The Battle of the Clans

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Long ago there were four ruling clans who ruled over the lands in constant feuding. The four clans were divided by their divine colors. The red clan. Humble yet prideful, always looking for a fight. The blue clan. Wise yet trigger happy, knows when to take a step back. The green clan. Patient yet resentful, often plays the peacemaker for the other clans. Finally the last clan. The outlaws. Sly yet hard headed, worst clan to pick a fight with, is often feuding with the red clan. But there were also the smaller surrounding divisions. The yellow clan belonging under the green clan. The orange clans belonging to the red clan. Finally the purple clan belonging to the blue clan. After years of tyranny under the blue clan the purple clan joined by a few outlaw bands rose up against the leaders. But the dispute was quickly stopped as the Mere time festival rolled around. But just as things were looking up, the babe born to the red clan was stolen.

This is where our story starts.

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Submitted: May 19, 2017

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Chapter One

Submitted: May 19, 2017


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Chapter Two

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