‘A’ Letter to Infinity

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Given access to all the words in the world, do we always speak our mind?

Submitted: May 19, 2017

A A A | A A A

Submitted: May 19, 2017



Bestowed. With a

Single Quantum Letter

to Infinity.

A universal set of natural letters.

Infinite combinations, present itself

in numerous languages.

So vast, we are spoilt for choice.


Why then do we not speak our minds?

Mindlessly we ramble, about

- the weather, traffic, and things we couldn’t careless.

Till it’s too late. We regret.

Left void of data, of the stranger right infront.

Could’ve been a friend, a foe or a lover of souls.

But none. Only a stranger is so.


An exchange of a string of words, and

Eu-ler one’s Identity sooner than Na-pier

It’s a simple equation = two beings with a voice. 

Yet this is one complex interaction.

Our paradoxical nature.

Of real words meant to say, and

Imaginary ones said instead.


Resources are finite.

Not words, they aren’t.

A Pi enough for all, three times that

to your horizons you can expand.

Our natural base camp of words.

Constantly churning. That number we set,

Limits us from approaching infinity.


This is My Letter to Infinity.

© Copyright 2018 Jayee S.H.. All rights reserved.

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