Do Numbers Actually Impact Our Lives?

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One wonders if the numbers impact a person's life, really!! Sounds implausible... Let's review it at some length.

Do the Numbers Actually Impact Our Lives?


How to Control My Destiny?

Perhaps the most intriguing question which we all have in our minds! No matter how practical or successful we are in life, at some point the question invariably bothers us all.

Even those who have attained success in life by sheer hardwork and good planning, have that odd feeling at times, that there is an inexplicable force which somehow dominates our lives; We call it destiny.

Now, whether we control destiny, or that mysterious and elusive element drives us, is debatable. Those who believe that we are empowered to manage most of the variables, and that man makes his own destiny, have a logical point, and rightly so. Those who believe that destiny is predetermined, and that we have little control over it, have their opinion.

The viewpoint of the former can be scientifically presented as credible evidence backed by statistics, albeit with exceptions. The latter on the other hand do not have mass statistics to prove that numbers do influence, and impact the lives of people. The reason for that is not that it is untrue, but because there was no effort made to compile such data.

I will try to explain in this brief article, that destiny is a distinct reality, and though we may not be able to control it, but we can certainly position ourselves in relation to it.

In a mathematical juxtaposition, the order can be rearranged. In this case, the path, the trajectory, or the itinerary can be chosen and altered. The heights we decide to reach is however our own personal decision in life, and is largely dependent on our planning, and execution of plans, plus a pinch of fate.

Readers find the occult sciences to be subjective, verbose, and difficult to comprehend. Numerology in particular seems to be quite complex and abstract. On the contrary, it is indeed very simple.

There are two approaches to it; follow the advice in good faith from a reliable source, or be rational, and get the answer to 'Why'; if unconvinced, reject it at that point before proceeding on that route any further.

I suggest readers should follow the advice in good faith, but consult a good Numerologist. I find that the word 'Numerologist' should be rephrased, as to me, it is pure science.

You are aware that in order to explain a phenomenon or idea, there is a logical sequence in which thoughts flow; what, why, how and when. 'What', is the focal point whereas the other three support and explain the proposition in terms of financial viability for instance, if it is a business idea, and the other factors.

You may have conceived a new idea, a plan to expand the business operations by stepping into new territories, forming a new company or division, launching a new brand, buying a house or commercial property, starting a new marketing campaign, a crisp slogan, launching a book, making a movie or finding an appropriate name for your newborn.

Almost all these activities have one aspect in common. You need a name, or number, to distinguish and identify that entity. In other words, a new entity will be born, and will have to acquire a name, number, or address to exist and function in this world.

Names contain letters, which represent numbers, and numbers have meaning.

Now the same question arises. How to control my destiny?

You have two choices. First, you just don't believe this, and decide whatever you think is good for your new venture or newborn baby. Or, wait; think about an implied rule of grammar, that names can be written in many ways as long as their pronunciation is not distorted.

It is a common practice to write names and brands in different ways. Like Abhijit Gopal and Abhijeet Gopal are not the same names from the viewpoint of Numerology or Number Science. Similarly, a brand say, Quick, can also be written as Quik, but with different connotation.

Do you think that these changes really make any difference? Believe me they do! That is the most important decision that we make in life. It is even more important than a sound business plan, and or an inspired name for your baby which means something great, but may add up to a wrong number, consequently setting up an undesirable path or trajectory.

All these different names add up to different numbers, and that is what makes them soft, strong, kind, powerful, lucky, neutral, or unlucky in some cases.

I have found out that there are distinct paths set for certain names/ numbers, depending on the final number that name adds up to, and its cumulative total reduced to a single digit. That may be interpreted as what we know as destiny. To me, that is a track on which we journey along time. The same is true for a product or company etc. It is the sum of the numbers that a complete name denotes, and one letter here and there makes a path which could be totally different from one another.

The name of Indian celebrity Shah Rukh Khan for instance adds up to a very lucky number. To add more flavor, his date of birth is also very auspicious. You would agree that in showbiz in particular, luck plays a key role compared to the other fields, where credentials, planning, and execution count.

Of course, if you cage a leopard then it won't be able to show its prowess. It needs a door to exit confinement, so that it can be free, and then you see a magnificent creature at its best.

That is true if you choose a good name for whatever you want; your baby, a new product, a slogan, company, movie, the address of your residence, and the business, and so on and so forth. For a company or brand for example, you need a robust strategy, ample funds, an ambitious team, and of course an able leader to steer the business. For your baby, you need good training, education, and healthcare.

But that is too general a statement and universally applicable, you might say. Is it?

No, absolutely not! With a good name, a pleasant journey begins, and success awaits you.

Companies, brands, people, movies, books etc. succeed and fail in the course of daily life. You see big brands collapsing despite massive support. Powerful companies come crashing down for reasons which are only discovered later. Very successful people in the business and showbiz industries encounter sudden fall. People fail in love and married relationships with no fault of their own.

Look around; you will find happy couples break up and you wonder why? Some celebrities are very successful for no apparent reasons. Some movies are successful with lousy script, and great movies flop despite having achieved perfection in all departments.

It all appears as a result of cause and effect relationship, but there are some distinct commonalities in entities having numbers categorized as lucky in Numerology, which again to me is pure science; programming, to be specific.

The definition of destiny varies from person to person, but generally speaking, we should all agree on one definition. It is like opening of doors which lead you to better phases in life, and the process is ongoing. That to me is good destiny, for a person, company, brand, country and so on.

Here I would like to summarize it. A good name coupled with good attributes and solid plans ensures success. A not-so-good name coupled with good attributes and plans may or may not succeed. Success implies opening of doors for the better.

You will find people who are very successful in the corporate or other sectors, but they are not happy in love or marital relationship. Is that good luck? Well, I don't think so.

Now the question that we started with, 'How to control my destiny'?

In my view, it is very important to give a good name to an entity at birth, be it a company, brand, movie, or your baby. But even if we change or adjust the spellings of names later, which may not be a major change, and might not even get noticed by others, it greatly helps.

For example, Jaffar Hussain if changed to Jaffer Hussain, or Jaffar Hussein, appear to be one and the same. Sushmita Agarkar, Sushmeeta Agarkar, Sushmeeta Agarker and Sushmita Agarker appear to be the same names written differently. In Numerology, it is a massive shift from 'One' to 'Ten' and vice versa.

Now, another question arises. Is it superstition to believe in Numerology, or more appropriately in numbers, or pure science (My claim and conviction)?

Well, we tend to reject a new idea or theory in one or more of the following situations;

1- It apparently seems to negate or conflicts with our social, cultural, or religious beliefs.

2- We have gained a great deal of knowledge about it, and are able to judge it on merit as subject matter expert.

3- We have no knowledge of the proposed idea or theory.

A proper noun can be written in many ways, especially the names of people, brands, and companies etc. That is permissible in all societies, by rules of grammar and common sense.

Therefore, the above three reservations are of little significance. If the reward is great and there is no violation of the general code of conduct, then grab the opportunity even if you are not fully convinced about it. That is my sincere advice to all readers.

If you feel that others will consider you as superstitious, weak, or impractical, don't blow the trumpet. Do it silently. The people are not very concerned about your well being anyways, so stop worrying about them.


Submitted: May 19, 2017

© Copyright 2022 Razi Akber. All rights reserved.

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Bert Broomberg

I thought this was interesting. After reading your article and having thought about it, I am still not convinced that expressing things in numerical values influences one's road through life. This doesn't mean that I don't think numbers are important when thinking about nature; science has shown that mathematical relationships do exist all around us. It is just that I think it is farfetched to claim that fortune is defined by it.
I enjoyed reading your article. Well done.

Fri, May 26th, 2017 1:19pm


Hi Bert,
Appreciate your comments and feedback. It' doesn't really seem logical but after conducting > 30K readings, I know there are distinct patterns out there, implying there is a force that follows mathematical rules and sophisticated programming. techniques. I am still trying to grasp the concept and wrote a few more articles relating to this subject, to comprehend the logic. Whenever you have few spare moments;

For your information, I am a supply chain consultant and studying the so called numerology which I call the number science is my passion. Best regards,

Fri, May 26th, 2017 9:18am

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