The love of Sucide

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Submitted: May 20, 2017

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"Cole?" I called out in the dark.

No reply.

I call his name once again.

This time there's a reply...

"Lauran?" a vocie called in the darkness.

The room around me was pitch black I couldn't see anything not even my own hands. I used my hands to gudie my way through the room too find him.

"Cole?" I cryed. My vocie echoed through the room making my vocie sounding more brave than it really was.

"Lauran baby it's ok. We will find way through this come forward. Follow my vocie,"He yelled.

I followed his vocie to a small patch of light were I found him on the floor.


I sat next to him hugging him tightly. I felt him shaky in my arms.

"I'm sorry Lauran. I should never done what I did..."

"No it's ok!" I yelled placing my hands into his.

His had were mosit. His hand felt wet.

"Cole your hands," I yelled.

"I know it blood from were my stumic was cut by him..." He started coughing.

"Your stumic?" I said looking confussed.

I looked down to were light layed on his stumic. I could see it all, the rolling blood that came out his stumic and down his t-shirt.

"It's ok I'll help you," I yelled. I pulled at my clothing to see if I could make a bandage.

"Don't bother Lauran," He coughed " I'm going to die anway. There's no way to save me now."

"No there is," I screamed "You'll live I know so."


Before I could do anything else I felt Cole full into my arms. The blood from his stumic strikled down my arm.

"Cole... Cole... COLE" I screamed.

I placed my head on his dead chest.

I knew now this was the end. The end of everything...

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