The Battle of the Clans

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Prologue

Submitted: May 19, 2017

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Submitted: May 19, 2017



The mere time festival was about to begin. Children were playing, adults were laughing, and for once in fifty years there was peace. All clans brought together by the births of their future rulers. Everyone on edge all breathed a sigh of relief when wails of newborns filled the air. As per tradition, the position that each child would get was from the time they emerged showing how strong and capable each of them was even as babies.

The first clan that emerged from the temple was the Blue clan signifying the lead role of supervisor of the four leaders. The name the baby was given was Felix, a kind, and wise name. Secondly was the red clan, signifying the leader of war and battle supervisor. His name was Mark, a strong yet humble name. Thirdly was the Green clan which was a great honor that year for them signaling the supervisor of peacemaker, one of the most stressful poisons to hold. His name was Seán, a patient yet passionate name. Finally, the outlaws emerged, but no baby was wrapped in the arms of their leader. Only the wife who was red in the face and tears that spilled from her eyes.

All the leaders looked at them sympathetically and the wife of the leader of the red clan approached them with their newborn son. She smiled sympathetically and offered the woman to hold her son. She gratefully took him and stared into the eyes of the baby who gripped a strand of her hair in his hand. The woman looked at her husband and he nodded. The red clan's leader joined his wife and reached out for his son.

Suddenly a blast shook the ground and black thick smoke filled the air covering the moon. When the smoke cleared the Outlaws were gone, and so was their son. The wails of the parents joined in with the wails of the startled babies.

The outlaw's leader held onto his wife as they rode to the blackened city they called home. The woman smiled down at the baby who was red in the face yet showed no signs of crying. The top tuff of his head shown a vibrant red color as did the other two babies but to their clan's colors.

"My son. You shall no longer be called Mark. From now on you shall be called Dark, and let all know who you are and make them fear the name of Dark Edward Doom!" The woman smiled as the baby tugged its lips into a smile.

She hugged him closer to her chest as her husband rode even faster into their city aiming for the monument. For if they reached it before the sun rose the child was theirs as the old laws stated.

"Hurry Michael! The sun is almost up!" He nodded and made the horse go as fast as it could.

"We're not going to make it! Grab the stirrups and ride! You should make it!" She nodded and grabbed the stirrups and felt her husband duck and roll off the horse.

She gained speed instantly and the monument loomed just in front of her. Just as the sun first touched the top of the monument her fingers grazed it. A white light shot from it into the air and disappeared into the sky. She let out a shaky laugh and squealed holding the baby against her chest bouncing slightly.

She felt a pair of arms around her as she held her new son. Her eyes traveled up to her husbands and they both smiled knowing that they will now live happily. They may have started a battle but they will end it.

"Oh, my sweet little Dark....Welcome to the Outland. Your new home." Her husband stroked the child's head which was now completely black, the red disappearing.

But what they didn't realize was the pain that they had caused the wife of the red clan to go through. The three remaining clans desired to hold no grudges against one another and promised that the two remaining children would not have to bear the burden of feuding families like they had to.

The Red maiden as the red clan called her was called into action yet again in hopes of getting the child back before the sunrise. But as the leaders watched helplessly as the beam of light shot into the sky and the Red clan's hearts broke simultaneously. Because only during mere time can they conceive a child. And they had already lost their first to battle.

Crushed and heartbroken the Wife of the red clan fled to the woods and was never saw again. Her memory lives on in the form of an old tale known as the Red Lady of Himerich that is told to the new generations to keep them from straying too far into the woods lest they are stolen by her like her son was from her.

However, the tale I am about to tell you isn't fiction, it merely is a stretch from the truth. And that my friend can sometimes be all the more terrifying. So sit back, relax, grab a drink or something to eat and prepare yourself for the story of The Battle of The Clans.

Please enjoy.


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