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I just really need review on this story and title ideas. Thanks!

Submitted: May 19, 2017

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Submitted: May 19, 2017



I lean back and close my eyes. I imagine myself as a child. I was adorable, or so I was told. I had twinkly eyes, and platinum blonde hair. I also had a happy life. Until it happened. My parents anniversary. Ma was super excited for Pa to get home and celebrate with her. A knock at the door, and she opened it forgetting about any dangers that might be on the other side. He came in, that man in black. Choking her while repeatedly shooting her. I screamed, and ran to my bedroom. I quickly opened my eyes. I am now rocking rapidly in my small porch rocking chair. Again I close my eyes and now I am in that crowded orphanage that I hated so much. Cold at night, almost died like the four other children with pneumonia. But no, I live. Why, is what I can’t answer. I didn’t think my life was worth anything at that time, so I had self doubt. Then it happened. Why someone would set off a bomb at a poor lowly orphanage is another thing I cannot answer. Then I decide to open my eyes again. I’m thinking vividly before closing them again. I don’t think much harm could come to me for doing it. I lean back and close my eyes. Now I get worried, it’s during high school. Those nerds I always hung out with. They were always picked on. I don’t know why I stood up for them, but I did. Then the day came, the last day of school. I had survived up to this point, and now I found the nerdiest of them being pushed around. I stand between she and the bully right as he swings his fist right into my head. I know I got knocked out, but I remember everything so vividly. It was a few days before I woke up with a concussion. I could hear her say “thank you”, it rang through my head all that summer. I open up my eyes. What an imagination I have that actually makes me tired. I fall fast asleep, and dream about the rest of my life after that point.


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