Yes's, no’s and maybe’s

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
The story of yes's, no's and maybe's.

Submitted: May 19, 2017

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Submitted: May 19, 2017



Have you ever looked at someone and thought yes?


Yes I want to get to know you,

Yes I want to be friends,

Yes I talk to you all the time,

And I hope our conversation never ends.


Yes I’m starting to like you more than just friends,

Yes a relationship I would like to explore,

Yes this may open a different door,

But we still care about each other at the core.


Yes I want to ask you out,

Yes I am clueless about how this works,

Yes I want to get drinks with you,

I want to be with you and get all the perks.


Yes I have liked you from the start,

Yes I was afraid to admit,

Yes I want to take you out under the stars,

See your face brighten and be moonlit.


Yes I want to meet your family,

Yes I will hold your hand for support,

Yes I am afraid of meeting them,

And afraid they will interrogate me like a crime court.


Yes we will get on each others wick,

Yes we will argue all the time,

Yes things may get heated,

But we will forgive each other it will be fine.


Yes I want to be with you,

Yes I will marry you if you let me,

Yes I will spend the rest of my life with you,

I will be your own personal devotee.


Yes I will look after you,

Yes always and forever,

Yes for better or for worse,

I will stop loving you never.


Yes I will have kids with you,

Yes we will have many sons and daughters,

Yes we will guide these children,

And when they leave to live their own lives our eyes will water.


Yes we will stay together,

Yes we will fall deeper in love every day,

Yes we said forever,

But forever neither of us can stay.


Yes one day we will grow old in time,

Yes I will love you no less,

Yes my love for you continues to grow,

And never did I question your faithfulness.


Yes you may fall sick,

Yes you may begin to die,

Yes I will be afraid

Because i’m not ready to say goodbye.


No I don’t want you to go,

No just stay for a little while,

No i’m not ready,

You are the only one that made my life worthwhile.


No now is not the time to go,

No you can’t leave me here alone,

No how can you leave me heart broken,

Why is it me you chose to condone.


Maybe it is time to let go,

Maybe the time for me to go has past,

Maybe we will meet again,

And when we do, two words: at last.


Three simple words: yes's, no’s and maybe’s,

Can tell a story about two people, who started as friends,

They find each other and that is the hopeless story,

Of how to people fell in love from start to end.

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