The Party Ep.1

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this one is from a while ago with no edits, but its gauged a lot of interest to the people I've showed. Comment what you think.

Submitted: May 19, 2017

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Submitted: May 19, 2017



I woke up to sound of my tv showing cartoons and my head pounding.i sat up slowly but i couldn't i sat there my memories started to become less hazy.i remember being somewhere yesterday,there was a lot of my friends pete,sarah,quawn,taliah...then it hit me i was at jeff’s party yesterday but i can't remember many details.i finally start to feel the strength return to my legs so i got up to go to the bathroom to wash my face,luckily it was still early so i didn't have to worry about my mom seeing me struggle just to stay upright as i walk down the hall i  ke thinking about last night but with no luck remembering any details i sighed in frustration and to my surprise i smelled alcohol on my breath (Did I drink at the party?) i started to panic and move faster down the hall head still pounding when i got there i turned on the sink faucet and splash my face,and my thoughts began to flow clearly I went to jeff’s party...and everyone i knew was there,jeff and pete  convinced me to try a little liquor and after that everything else is a blur. I hear my phone go off in my room i quickly rinse the alcohol taste out of my mouth and stumble back to my room maybe someone sent me something that could jog my memory.The person that had texted me was jeff it read “wassup dude,how u feeling? u drank the most out of everyone well except for taliah but she’s a pro lol” i texted back “wats up,i got a giant headache lol wbu?” i put the phone in my pocket and head downstairs to make me something to eat.As im cooking i get another text,not from jeff but from quawn “dude if ur awake look at the news!” i do what he said and turn on the T.V downstairs and i feel my heart skip a beat when i saw my friend peter’s car trashed on the side of the road i immediately text quawn “wat happened?” as im texting between quawn and jeff i find out that peter had been in an accident with sarah before i can question either,jeff texts me “hey we're all meeting to talk about this at my place can u come?” i text back immediately “give me about 30 minutes” i finished eating my breakfast let my mom know that i was leaving,luckily jeff’s house was not to far away so i didn't have to ask my mom for a ride.


when I got there i was greeted by jeff’s mom who has always been very accepting of visitors,i went down to jeff’s  “room” which was actually the whole basement “what's up jeff” “sup dallis, how's the headache?” he said “still i'm the first one?” “yeah but they're all good to go” he said “so why did you want to meet up so suddenly,something to do with the pete and sarah thing?” “exactly, i don't know much about it,quawn was the first to tell me about it.” he said “same,my memory is a little blurry right now so i'm not gonna be much help.” “don't worry about it, i don't blame you man 7 bottles in one night you're an animal.” he joked.I heard the front door open and close then footsteps on the staircase coming down,it was quawn and taliah “yo” said quawn and taliah waved hey, you two alright we're all here.” they grabbed two of the many chairs in jeff’s room we all sat in a broke down circle “how you guys feeling.” said taliah “ “can't complain” said jeff “my head is exploding so just fine” i said.everyone chuckled “alright let's get to business quawn you mind telling us what you were telling me about our new situation?” said jeff  quawn sighed “alright, so about pete and sarah it turns out they got into the accident right after the party luckily he wasn't to hurt but sarah went  in the emergency room.” “ what! is she alright?” said taliah “yeah i didn't know it was that bad hows she doing?” said jeff “she's feeling better now but she's staying in the hospital for a bit i don't know the details but we can go see her soon.” said quawn we all sighed in relief “but we have another problem…” said jeff “what now”?

said taliah “even though pete is fine health wise he was arrested,and they confiscated his stuff and they are trying to find out who else was at the party…” said quawn. i felt my heart drop immediately “damnnnn so pete got caught how long? said taliah “i'm not sure yet.”said quawn “yo shouldn't we be worried about if they look through his pics? knowing pete he took some pictures at the party they could connect us to him.” i said “ “oh crap that's true.” said jeff “no need to worry me and sarah thought of that before the party we had him give us his phone when he got there” said taliah “good call but i could have sworn he was using a phone…”said jeff “wait couldn't he have just borrowed sarah's?”i said “oh yeah! he was using her phone now that i think of it.”said jeff “so we have to get to sarah asap,well that was part of the plan anyway.”i said “hey,i can just call her and let her know the situation and she has  to delete the pictures,she is conscious and feeling better,and that way when we go we won't have to talk about business .”said quawn  “right good call,so lets see if we can see her today.” i said “sure.”jeff said you hear quawn’s phone notification as he reads a text “she said ok,and we can come anytime.”. You all grab your stuff and get ready to head out.

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