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A museum is a non-profit, permanent institution in the service of society and its development, open to the public... But what about a museum that comes to life at night? A museum where the tangible heritage of humanity is as alive as you and me. Larry was a night watchman at the American Museum of Natural History...

Submitted: May 19, 2017

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Submitted: May 19, 2017



"A museum is a non-profit, permanent institution in the service of society and its development, open to the public, which acquires, conserves, researches, communicates and exhibits the tangible and intangible heritage of humanity and its environment for the purposes of education, study and enjoyment."

But what about a museum that comes to life at night? A museum where the tangible heritage of humanity is as alive as you and me. It's hard to believe, but if you ask Larry about it, he'll tell you about the amazing adventures he experienced a "Night at the Museum".

Larry was a night watchman at the American Museum of Natural History. He had to watch many times to make sure he was not victim of hallucinations. He will introduce you to the characters he encountered during these unforgettable nights.

Rexy: a Tyrannosaurus skeleton that behaves like a dog. When Larry first saw him, he was drinking water from the step-activated water fountain. I guess the water went right through his stomach, then to his bladder. Later he went to the bathroom to pee. They didn't show you that cause that would have been inappropriate, but he really did it. If you don't know how a Tyrannosaurus made of flesh and bones looks like, just watch Jurassic Park. I wonder what kind of movie Jurassic Park would have been if they had chosen Rexy as the Tyrannosaurus. He would probably chased bones instead of people. Jurassic Park would have been a really scary movie.

Dexter: a small Capuchin Monkey. He looked cute but he was mischievous. He stole Larry's keys and unlocked the storage gate releasing the exhibits into Central Park. He believed in freedom and thought the museum was like a prison for the exhibits. Larry strongly disagreed and got back all the exhibits back to the museum. He also got his keys back from Dexter of course. As a result Larry got slapped in the face by Dexter. He usually got slapped in the face by women, and I can't really tell you how he felt about being slapped in the face by a monkey. I think he was more shocked than hurt. And when Dexter defecated on President Teddy Roosevelt he received the most humiliating comment.

"It combines the worst aspects of working with children and animals when you have an animal that looks like a child ... Plus, what human can [defecate] on you in the middle of a scene and people would be like 'Awww, great'"

Hopefully he is a monkey. He didn't understand a word of it. And if he had to do it again, he would. So, it would be better for President Roosevelt to stay away from monkeys.

Jedediah: a miniature cowboy figure. He was only a few inches tall and made of plastic. Jedediah knew everything about being a cowboy and the Wild West. He had watched all the John Wayne's movies. The only problem when he tried to run over Larry with a train is that it was a miniature too. And on top of that Jed's pistols didn't fire. He doesn't care too much being shot, but there's something he really hates. It's something every cowboys hate by the way:

"I told you, I don't like to be manhandled!"

Octavius: a miniature Roman general figure. He was not so happy to be a general, he could have been a Roman emperor like Gaius Octavius. But when Gaius became emperor, he changed his name into Augustus. So, Octavius never became a Roman emperor because he only knew how to win a war, not to change his name... He made a great team with Jedediah, and together they fought against Kahmunrah, Al Capone, Ivan the Terrible, and Napoleon Bonaparte's men. Not even Julius Caesar fought against such prestigious names.

"We may be small, but our hearts are large... metaphorically speaking."

Octavius had a very big heart, he was a braveheart. He was saved from the Pompeii volcano by Dexter the monkey, and was hypnotized by Lancelot blue eyes. They are not the kind of things you expect from a fearless Roman general metaphorically speaking.

Attila the Hun: a wax model of Attila. Maybe he was made of wax, but his sword was not. Larry knew it, and he spent his time running away from Attila and his men. If he had not ran into an elevator, Attila would've captured him. Hopefully, Attila had no idea what an elevator was. If he knew he would have pressed the button to open the elevator's door. There's some disadvantage to come from the past, you are dumb every time you encounter something from the future you've never seen before. At the end he got what he wanted, some captives, the thieves.

Theodore Roosevelt: a wax model of Roosevelt. He was very committed to conservation. He wanted to save forests and rivers not just for animals, but for people too. He also saved Larry many times, not just for Larry, but for the museum and the exhibits too. Larry was the only person who was part of the world of the Night at the Museum, and the world of the day at the museum. Without Larry, all the exhibits would have died. Actually, it was due to the Golden Tablet of Pharaoh Akhmenrah that the exhibits came to life at night. But Larry was key to bring back the Tablet to the museum in every adventure. Without him there wouldn't have been any travels to the Smithsonian Institute, and no "Battle of the Smithsonian". Without him there wouldn't have been any travels to the British Museum, and the "Secret of the Tomb" would have never been discovered. Roosevelt knew all of it, and that's why he decided to protect Larry in the same way he had protected his country more than two hundreds years earlier.

After his first "Night at the Museum" Larry said to his boss:

"At The Museum of Natural History, Something Unnatural Is Happening."

And as he was telling his encounters with Rexy, Dexter, Jedediah, Octavius,... his boss told him to stop having an unnatural imagination and just focus on doing well his job. He didn't take Larry seriously. By the way, who would? After all he was just a loser.

Later on, Larry got to work at the museum during the day as a guide. When he had a group of schoolchildren he introduced the exhibition in the following way:

"Where History Comes To Life. See The Side Of The Museum You Won't See On The Tour. When The Lights Go Off, It's On!"

And the schoolchildren would ask him altogether to turn off the light. They wanted to see the other side. Children always try to see the "other side" adults usually miss.

And when he had a group of schoolchildren on Christmas Day he said:

"This Christmas, It Won't Be A Silent Night."

And the schoolchildren took him by surprise by singing Silent Night.

"Silent night, holy night! All is calm, all is bright. Round on Virgin, Mother and Child. Holy infant so tender and mild, Sleep in heavenly peace,..."

Larry was so moved that he began to cry. Children always find a way to make you cry. They are so sweet when they don't drive you crazy.

"So, goodnight Larry. You are looking at the party lights in the museum from across the street and smiles. You were right. This Christmas, it is not a silent night for the exhibits."

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