HFMTOH- There's This Girl

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There's this girl I talk to, I can't quite describe it but there's just something about her.

Submitted: May 19, 2017

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Submitted: May 19, 2017



There’s this girl.

I know her pretty well, in fact we’ve been talking for about two years or so now.

I’ve never met her face to face, but I know she’ll be there if I message her. Even if it’s not an immediate reply, I know she’ll answer within a few hours and that’s enough to comfort me.

We’ve sent pictures back and forth, both of ourselves and of random funny things we’ve found online.

She’s pretty cool.

But she kind of frightens me.

Sometimes when we’re talking I feel like she knows what I’m going to say before it’s typed down, though she tries to play it off and answers with small replies, short ones of encouragement or praise.

The conversations are nice and pleasant, but I can’t help feeling that there’s something else there.

Something she isn’t telling me.

At times I feel like she’s trying to push me into opinions and mould my thoughts to match hers, coaxing me into thinking negatively.

But her points are usually so valid and strong.

She was right, that person had no right to cut me off on the road.

That woman shouldn’t have walked into me and carried on like it was nothing, not even throwing a casual apology over her shoulder.

She’d come up with ways that they could pay, only casual and joking, yet always dark.

I’ve noticed that I’ve started thinking like that myself, even when people haven’t wronged me.

Walking down the street I’ll notice people more often than I did, situations they could get into with the slightest alter.

The smallest nudge and that person could fall into the road.

If that barking dog that jumps at the fence is let out, would it maul someone?

I’d never thought like this before and yet it excited me.

She’d laugh every time I told her and would say that I’m being influenced by her ‘evil genius’.

The scary thing was I truly couldn’t argue.

We’d speak every day and the more we spoke the more I realised that she was almost addictive, like I needed her validation.

There’s this girl I know.

And she brings out the best in me.

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