melancholy days

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just a sad day.

Submitted: May 19, 2017

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Submitted: May 19, 2017



here i am waking up at 5:30

today is going to be a depressed day

here i am in the hot shower

i dont ever want to leave

here i am driving my sister to her bus stop

im so worried about her

here i sit in the parking lot of my concrete prison

today is going to be shit

here i sit in the room where numbers fly over my head

god i hate tangent, its so ugly

here i walk to the next four walled cell

the faces that pass seem so estranged, but they belong to some of the people i love the most

here i sit in the waste of time that is entrepreneurship

i wish i could be far away from here

here i help someone who i used to love wish chemistry

i am so empty

i am so alone

here i am sitting in the car with the one person who seems to understand me

she is an angel in this god forsaken world

here i am back in the brick prison, in the only class that i care about

i am so miserable

here i am writing about this sad day

i just want this day to get better

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