But a voice inside made me stay.

It asked, "How could you be such a fool?

You only saw him as your tool!

How do you feel, now he is dead,

And for you lay down his weary head!"


Another voice told that one to stop

Its meddling and leave me be.

But no time for conflicting thoughts -

Too late. The men have come to seal my fate.

I betrayed their leader, who caused so much pain,

When I let the enemy he gave me live.


And once they have struck their blows on me, 

I feel my vision begin to blur. 

But the enemy grants my first selfless wish -

To see your face once more. 

He carries me to you, my quiet friend, 

As I lay on death's door. 


I think about your early life - 

Lost your parents, feared for your power,

Left on the white streets alone.

There I found you and brought you home,

But you never knew I returned your love.

I saw you as a weapon, not a boy sent from above.


Though it's the middle of the year,

White snow begins to fall,

Just like in the village where you were born.

"I understand," an enemy said. "He was a boy as pure as snow."

The snow falls all around us,

And no one dares to speak.


A flake falls under your delicate eye

And is melted by a ray of light

That now shines on us two.

"Are you crying?" I ask, and think

I see you, with your pale outline

Smiling at me.


And there, I make my final wish - 

To go where you are going.

I hold your hand,

I feel its warmth, the love you had for me. 

But just before I saw you in blissful paradise,

I was on that snow-covered bridge.


And there I lifelessly lay - a demon in the snow.


© Copyright 2018 Rose Starlight. All rights reserved.

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