I Can't Believe I Love You

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i can't believe i love you


it is 10:46 in the morning, and i question myself, " why is mom up during this time? ". my skin is burning from this hot sensation sun, which it gives me the urge to wake up. i swore i thought last night i close my currents. for some reason, i'm refusing to wake up on the first day of summer. i tried to twist my body into different directions, but there was no difference at all towards this season. i couldn't resist my face having bits of sweats rolling down my forehead to my cheeks. being exhausted from this heat made my head not want to go, but to sleep in this bed. i heard footsteps coming towards the hall ways. yet i didn't bother to look, because this summer is killing me. as i heard the door knob slowly rattling, i figured it can be mom.
" good morning mom, i didn't expect you to be here. i thought you had work today".
my mom pushed the door gently as the door open widely as it can show her true self. her look gave the question of there's something that you might wanna know face. she bit the bottom of her lips, yet it couldn't be that bad. the look of her face from the sun gave her identity of how she looks like with that full blond hair, as they were braided on the side of her shoulder, her orange teen top, and her tan shorts. the way the sunlight hits her face makes her so stunning. as she began to speak, " no, today i don't have work, but i do wanna ask you a question since your up. well, your dad wants you to spend the summer with him. he called me and thought it was a good idea for you to get out of the house. would you like to go?" when mom told me, my heart raged, but yet i wasn't mad for those only mistake that he left me and mom in new orleans. i couldn't react to what he did about 4 years ago. mom suffered, and yet survived in order for me and her to live. my mom jes oral was a outstanding mom, and my father iran val who left us when i was 13 years old. he didn't say a word or goodbye to us. now i understand that this jerk wants me to be in his life again that i can't even call him dad, or father, or whatever but to me he's only just a jerk. i got off the bed feeling so soar from yesterday. my body aches from my upper body to legs, and running was my hobby of expressing me to think positive instead of negative so that i can keep moving forward.
i stand on my two legs being stiffed and walking towards mom hugging her. she smells like lemon ocean breeze, and i whispered next to her ear, "mom he hasn't seen me for 4 years, and now i'm 17 years old a junior. i just don't know what to say after all those 4 years of what we've been through ".
she gently pushed away our hug, and brushed my light brown hair. " well it's up to you, and i know you can't stand him. i'm not forcing you, but why don't you go have fun it's summer."
" mom, no i can't leave you here. i just can't, "
" aubry you should, and i'll be fine. look your 17 years old, a junior who's going to graduate next year, and even though we suffered through that divorce that we both despise. you can at least have some little fun out there."
i looked at my mom understanding and serious face i held her warm hands and nodded, " alright mom tell dad i'll go to see him. what day am i leaving?" i looked into my mom hazel brown truthful eyes.
" tomorrow."
" what... tomorrow! ", i walked away from mom and sat on the chair where my papers and computer were all set aside.
" yes i know that this would happen so quick, but i think you should go and see him. "
mom walks towards me and kneel in front of me, yet i looked surprise as she didn't have to kneel. "mom you don't have to kneel on your knees, get up . i just can't believe he bothered to call us after what happen four years ago." my eyes were flaring, my chest was burning into madness, before that i curled my fingers into a fist on the desk. he had some nerves come back.
mom smiled having little tears rolling down from her face, as i wiped her tears rolling from her cheeks, and i suddenly pull her for a hug . " mom i love you okay i'm sorry i blasted like that, its just i don't know mom".
she nodded and smiled whipping her face as she got up.
" aubry, i don't want you to be stuck in here."
i nodded and slightly smiled," okay mom for you i will".
" why don't you get packing its 11:59 a.m, and i'll give you money too as you leave".
" okay mom ".as mom exited out of my room. i yelled, " mom i need to tell you something..."
she turned around," what do you need to tell me".
" i love you". i whisper and smiled at her showing her proof that she can be loved by her daughter.
" i love you too aubry.why don't you get packing its 11:59 a.m, and i'll give you money too as you leave. i got errands to run okay."
" okay mom ".
hours later, i just got done packing about 15 minutes ago. that i had to make sure if i got everything off this check list.
{ check list }
• makeup
• 3 outfits for exercising
• 6 shorts, 5 pair of pants, & about 10 t-shirts and teen-tops
• 2 dresses for special occasions
• toothbrush
• passports
• wallet
• etc...etc...
right now is 9:37 p.m and i just wanna sleep, " aubry are you hungry", mom yelled acrossed the hallway.
" no it's okay mom i'm gonna sleep tonight", i sighed and lay down.
" okay goodnight then i'll drop you off tomorrow and give you the money".
i closed my eyes and reached over to the drawer to turn off my lamp. " okay goodnight ". there i was sleeping, on my bed wrapping my blue blanket around me. i know tomorrow will be different even once i go to la. the world's half awake and half asleep that i don't know what to think of this universe.


i can see dad holding a sign, which it says my name on it. currently i have no clue what he looks like from 4 years until now. i thought he was so embarrassing that i quickly carried my bag wrapped from my shoulders and my big gray luggage. i waved my hand to the lowest point he made eye contact with me. he looked much happy when he smiled. " aubry, my daughter, i missed you ". he smiled with joy and went straight for a bear hug.
" hi dad, it's been a long time. well, should we get going". it became completely awkward for the two of us. we haven't spoke for 4 years and now ever since that day he called mom i really didn't expect that.
" yeah let's get going, before the sun sets". dad nodded his head serval times, and held his hand out for help. i didn't quite get it when he held his hands out, standing right next to me, but what i was thinking was that he was being helpful. when i handled my luggage to him he didn't say anything about how am i or what are your hobbies now a days, but no all he did was say nothing. i'm surprise he's the guy who says nothing, because after what happen 4 years ago without saying nothing, i'm shocked how he was good at saying nothing in his whole entire life. i guess he didn't like going through problems, but the only thing that helped him was to remove of it put of his mind.


i figured la was hotter then new orleans, because my thighs are sticking onto this leather seat. yet i regret sitting here, but i got to see the perfect view of how la looks like with palm trees, movie theaters, and celebrity walking in disguise, and i got the front seat to see everything. i rolled down the window and leaned my head over my arm resting on the window as the bright sun shining onto my pale face. " so, aubry how's your mom". i put one leg up and the other laid onto the floor. i thought of saying cruel things or either saying that how could we be fine when you left for us 4 years ,and didn't decide to call us or say anything before you left, so yeah she's when you felt like a coward. instead, i didn't want to say anything bad that mom like to say think about the pros and cons they'll life help your problems even if i care or regret most things. so i just went with this answer, " we'll, mom is doing great ". thanks for asking how i'm doing.
" oh that's great ". he slightly smiled and was so focused on the road.
" well dad how are you, are you seeing anyone? ", i'm hoping he gives me honest answers.
" yeah, i met this women dawn twilight. "
i gave him an impressing face nodding and pushing myself to ask him a bit more questions.
" so does she have sons or daughters?"
" well she only has two sons, but your the only."
" how old are dawn sons?"
" well the eldest child is von he's 18, and the youngest is charles he's only 10. "
" wow ". my eyes widen from his side of his life story with this women, but i wondered , how does he find interest in this women that my mom doesn't have.
" aubry were almost home, and also i hope you like them. "
" yeah okay, and yeah me too ".
few minutes later, dad merges to the right of a parking in front of a garage . i got out of the this leather seat car, and stand in front of the house. it's so huge like a mansion, but it's only just a two story house. my mouth dropped , and i couldn't believe it with my own eyes. i didn't know what was worse, living in a apartment or a two story house. the breeze felt refreshing and my light brown hair flowing through its course, yet i'm nervous having stepbrothers, a stepmom, and restarting a fresh start with my dad. i closed the door while dad carried my luggage on the way in. i sighed feeling a bit dizzy and out of place. dad and i walked to the door and i was feeling unsatisfied if this was right. dad stopped in front of the door i looked over my shoulder." aubry feeling nervous?"
" yes, but a bit confident ". i inhaled for air and exhaled. here it goes. dad grabbed his keys in his pocket, putting a blue key inside the key hole while the rest of the keys were jingling, as he twisted the door knob, and open the door wide open. dad walked in as i can see some picture in the wall way hanging on the wall.the floor was all wooden, the walls were white, and i glanced over to the left side seeing a stair. i walked in feeling uncomfortable, and walked towards the right side where i can see a kitchen diner set full of perfection plates, utincles, and a chandler hanging from the ceiling. i didn't really focus what dad was doing. i smelt this delicious and exquisite food coming from the kitchen. i waddled my way to the kitchen and glance at the women humming, seeing soups boiling, and the back i can see dad through the window where that woman is standing. the sun was reflecting through her light brown hair tied up, her body was curved i can see a sliver necklace from her neck, and she had her causal outfit on. it kinda reminds me of mom.
i walked in the kitchen, " wow, it's so neat in here".
the women looked behind her." hi, aubry i didn't see you." she came running to me for a hug .
"oh, hi i just smelt something good ". i gave her a light hug.
" well, you must be hungry". she went back to continue her cooking.
" actually no, we'll a little bit". she smiled at me and i smiled at her. " oh, i heard about your sons".
" oh yes ". she yelled across the kitchen calling them upstairs. as i heard footsteps coming down the stairs and running towards the kitchen. there he was the young boy waving his hand at me. " hi i'm charles and what's your name".
i smiled, because i think we might get along. " i'm aubry, and it's nice meeting you charles".
" charles why don't you go show aubry her room ". dawn was so focus on cooking.
" come on aubry, i'll show your room ". he ran to the stairs and i rush waving goodbye to dawn. when we got up the stairs i followed him seeing so many pictures on the wall, and followed him towards my room .
as he handed his hand out to the right side of the door, you couldn't believe it. mini stars on the ceiling a blue fan with a light bulb, the walls are painted over light blue, my own bathroom, a big sized bed all flowered and puffy looking right next to it was a white table, and when you look at the table up you see a wide window that shows a magnificent view of the waves crashing into the rocks. " wow, it's so beautiful in here ", dropping my bag on the floor.
" yeah you got the big room, do you like it?".
" yeah ", i slid my hands on the flat smooth blue wall. it's like a dream, and this lighthearted the side of me. i can feel this magic trickling to my humor side.
" well if you need anything else i will be downstairs ", charles ran off before i can say thank you, so i looked around the room and the bathroom some more. i figured how dad got this house with his massive money of becoming a lawyer. i jumped on my fluffy blue blanket, cuddling into these aoft pattern pillows, and the bed was so cold like time i hugged mom yet she was so soft everytine i huged her. i'm so exhausted about today and yesterday, thinking a lot about dad, mom, and meeting new people. it's just gives me a headache that every time i blink my eyes i can feel sting burning into my righteous body, this pounding in my head's blurring my vision, and when i looked at the door my eyes vision out.
hours later, it was 10:38 at night, and i woke up feeling slightly dizzy, a little unsteady, but my was clear from all what happen today. my vision was difficult to focus on where i was going, so i rubbed both of my eyes, and blinked a few times. either way i wanted a drink downstairs, so i walked striaght down to the hallways as my whole entire body tripped onto the cold rug floor. " what the hell was that!" i wishpered to whatever was behind me on the floor. i lean closely to whoever was on this floor tripped me, which it wasn't funny. waot a miunte, i thought things through, oh no, please don't tell me this is the 17 year old guy who's suppose to be my step brother, and who lives across my room. " what the... ", he mumbled laying flat on the wooden floor snoring, and while he holds his empty beer as he was dead asleep . i crawled my way out, shuffling my legs, and i felt this sharp pain on my left ankle. from the inside i wanna cry about it, i can't hold the pain, and i try holding my breath. when i slowly crawled on the side of my right body, using all my strength to pull my body away from this drunk ass person, yet the puncture from my ankle kept tearing me up. i grab the wall pulling myself up back onto my own feet, and bounce on my right leg holding to the stair side bars. my balance is kinda unsteady, even when i got down the stairs i was so revealed. whatever happen up there was some chaotic stuck up drunk guy looks like he didn't deserve this life. i couldn't bear to go up stairs, so i limped my way through passing the kitchen diner table, and there i was in the kitchen grabbing a glass cup by the sink and hurried my through to the fridge. then, i pushed the water out fulfilling the water into the cup halfway. this thirst of water to stay alive kills my lung of becoming this dry deserted land that keeps my body going. as i took a few gallops of the water, yet it sighed me with happiness of pleasure. i tried walking on my left feet which faced me bruised later on as i saw it with my own eyes. this ironic guy who sleeps on the floor deatoryed this my left ankle, even my ability to walk. the only choice i had was the living room, so i used every safe surrondings that can give me my balance to walk, so that i can rest on this tan soft sofa. as i entered the living room i through myself onto the sofa, and inhaled deep smelling a bit of lavender. i fell asleep on this couch having no choice, but to see what tomorrow would be like. what i'm also hoping for this ankle will get better, father better then worse from before.


i woke up feeling someone pushing on my shoulder several times. i suddenly hear the voice of a woman speaking, " aubry, what are you doing down here?". i couldn't open my eyes, because i was so tired that the bottom of my eyes were probably gray by now. my body was turned facing towards the cushion. i slowly looked over my shoulder, and mumbled desperately to sleep. either way i didn't want to open my eyes, because its too bright from the windows, and i began to say " who's talking to me ? " i rubbed my eyes as i can barley get a slight shot of see her tan face. i widened my eyes, blinking a few times, and there she is complaining.
" it's dawn, and anyways why are you down here aren't you suppose to be in bed ". she gave me a worried face, but i think she have the ways of her emotion being differ from her face expression.
" yesterday i went to get a drink of water, but i had some accident. am i like in trouble or something?" i gave her what did i do wrong face, because it doesn't make sense how she can be upset or if she is upset for me sleeping on the couch.
" will no, i was afraid if your not feeling well or uncomfortable in your room".
" no i love the room it's so majestically creative ".
" gosh, i'm glad you like it. last night you fell asleep, and i know you were tired from all that 8 hours trip to new orleans to la. so i made lasagna, and add onions, white cheese, and that's about it. "
" oh, that's sounds good and i heard there was a party here".
" yeah ...." she sits beside me on the edge of the red couch near my legs. " , i forgot to tell you that, why don't you go out and you know explore a little of la for a bit. "
i turned my body towards her, " yeah that's exciting, an also why are you dressed up like that ". i looked confused as if its the summer.
" will you see is that i have to wok at the hospital and i won't be home until 11. goes for your dad, he should be at work by now, and be coming home at 10. if your confuse just look on the fridge, what you didn't know is that we also have a day of week job thing. ".
" oh thanks dawn i appreciate it so much ". i'm so happy i get to ride there car, because i have drove in new orleans and over there is a big deal when you see jazz and people dancing on the streets and side walks at night.
" okay aubry i have to go to work, and your brother charles well be with his friends for a sleep over for about a week or two so he won't be here today ". i smiled with joy with no kids and no one here for the past few hours.
" oh wow the house to myself ". i grinned.
" will except for von, he's always in n out of the house of either kicked out of the house. "
" wow and this guy must be the wild child ".
" yup, well aubry i have to go to work, so i'll see you a later okay". as dawn got up, and stretched for awhile she exit out of the house, and digs in her pocket for something.
" here's the extra car keys to the black honda ". as she waved goodbye, rushes out of the door, the house becomes completely silent, and as i watched her left from from the big window in front of the living room, yet i just sit up stiffly in pain of my back on this couch and sighed with full of pain and exhaustion. i'm finally all alone, quite and peace. now that no one is home i'm going to some places that i never been before, as i got up on my two legs i have almost forgotten that my left ankle was twisted. so i waddled my way through using all my strength to push my body going up to the stairs. once i appeared up stairs i look both ways custiouly at two hallways to make sure the that guy is nowhere to be seen. i jogged my way through limping each time, and finally made it to my bed. i gently walked on my left ankle, and limp to the bathroom to take a deep shower. after taking this deep long warm and cold shower was the one thing that made my skin feel smooth, and the smell of the shampoo scented the bathroom. my body stopped aching, yet it genuily smoothing. the water running down my body felt so spiritually touching, like the nerves from my body gave me the chills.


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