Adventures of the unlikely invaders

Adventures of the unlikely invaders

Status: In Progress

Genre: Science Fiction



Status: In Progress

Genre: Science Fiction



A flagship full of elite advanced soldiers crashes on an uncharted planet filled with inhabitants much like themselves, except for the several thousand year gap between them... and magic. Mike learns of the blurred lines between fantasy and advanced technology, medieval and modern times and the difference between an invader and an ally.
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A flagship full of elite advanced soldiers crashes on an uncharted planet filled with inhabitants much like themselves, except for the several thousand year gap between them... and magic. Mike learns of the blurred lines between fantasy and advanced technology, medieval and modern times and the difference between an invader and an ally.

Prolog (v.1) - Planetfall

Author Chapter Note

Our heroes arrive unexpectedly and unwillingly on an unknown planet.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 19, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 19, 2017



"Orbit stable, ready for discharge."

"Engineering here, ready for discharge, we are go for dicharge."

"Understood" confirmed the captain after listening to each of the reports with a slightly bored expression on his face. A routine discharge of the ship's capacitors was anything but interesting. A hologram of a blueish planet was dimly lighting the center of the ship's bridge.

"You can begin." he continued.

"I am recieving some weird... unknown signals... coming from the surface below us, sir." An officer reported, still glued to his screen.

"Is the planet inhabited?" Captain's expression quickly turned into a curious one.

"Doesn't seem to be, I can't find it on any records or in the codex." Answered the officer with a similar expression.

"I am afraid we are a military ship, we can't just engage in exploration. It's against the protocol so let's just mark it for an expedition." the captain answered with a sigh.

"Roger." Came from the captain's side as everyone put to work.

"Sir , the signals are getting sharper..." a slightly unnerved comms officer reported nearby.

"It seems to be targeting-" The officer stopped as the entire ship went into darkness with only as few sparks lighting the bridge.

"Damage report! What the hell happened?!"


Mike Malinovský, a man who changed jobs as fast as he changed countries. Formerly a scientist, he traveled across the world, becoming sort of a nomadic international person, he was quite unwillingly conscripted into the UEF navy during the Xtar offensive, a deadly war against a nearby alien empire for the independence and to some extent survival of the Sol Federation. He was currently reminiscing about his first time in battle because he currently was just as angry at his position as he was back then. He could clearly see the ship plummeting towards the planet. He assumed that the e.m.p blast or whatever it was ignited the ship's chemical engines into the atmosphere. The ship's intercom was obviously nonfunctional, so he just followed the closest group, his unit, towards the escape pods. Pretty much all the electronics were affected by the pulse, but the few portholes in the ship's crew quarters created dim lighting allowing the crew to enter the narrow, armored hallways. The ship was full of the most elite veterans taken from almost every country on the Earth. The ship SFV-Galipoli was part of the special operations group serving as it's flagship for about 5 years. Any soldier would be proud to be on this ship, except Mike. The pay was good though and his curious nature was satisfied because of the various locations included in his tour of duty.

He was running through the cramped narrow corridor trying hard to avoid any holes or pipes sticking out. The ship was made for a purpose, and it being a military one, it had as much components crammed into it as possible. It went so far, that the ship had to have a refit, because one of the shield generators was too close to the crew quarters and tended to set some beds on fire. As Mike got closer to the escape pods, the lights of the portholes were replaced by various chemical lights of his comrades.

The ship suddenly started shaking violently as it entered the atmosphere at about mach thirty. While it was designed for ground assault and landing, it certainly wasn't designed for cruising the atmosphere at orbital speeds. Burned out ablators and pretty much anything sticking out from the hull was quickly torn apart and chipped off the hull as the ship was falling in a spectacular ball of fire and smoke.

Mike had to quickly jump for the nearest handrail as much of the corridor turned about ninety degrees upwards, including his stomach. It seemed that the pilots were trying to regain control with the good old manual controls. He slowly moved across the handrail towards his escape pod when a sudden burst of force threw him off and emptied his lungs with something ramming into him shortly after. He slowly tried to stand up, but an unusual weight was keeping him on the ground. A woman. How cliché. Too bad it was his platoon commander Elena. She looked at him with her usual frigid eyes and quickly stood up. Mike was offered a hand and stood up in front of her. Her hair was short and brown, cut in a neat line. It was the kind of hair you would expect on an office worker. She was wearing light recon combat gear, probably because she was in the training room again. It consisted of a classic federation nanosuit in dark blue navy colors, a light harness with basic gear and a gauss pistol, heavy trekking pants and boots, and several armor plates including a small chest piece, protecting her neck and heart, designed to be used with a helmet during ship inspection and patrol. The nanosuit itself was able to operate in a vacuum by itself and can even create a short term bubble of air around it's user in case of an explosive decompression. She was rougly as high as Mike, which would be normal if Mike wasn't almost two meters high. Luckily the ceiling wasn't a problem most of the time.

In any case, she atleast cared about the crew... but military protocol could probably be her husband. Mike's thought process was stopped by the intercom as it made a cracking sound while coming back to life filled with heavy static.
"-ave regained- ... -mergency land- ... - eturn to stati-"
The crew froze for a few second after which each of the crewmembers flocked to their officers for instructions. Mike was just quietly facepalming at running back and forth. Lieutenant Paolo, his commanding officer, though, was missing. Since this was very unusual, Mike immediately tried to get to his squadmates through the immense heat and rattling caused by the atmospheric entry.

"Where's Paolo?" He shouted at one of his squadmates, Rick, the squad's marksman. A rather small man, wearing only his camo-pattern nanosuit. Since he was the youngest in the unit, he was reasonably panicked, but Mike could see that he was doing everything to stay professional.

He quickly turned towards Mike, but stopped right in his tracks as his eyes widened.

"The utility deck!" He said with shock, but quickly snapped out of it and patted another squadmate to follow him and began running across the corridor.

Mike was puzzled by the reaction for a few seconds as he quickly followed Rick. The situation dawned upon him soon after as they were closing in towards the deck. The floor at the end of the corridor was already glowing hot from the heat. The utility deck was always meant to be cleared and shielded before descent. This time, however it wasn't protected in any way which resulted not only in damage, but probably the death of anyone inside. Rick was promptly stopped by his squadmate, as he attempted to protect him from the soaring heat in front of the three men. Rick twitched as if he wanted to either to continue or say something, but all of them knew there was nothing to be done. The only thing left to do was to quietly acknowledge the death of their respected commander.

The ship wasn't quiet however as it continued it's rough descent towards the ground. The accompanying tubulences threw the men around the corridor and snapped them out of their mourning back into the dire reality.

"What now?" Rick asked. With the second squadmate finally turning his face towards Mike as well. He seemed to be your traditional marine, tough looks, shaved head and fit body. However a certain aura of kindness emanated from him, like a powerful guardian. It was Leonid, the squad's medic.

Mike was thrown off guard with all the eyes on him for a second. He stepped back slightly as if his body agreed he had nothing to do with command, but he steeled himself.

"There doesn't seem to b-" As he was about to say some very discouraging words Mike got an idea. It was like those moments when some kind of a lightbulb lights up in your head.

"If by any chance someone survived, we could try to divert spare coolant from the reactors and turn on fire safeties. The coolant pipes would rupture from the heat change and pour inside the deck to mix with water from fire safeties... It's not safe... but we could give a chance to these people." He explained.

"It's our best bet, I am with you." Rick replied with newfound excitement.

"And so am I." Leonid replied shortly after.

Mike didn't have time celebrate his little personal victory as he had very little time for the task at hand, and possibly lives of many people in his hands. His group quickly dispersed to search for the controls of the safety systems.

Having a certain level of technological know-how was a requirement in these forces, so luckily both Mike and his squadmates had little difficulty with actually diverting the coolant and turning on safeties. Bigger problems were the extreme heat even with the coolant and that half the systems and pipes were already melted off. Leonid quickly grabbed the nearest fire extinguisher and broke a path for the three squadmates.

They entered a hellish place. Mike could hear Rick's gagging as they saw several crew members near the door, seemingly melted alive as they tried to crawl their way out. They quickly dispersed and searched for anyone still alive.

The situation seemed terribly hopeless, but their commander was nowhere in sight, so the group carried on. Most of the deck was a single room with several terminals and stations meant for maintenance. While pretty much half the deck was already melted off or twisted, there were several places that were touched less, for example the areas around coolant piping, or simply areas that had more ablator plates under them. One of these areas catched Mike's attention as he saw some movement in his peripheral vision. He sprinted towards the station, now half frozen from the coolant and water. A person was lying under a fallen metal beam, half melted into one of the deck's walls.

"I found him!" Mike screamed from the top of his lungs, catching the attention of Leonid and Rick.

They sprinted towards him and dragged him from under the beam as fast as they could. Paolo was in an awful shape, the part of his face that was lying on the floor had terrible burns all over it, which applied to most of his body as well. Leonid, while a medic, couldn't do anything without his gear so he just attempted to grab him.

During the attempt, Paolo tried to lift his head and with the little strength he had left in him, he quietly whispered:

"...she... was behind me..."

His words confused his subordinates, however Rick quickly got the pieces together and crouched, searching for more survivors behind Paolo's position. There indeed was a woman in a similar shape slightly further back under the beam.

"Another survivor!" Rick shouted.

Leonid quickyl put Paolo in the most temperate location in the area and ran towards Rick and Mike to help with the rescue. As the highest of all three of them, Leonid managed to grab a hand of the woman and roughly dragged her from under beam as quickly as he could. With extremely little time left and the coolant already wearing off from the heat, they grabbed the two survivors and ran as fast as their legs allowed them out of that terrible place.

As they finally left the hottest parts of the deck, they were welcomed by none other than Elena and some of her squadmates. It would seem they also realized what had happened in the deck and ran there to help.

It didn't take them long to see the bodies in the hands of Mike's group and they quickly ran towards them.

"Report!" Elena ordered with extreme urgency.

"The deck is lost, most personel KIA, we found two survivors, Our commander Paolo and this woman. The coolant has already worn off, we were out of options." Mike replied.

Elena froze for a second, thinking of all the people inside, possibly hoping to think up a rescue plan, but she knew well that if there was anything possible, Mike already tried his best. She regained her posture and started ordering her men to help with rescue of the two survivors. She then turned back towards Mike, who was now alone without his squadmates, which already left for the med bay.

"Thank you..." She said, with a very unusual voice, "You should go with your commander." She continued.

"Aye." Mike replied, heading out for the med bay.

As he ran through the corridors he could hear the intercom once again in full service.

"Landing imminent. ETA thirty seconds!" it reported across the whole deck.

He had seemingly very little time until he had to fix his position to prepare for landing, so he just barged into the med bay. Most of the people there were already in specialized seats made for tough landings, although several doctors were still making final preparations, even though they had less than ten seconds left. Mike grabbed the first seat he could and gritted his teeth as the intercom counted down the final seconds.





Both Leonid and Rick were cowering in their seats, waiting for the impact. It was sure going to be a tough one.


The "impact!" portion of the speech wasn't even heard by the crew, as the speaker was flung across the room. The immense force glued Mike to his seat, his cheeks were pulled downwards, his brain was drained of it's blood. The ship's hydraulics took most of the impact, but the forces on the crew still were in the areas of eight to fourteen G's for the duration of the landing. Half the equipment was torn from it's supports but the stabilized patients luckily recieved little damage.

As the impact receded, most of the men were terribly dizzy, but their sense of duty and especially the duty to save their comrades from death pushed them on. Mike's role however was already over. He stood up, but his body soon betrayed him, as he thumped on the hot floor below.

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