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We all have/had that one love that was never to be. Maybe they don't even know how much they mean to you, but you wanna let them know now.

Submitted: May 19, 2017

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Submitted: May 19, 2017



One step, another,

How many times,

Have I rewritten this letter?


Now, I'll swallow my fears,

I'll hide those silent tears,

I've posted this letter,

Whether for worst or for better,

I'll soon find out


Because, your smile, your smile,

Helped me pass the miles, the miles,

And your voice, your voice,

Blocks out all noise, all noise.

Your words, your words,

Are magical, mystical birds,

To me....


You sent me some flowers,

Full with a note and a parcel.

Who would've thought,

It'd be hugged as it ought,

When I think of you,

As I always do?


Singing songs in the middle of the night,

I'm staying up all night!

Hugging that plush toy,

Whispering, 'I hate you, boy.'

But you know I don't,

You know I won't.


Sing to me, Nightingale,

Your heart has been broken,

Still, sing to me, Nightingale,

My grip on your heart will never loosen.

Sing to me, Nightingale!


The words you said,

Still burn in my head,

The way you called my name,

Is worth more than all fame!

So, sing once more, Nightingale.

So, be one more miracle.


You're wonderful, mystical,

So what if your color looks dull?

You're beautiful, musical,

Don't let what they think get you down.


Because, boy, you're my Nightingale,

You sing me to sleep,

Boy, you're my Nightingale,

You made me fall so deep.

Still, you're my Nightingale,

Duller than all, but most beautiful.



Nightingale, oh, Nightingale,

My precious bird, my Nightingale.

© Copyright 2017 Jungy. All rights reserved.

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