Berserkers Rage

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The first original poem I've written since joining this site. All the others are poems I'd written beforehand.

Submitted: May 19, 2017

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Submitted: May 19, 2017




My heart has grown cold with it.


It fills every fiber of my being.


It’s not about the master I serve.

It’s not about the kingdom I fight for.

It’s not about my fallen comrades.

Now, I only fight in the desperate hopes

of satisfying my seemingly endless bloodlust.

For killing is the only thing

that can tame the fires burning deep inside me.



I no longer feel it.


It boils in my veins.


This is the end of me.

The end of all around me.

If I will die…

Then I shall drag all of them down to hell with me.

I’m practically already a demon

So I’ll be more experienced than them upon arrival.

They won’t know what hit them, the poor bastards.



It surrounds me on all ends.


I’ve forgotten what that even means.


Arrows and spears fall on me like rain.

My armor is being smashed to pieces.

My axe stained red.

This only adds more fuel to my inner fire.

I’ll kill them all.

No one will survive.

No one.

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