E.D. McManus:Peice of the Aftermath

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
this story revolves around a person known as E.D McManus.when he gains consciousness he realizes his body has a mind of its own,and he has no memory of who he is.hes forced to watch his body act on its own as it goes on a killing spree,and at first for some reason...he likes it.At First.

This is the trailer to the full book,but not 100% canon to the story.

Submitted: May 19, 2017

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Submitted: May 19, 2017



It all happened so quick...when i came to i was switched.boiling blood coursed through my veins as i ran toward them with what felt like no control of my body a strange blade in my right hand and a thick metal magnum in my left.it's funny,usually i hate not having control but this time...it felt so amazing,so...freeing as i felt myself doing things i couldn't imagine myself doing.as my blade slid through one of their soft midsections which gushed a thick fountain of crimson and severed entrails. with my other hand i fired a shot from the magnum that forced my whole arm to fly back but the bullet blasted the top of one of their heads off their shoulders leaving their body there to slowly kneel while the mushy bottom jaw region of the head spurts a mess of meat and blood. How was i doing it? i don't know,i've never trained a day in my life but i was ripping through them with no effort.no sympathy or regret,only the exhilarating rush of adrenaline and relief of what felt like years...every one of their punches was meet by the sharpest part of my sabre slicing their knuckle to the wrist and twisting their arm separating the bones as i turn to pierce the rib cage and left lung of his friend. every head that was out of my reach was blasted by the black magnum in my hand splattering their blood and brains all over the dark dank stone walls and the creaky dark wood floor...how did i get here?these people...why am i attacking them...i feel myself get stabbed in my gut in the midst of thought by what seems to be a thick combat knife but it didn't phase me apparently as instead of retreating all i did was flick my blade off my wrist and hit the knife owner in the skull with the blunt part of my sabre.i feel his skull crack and his grip loosen so my auto moving body quickly slipped the blade from my stomach and spun toward the man.i repaid the whole in my gut with a slash through his chest and a bullet from his chin to the crack i made in his skull.

There are three remaining that seem to have faded in from the darkness...they form a triangle around me on the blood stained battlefield.they look different from the rest...one picks up the combat knife covered in my blood and some of my flesh clipped on the jagged back.another is armed with spiked bronze knuckles.the last is just staring at the pile of bodies in horror.


???:why E?...


The one staring at the bodies... did he call me E? The wound in my gut seems to heat up as my consciousness of the situation starts to return to me.


???:there's no point rej!


the one with the knife just called him rej,Why does that name sound so familiar? He looks up from the bloodied mess of bodies and at me in hopeful awe as my body flinches slightly.


Rej:look dre! he just reacted when you called my name.E! You can hear me can't you.


I try to respond,but i can't no matter how hard i try.who is this rej and why does his name make me so...protective…and the name dre...it makes me feel so reassured...


Dre:there's no point...he’s too far gone.look what he did to them.(points to the battlefield.)


???:he's right.Mr.McManus is beyond our reach…


Mr.McManus? That name sounds so nostalgic but from where?...the unarmed one comes closer slowly to not alert you. His arms are up to not alert and tears are streaming down his face…


Rej:he's still in there jack! I know he is!


Jack:Stop!we know he’s in there but we already told you there's only one way to get him out.


Dre:we came here with one goal rej.these guys couldn't handle it...so we have too.


Rej gets even closer.what are they talking about,am i possessed or something?no,no,no that's not funny this is just me losing control to defend myself like before right?this doesn't feel right...rej gets even closer forcing the other two to inch closer just incase as my body turn toward rej resting my weapons at my sides.


Rej:i know...i know but maybe i can do it peacefully…


Jack:rej.look around you!even if we got him back he's killed 17 people here alone! Do you think he can live with that even if we found another way?!


They talk like i know them..and there's a warmth in my heart when they speak but..something's not right...why am i killing these people.rej now stands in front of me.a short carmel skinned guy looking into my very soul with his trusting hazel eyes.


Rej:E.were here for you…


I feel a strange feeling washing over me and try to speak but instead i feel my hand begin to grip my blade and my other thumb pull the hammer back on my magnum.


Dre:Rej Move!


It's too late.they charge in hopes to save rej,but my body begins moving on it's own.i thrust my saber into his leg right through the bone which makes his leg seem to open up vertically as the bone continues to fracture further up.the blood just manages to trickle up the blade a bit from the plugged wound as my blade begins piercing the floor.as he begins to scream i place my gun into his mouth all the way to the back of his throat causing him to start choking and heaving on the thick metal barrel as i adjust it to the roof of his mouth.rej’s face is full of nothing but helplessness,and overwhelming pain as he struggles to get away and i pull the hammer back.i feel a tear slip from one of my eyes as my chest becomes so uncomfortably tight.dre and jack reach desperately to save their friend but it's no use as my finger strongly hugs the heavy trigger and rej’s childish,innocent face is penetrated,split and splattered across the floor leaving his body to slowly start to kneel toward me,i try to stop myself as i feel my arm withdraw my blade from his leg and bone.jack and dre look on in horror as i flip the blade off my wrist and slash rej’s chest open,bone and all with inhuman speed,using the momentum to spin to do a swift 360 turn.i pull back the hammer on my magnum shove it into his chest indenting his heart and shoot said heart through his back leaving a bloody mush hole as he finally hits the ground.dre is overcome with rage and begins steeling himself to attack but jack stops him.


Jack:no.we can't without rej.right now we have to retreat…


My body turns to face them and i see the the anguish on their face as they look at me.pure hatred,but not toward me...they seem to look through me at something deeper.then jack turns and begins to run,but dre looks me directly in my eyes.


Dre:i'm sorry E...we will be back! We will stop this!

Jack begins to pull him into the darkness as my body pulled back the hammer of my magnum and took aim but i used almost every fiber in my body to force myself not to pull the trigger.i don't know who they were but i want them to live.this doesn't feel good anymore...yes...please save me before i have to send another person like that into the heavens...my body stabs my sword into a random body and sits in the blood running through the makeshift wood battlefield.the wound in my gut is healed somehow...what am i?....

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