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Short story following the awakening of a native goblin outside his rutine

Submitted: May 19, 2017

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Submitted: May 19, 2017



I came to life running from a group of humans covered in armor.


Let me explain, before that I was alive but did everything on instinct, following my tribe-mates on routine tasks of hunting, eating and sleeping. I had never really made a choice before that day.


So the very first choice I made was to jump from a cliff. Smart, right?


I almost died too, but some branches down the cliff slowed me down before I hit a river conveniently running at the bottom of the cliff.


After I got out of the water I was badly hurt, but I heal very fast, so just resting for a bit was making me better. It did made me super hungry, so I waddled in the water for a minute and caught a fish in my nails and ate it raw.


Once I felt better I got the urge to return home, to my tribe, but I was wary that once I was again on familiar ground, the routine would take my mind away and I would be lost to instinct once again.


I started exploring the area near the river,following my nose to a cave were another goblin tribe lived. I was a stranger to them, but as I came with lots of fish as gifts they accepted me, at least for a while.


My people have very simple social interactions. Everyone must fend for themselves when healthy, must help those who are sick who have a chance to recover and must bring gifts for the chief of the tribe, who happens to always be the strongest goblin present. Those who are too sick to recover are exiled and die rather quickly.


As an outsider, the others shunned me, not letting me be part of tribe usual activities. Now I know we have a rather high multiplying rate, compared to other races, and we occupy almost all our time multiplying. It did not matter, I had other things in my mind, or rather, for the first time I had a mind. I found myself a nook in the cave a little far from everyone, but near enough it was safe from roaming predators.


I had to think what I would do next. I had flashbacks to when the humans were attacking and playing with us. I would not feel such despair ever again. I would get strong so no one could make me feel like that again.


I had to learn to become strong. With this in mind I started following and watching the chief and elder of the tribe. The chief was the most important goblin for the tribe, but the decisions are all delegated to the elder.


He knows from what trees to eat, what animals to hunt and when to stay hidden without making a sound. I started gifting him anything I could get my hands on. Food, pelts, shiny rocks. After a couple of days he asked me. “What do outsider want? Why you here?”


“I want be strong. I want be most strong here” I answered back.


He got a puzzled look on his face, wrinkling his forehead. He sat down and stayed silent for a moment.


“I will help, but you do as I say and serve me until I say”


With a nod I agreed, thinking I could always walk away if he gets annoying.

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