The Battle of the Clans

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Chapter One

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Sixteen years later

I stretched and sat up in bed squinting my eyes to try and get adjusted to the dim light that infiltrated through the windows. I ran my hair through my fingers tugging out all the knots as I went. My feet touched the cold stone floor and I made my way into the dining hall. Mother was already eating and Father had left early so he could go on a last minute hunting trip.

"Good morning mother. How are you?" I asked as I pulled up a chair opposite of her.

"Hmm?" She continued staring down at the parchment in her hand.

"I asked how is your morning," I repeated patiently.

"What was that dear?" She tore her eyes away from the parchment and looked at me fully.

I sighed and repeated myself for the third time and she laughed nervously. Waving my question off as she went back to the parchment paper in her hands. I stared at it suspiciously and started conceiving a plan to steal it. I noticed a small rock near my feet so I bent over and presented to straighten my chair. Scooting my chair in I flicked my wrist and flung the stone at a nearby vase. It made contact and shattered it all over the floor. My mother jumped and I grabbed the dagger I kept in my shoe. I held my hand out and went to investigate. Mother soon joined me and I flicked my eyes back to the table seeing the paper sitting on the chair.

She soon left to tell one of the guards and I quickly stuffed the paper into the inside of my shirt. I straightened myself and briskly walked back to my room sweating slightly due to the anticipation. The halls seemed too musty for my likening so I propped a window open feeling the smoke filled breeze brush against my face. Feeling the corner of my mouth tug upwards I finished the walk back to my room. Making sure I had locked the door I glanced around nervously pulling the paper back out. It seemed like it was old due to the coloration of the parchment and the smell.

I opened it tentatively and eagerly started reading the words that were scrawled across the page. The smile soon left my face and the color left soon afterward. It was a letter from the leader of the red clan. Knowing I messed up I scrambled to put it back the way it was so I could return it. I turned sharply and slammed into my mother. I quickly grabbed her arm and stopped her from hitting the ground. She stood up straight and yanked her arm from my hand and the letter was ripped from my other hand.

"Mother I so sorry-" her hand raked against my face and my checked burned.

My hand instinctively raised to the sensation and she glared at me, her eyes ablaze with disappointment and hurt. She lowered her hand and stormed out of the room slamming the door behind her. I stood there for a moment collecting myself and pushed my emotions down. I quickly got into the appropriate attire for a hike and left through my window. I needed to figure things out on my own.

I paused my descent down the side of the building and glanced over my shoulder. I could see the faint glow of red to the east of us and the blue spire to the west. The green hills to the north could barely be made out against the harsh light that was cast down from the sky. The view was breathtaking and I would sometimes sneak out to just see the view in the morning. Finally managing to tear my eyes away from the view I finished my descent to the ground. My eyes darted around me and I sprinted into the woods that sat in front of me.

The earthy smell of freshly rained upon grass filled my senses and I signed. Slowing my pace I stopped in front of the old tree in which I held my bow and my quiver filled with arrows. I felt around inside and my heart started beating faster when I couldn't find them. Jumping onto the nearby branch of a tree I scanned the inside of the log but still came out empty handed. Fear started to arise inside of my chest. Taking a shaky breath I tuned into the sounds around me.

Birds singing, my heart beating, the wind blowing through the leaves and footsteps. My eyes snapped open and I darted towards the sound, pouncing from branch to branch. My heart raced in my chest filled with adrenaline. I had to dig my nails into the branch beneath me to stop myself. However, I wasn't stopped completely so I was flung over the edge of the branch and started hanging. I tried scrambling back onto it but I noticed that I wasn't going anywhere I dropped down and rolled into the bushes earning the attention of the two cloaked figures. The taller one turned to face the sound and pulled out a blue hilted sword.

I pushed myself further against the ground soaking the front of my cloak with mud. The figure glanced around one last time before leading the other one deeper into our territory. In a few more feet I can do whatever I want to them.


I leaped from my hiding place and tackled the one with the sword. I straddled him beneath me and looked him in his eyes.

"What are you doing in the outlands?" I growled.

I noticed the steely glare he sent my way and did my best to hide the large smile trying to crawl onto my face. The other one was frozen in place either monitoring the situation or too scared to move, and from the glint, in his eyes, I'm guessing it was the latter of the two. I returned my focus to the guy beneath me.

"Now I am going to ask again, on last time. You are going to answer me or else." He crinkled his nose.

"Or else what? You're just a measly thief!" He spat in my face and I wiped it away with a finger.

"Or else I will kill both of you." He rolled his eyes.

"Please. You couldn't kill me if you tried." I leaned in closer bearing my teeth.

"Wanna bet smart as-"

"We're looking for the lost boy!" I froze and we both looked at the third one who was trembling up against a tree.

"That's all I asked," I mumbled staring back down at the guy.

I got up and held out a hand to help the first one up but he swatted it away from his face and stood up by himself. I popped my knuckles and looked between the two of them. They both were dressed extremely well so I assumed they were higher on the chain of command.

"Who might you two be?" I asked directing my attention to the smaller guy.

He squeaked and wrung his hands nervously glancing at the taller one.

"You first." I let out a chuckle.

"You've got to be joking! You are trespassing on my land." They both froze.

"Your land?" I tilted my head up slightly so I was looking down on them.

"Yes, my land. I am the crowned ruler of the outlands. Dark Edward Doom, and if you don't tell me who you both are before I count to three I will execute you both on the spot." I raised my voice near the end causing birds to fly and my voice to bounce around us.

"I'm Felix and that's Seán. Is that good enough?" I cast a scowl at him.

"Why are you here. There were no reports of any lost children in the surrounding area. I would have been notified, due to the fact that we care for our children, unlike your clan." I glared and his face twisted into a large frown.

"We raise our children to be respectful young adults!" His hand wrapped around the hilt of his sword.

"No, you raise them to fear you!" I took a step forward and jabbed an accusing finger into his chest.

"Stop arguing! The both of you! Dark you have no say on how the blue clan raises their children. Felix calm down. If you speak of respect then show some." I took a breath and calmed myself stepping back.

"You're right Seán. I apologize. This is not how a leader behaves." I bowed at them.

Seán smiled sheepishly and scratched the back of his neck nervously.

"There's no need to bow." I nodded and stood up straighter.

"That being said however You still never explained why you are actually here. You two are too well dressed to be spy's or assassins, so why?" I cleared my throat and pulled my hood down.

"We were not lying. However, the case isn't new. It happened sixteen years ago." I cocked and eyebrow and crossed my arms.

"How do you know they are even alive anymore? Also, why do you think they are in the outlands?" Seán whispered something to Felix and he nodded.

"Will you meet us back here tomorrow at high noon?" I gave them a skeptical look.

"If this is something of great importance you can schedule a meeting of the four leaders and we will address it then."

"That's convenient that we are all together already," Felix grunted.

"Lair, the crowning ceremony isn't for another year for your two clans." Felix crossed his arms.

"My father and mother both passed away four months ago. You would have been notified if not for the law your father put in place concerning mail never entering your territory." I closed my mouth and looked away from him ashamed.

"I apologize. My father's health is also declining." I fixed my shirt.

"Well since we got formalities out of the way how about we head in?" I was jerked back into reality.

"Absolutely not." I threw my hands out.

"Why?" I heart raced and I glanced up at the sky determining it had been about an hour.

"I can't explain in the amount of time that we have left together."

"Are you okay?" Seán reached his hand out.

"My father is returning soon." I in between them frantically.

"Both of you need to leave. Meet me in your territory and 12!" I told them.

"We need to tell you something first!" I paused and waited for his response.

"Your parents, they're-" his eyes rolled back in his head and he slumped against Seán who also fell.

"You are in deep trouble when we get home Dark." My heart stopped as the voice of my father broke the silence.

"Father I can explain!" He held up a hand and pointed to the saddle of my horse Ness.

Seán was thrown onto the back of my horse and Felix was thrown on my father's horse Nightmare. Feeling Ness shaking beneath me I gently gave her a kick so she would hurry.

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