India to Kuwait Development of a Person

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The story is about myself. It's based on how I started my career and how a person developed me into a ruthless person who almost has solution to everything possible in this world.

I am posting it as first part of the story and later on will post further parts which includes family, friends, relationships, ups and downs, cheating, backstabbing etc.

Submitted: May 20, 2017

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Submitted: May 20, 2017



Goint to start it with few quotes I have learned recently:

1. Fail. Fail spectacularly. Don’t feel ashamed of getting failed. Don’t be afraid of getting failed. You learn something when you fail. You live when you fail.

2. Don’t have a nice day. Have a day that matters. Have a day that means something.


There are certain phases in life when you feel that this is the end, when you feel you are lost, who you feel you have nothing left. Those are the moments when you have to have patience, try to be calm, do some soul searching and tadaa!!! You come back as a winner.


I was watching the movie “Patch Adams”(Original version of Munna Bhai MBBS) the other day and I learnt few things from it. Let me share them with you guys too.


There is a scene where a mental patient shows four fingers to his fellow patient and asks “What do you see Patch?” to which he responds “Fingers.” The first guy asks again “How many fingers do you see? and the same answer comes again “Four Fingers”. Then the first guy comes closer to him and says “Now look through the fingers and try to see beyond them.” and the camera focuses on the fingers and adjusts to make us see beyond fingers and it shows that scene visually on the screen and now the first guy asks the same question again, “Now tell me how many fingers do you see?” to which we see and the guy responds “Eight”. This scene somehow touched my soul at that time and made me realize that it was me who used to see things differently and I am changed like hell. Just got influenced by people coming through my life and I have developed a thing which is not making me be honest. Sometimes I say things which they want to hear. I see things which they want me to see and I almost got away with my way of seeing things in a different way. The thing which made me invincible is gone!!! Why??? Because I didn’t follow my intutions nor my subconscious and flew with the flow.


There was another scene in the same movie where the main character who is a medical student enters the ward of children suffering from cancer the first time and try to make them laugh by being a clown using dynamo bulb(Used by doctors occasionally). He tries to approach things in a different way rather than the traditional way. Wasn’t that me?? Lazy ass?? Fast thinker?? I remembered that while I was working with a communication company and I was favorite in that company not because I used to do any kind of buttering or complaining kind of shit, but because I was one of the fastest person ever that company had. Why fastest??? Because I am lazy and that made me think of the ways to do my job in a shortest way possible to save my time and that made me fast. I memorised (Thank God for giving me a brain which can fit more data than any ordinary person) all the shortest things possible to do my job in shortest possible time. That made people think I am a liability over the company as I do nothing but just sit in my office and do browsing, chit chatting and some shit all the IT people do while they are free (Specially while they are on Job not the one who are having their own company). They were kind of right and I had to show’em that I am much more advanced than the job I am doing. So I started fucking around with the software they have had. An ERP Solution based on Oracle. Earlier(Before me joining that office) they had to call a so called engineer who would visit them and fix, alter, correct anything they wanted with the software and when he(Eng. Majdi, who worked with Barrak International and was from Lebanon) arrived first time everybody in our office was like “OMG!! He is here!!!” I don’t know why I never had that kind of feeling seeing anybody ever in my life. People are just ordinary to me. Nobody ever struck me to say “OMG!!! He/She is here!!!”. I saw that he was doing the things on computer and I was observing and learnt that these are the things I learnt but not the way they were appearing in computer front of me. I just had the basic idea about the thing and I was disappointed with myself and people who used to say that India is the best country in the world for IT. I mean come on. They never taught us to really make a software like that nor did they teach the ways to do things. Second disappointment occured within next five minutes that we were(Indians) way too behind the real things going around in the world(I came to know that day that why we were among the third world country). To my surprise, he did things for half and hour and gave’em the bill of KWD 200 which made my eyes wider in disbelief that “Come on. This is ridiculous.” But thats how the things worked.








For the next few days all I did was postmortum of that particular software and follwed how that worked. After doing that lazily(As it was not more that 2 days job but I was newly having full day access to Internet those days and had so many friends around the world to talk to) for few days I started giving it a try and create a new report(Which was extremly important and was not part of that software) using developer 2000 as the database was already there and I just had to put things in a proper way and fetch values from database(I always love the part where I do things in a shortest way possible and make that appear elegant).Tadaa!!! It was ready and I informed my boss about that(Was expecting a raise but unfortunately.... you know the rest). He was amused and asked me to make few forms and reports as well which I did. I came to learn that our ERP was not a full package and had its limitation as we were like gold member and there were diamond and platinum packages which we didn’t opt for. My next mission was to make people say “OMG!!!! He is here!!!”, Make way for him(Last sentence is too creepy. I know that. Never wanted that to happen).

I did activate complete package along with some alteration which made our software the best in whole country(Its a very small country actually, I get lost in Ahmedabad but not there). Thats how I got rid of Mr. Majdi(Sorry about that. It was not my intention, it was just to prove that I am the best!!!).


Now I was the one and only super star of the company controlling the brain of the company although didn’t get a raise which I had to fight for and finally get that. But as they say success brings you a lot of friends as well as hidden enemies.


“Talluk kaun rakhta hai kisi naakaam se lekin mile jo kamyaabi to saare rishtey bol padte hain

Meri khubi pe rakhte hai Ehle-Zuban khamosh, Mere Ebo ki charcha pe gunge bhi bol padte hain.”


During my entire life(Till the date, short span of life actually) I always got worst hits by hidden enemies, manipulators and back stabbers. Earlier I used to run away from them(I ruin them now but at the right time) and I did the same. I offered my resignation from the company and my boss was not around anymore so the person in-charge(My second worst back stabber and hidden enemy ever) accepted it delightfully.


I had an ocean full of opportunities in front of me and I grabbed one but I always felt that it was not up to the mark. Although I was getting a very low salary but I was living like a King there who would control everything in that company and here with the new company I was not seeing things the way I wanted. But there was one thing which was always with me and that was my confidence. My confidence which made me challenge my first boss during my interview when he asked me that “Why should we hire you???” I instantly replied -”Because you are looking for a job change???” He didn’t get me and said “Excuse me???” I said - “I am sure you are looking for somebody who can be your successor and I guess that is the reason you should hire me”. He smiled as I was a tiny person infront of him at that time with my body under developed and I hadn’t achieve my full height too. He was a giant with around 6’6” height and XXL body.

His final thing was that you are too qualified for this position and we are offering very low salary for this position, I don’t know what to say. Can’t say no, can’t say yes.

I said “OK. Hire me as a peon with salary you are offering and I will make sure to sit in your chair one day.”


I guess he wanted to test me completely as a potential successor(Which was not going to happen ever) and that is the reason he asked me some tricky questions and I answered him the way he asked and I was selected.


So, with new job I was not so happy as I had a person who was assigned as a boss to me and “HE WAS A PAKISTANI”!!!! It was a shame for me and my country (Which was claimed as the TOP IT PEOPLE’S COUNTRY IN THE WORLD). But I had to support family and one day I received call from my old company saying “Mr. Ali wants to see you.”


I knew why he wanted to see me. The reason was simple, I was the brain of the company and company was not functioning well without me. Besides the person in-charge was not qualified to run a vegetable shop successfully and he created a mess in absence of my boss. I came to learn that my boss abused him badly for letting me go and there was an opportunity I could see knocking at my door and I didn’t let it go.


Visited my boss and he asked me about things with new company and payscale and other stuffs. I told him and he said I will give you more along with commission on software you develop. (I didn’t trust the later part but I knew that I will get it some how). I agreed and was back to my palace to live a king’s life.


I am sure that he tought of me as his biggest enemy. As they say it: Keep your friends close but enemies closer. He kept me closer. Nobody ever dared to touch his cars as he was very bad tempered person and would screw the person touching his cars but he took me around with him in his cars. Even cars wouldn’t make me ever say “OMG!!!! This is the car.” As he gifted me Mercedese. I was roaming around with him in his Bantley, Ferrari, Porche, RR you just name it. He had a great collection and the car I purchased first was a BMW 320D. But it’s a fact that I do love cars. He even introduced me to some big guns of the country along with some ministers who all were later good friends of mine and still are.


Only two people had this honour to meet people close to him: “1. Who was getting abused badly everyday(Ashraf). 2. Who never got abused in whole company(Me).”


He asked me for a task which was to develop a software to send bulk SMS for election campaigns and said intentionally “If you can’t do that than let some of your friends in India do that for you.” I said “(WTF in my heart) Ohh, OK. Will see.” Didn’t give that a shit as I knew that I was not goint to get paid extra for doing that. :) . Untill one day when Ashraf came to me and said that Dawood was like he wouldn’t do it in this lifetime. I said tell him to go fuck himself. I won’t do it anyways. Than there was a turning point when he claimed that along with Duaa (Long story, lets not reveal it) he is trying to plant something against you and I was like “WTF, Nobody can do that to me. I am invincible. I don’t remember the date but I remember it was Thursday and next day was holiday. I was panicked and I had a gift(which is not around anymore) not to let anybody have any idea about how panick I am. I took my laptop home and at around 10:00PM I sat to work for the software to send bulk SMS. Everybody knew that it was a job worth atleast 2 months of your life. But I never had anything to do with results, was just doing my job and felt hungry and it was around 4:30AM. My dad came out to check why I was awake and he saw me working. Mom came out too and asked me if I wanted anything to which I replied and said yeah I was feeling hungry without knowing the time and she prepared for me “Badam ka Halwa” which I later came to know that was due to the fact I was having fast of Friday.


They went back to bed and I kept working. I still remember the time was around 6:37AM when I sent message to my boss using the system I had developed within last 8 hours and received a call from my boss at 6:38AM in a sleepy cold voice asking-”Are you kidding me?” I said-”No Sir. Ain’t kidding.” He said-”Send what I say.” I said-”OK” and I did.


“OMFG!!!! Are you serious???? You did it??? I don’t believe it unless I see it!!! Am I dreaming???” He said with excitement.


“No Sir. I am damn serious. I did it. I haven’t sleep whole night and going to sleep now.”


“OK. When you wake up give me a call so I can see demo of that.” He ordered almost.


“Ain’t going to happen today.” I said to myself. But I was excited too as I wanted to enjoy my success and more so ever, I wanted to see that looser who was trying to conspire plot against me, to frame me. So I called him at 4:00PM on Friday and we met in office where I demonstrated software to him and he was almost dancing and informed almost 50 people about that by calling them as that was not the time when most people would use WhatsApp or other messaging applications.


That thing gave me new wings, to fly high, to achieve high, to see my limitless potentials and to dream of being the most powerful person on this earth. Even more powerful than American President.


That was the day, I started thinking of potentials laying within me. I found they had no limits as I was the person who created an application which can send a message to around 1 million people within 3 minutes and 30 seconds which was a record as most of the companies used to take atleast 20 minites to send a single message to 2 million people. It gave me a huge platform. At the same time I worked to improve our ERP solution and made it customized as per our needs and was successfull to develop a software which would track even a small theft from the origin to the destination.


I remember a Friday when one of my colleague was beaten badly by my boss and he called me to find some missing numbers(Postpaid numbers, which were special and that stupid fellow miss-placed them and I was shopping with my parents in Alghanim. I don’t know weather he called me to find those numbers as he was aware that it would take 2 minutes from my end to figure out where they were or if he tried to cover his ass beating a colleague of mine for that mistake). Withing next 10 minutes I was in office and it took less than a minute to figure out the missing numbers and I was having a very angry face as he has beaten my colleague. He realized it and felt sorry and apologized to him and made the driver drop me to Alghanim back but that gave me a feeling that this is not the place where I should be. I started planning my own business and fortunately I came across few people who could help me with that and we were good and successfull at that.


My boss Mr. Ali H A T Al-baghli(May god rest his soul in peace) was a good person, was just a control freak and I learnt a lot from him. He filled a case(False) against me when I left his company and I was arrested and spent 2 nights in jail and was bailed out and eventually won against him in court and was ready to file a defamation suite along with demand of a large amount of sum for my services to the company(which is a law in Kuwait). But unfortunately he passed away on 26 January 2013 and I had to step back and give up my right. Because my intentions were never money but dignity and to teach lesson to the person doing wrong with me. But he was gone. What would I do with money??? I gave up on that.


I remember that I was sleeping that day till 9:00AM due to election campaigns and went to bed early in the morning and my Mom woke me up. I had a feeling awaking that something is wrong as it was unexpected for me that my Mom wakes me up knowing the fact I slept early in morning at around 5:00AM. She said get relaxed first as I have to tell you something and I was like heartbeats went too low. I said - “Whats going on? Tell me first than only I would be able to get relax.” “Mr. Ali Baghli passed away.” - She replied. I couldn’t believe it. It was shocking for me. I sat on the bed and started crying badly almost forgot that he made my life hell. I remembered how he inspired me always, he taught me business actually. I learnt being a control freak from him. He was like - If there was demand of a product and prediction would be to sell 100 pieces of that product easily, he would push and order for 10000 pieces of the same product with a rock bottom purchase price and guess who was his best guy to negotiate with suppliers? It was always me. A to Z I was involved with during my tenure in that company.


I remember, once we ordered turkish coffee machines from Turkey and the vendor(Rifat, who is a good friend of mine now) offered us price 90KWD/piece for 100 pieces. It was my job to negotiate with him and we ordered 10000 pieces of that product @22KWD/piece. It was a learning thing for me. The marketing strategy was simply awsome. He knew that nobody would get it for less than 100KWD if they wanted to order for their own use and yes we had exclusive rights to sell and distribute that product in Middle East region with the order of 10000 pieces. So there was no competitor at all. We fixed a retail price of KWD 80/piece and 65/piece wholesale for the order above 20 pieces. During first week we sold around 3000 pieces at an average price tag of KWD 70/piece and I was relaxed as it was me who was scared like hell to order such a big quantity and that made me realize that we had almost covered our expenses. The following week, price changed to 70/piece retail and 50/piecewholesale. That made us move further and we sold around 2000 pieces within next 2 weeks at an average rate of 58KWD/Piece. Thats where the proffit was flowing and we once again review the prices and sold the whole remaining lot to a company called Alghanim electronics at a price tag of 38KWD/piece. We were clear from that stock within a month with 1.5 times proffit of the investment. We gifted those machines to corporates and VIP people as well. It was hell of an experience for me and I learnt that if you ever want to be a successfull in business go beyond your limits. It works everywhere in life. For example: Gym. A lot of people go over there and burn their calories but few of them get successfull building mucles they want. Reason?? Very simple. They push themselves beyond their limits. He tought me to think of ways in unorthodox styles, to think different & to push myself as hard as I ever could. He made me think and learn to do smart work instead of hard work.

“A labour also does the hard work and pushes his body to extreme in order to achieve his goals, then there is an IT guy(who really is smart, not every IT guy I am talking about) who press few buttons and charge 20 times higher than the labour who do hard work.”


He made me look at the world in a different way, by roaming around an object to create the world view instead of sitting or standing and looking at one side of it and developing a perspective which would be always different than the person standing right beside you or opposite you. The time I spent with him gave me an impression to look at solutions instead of problems, to look at the things by rotating or moving around and have a complete picture in your mind before reaching a conclusion by just looking at it from one side and developing perspective. Every coin has two sides and several edges. It’s not always necessary that something that looks ugly or beautifull from a your point of view is always the right thing. We need to change our point of view in order to look at it correctly.


I thank Mr. Ali Al-Baghli for developing my character, my attitude, my brain, my skills, my visions & my ego as well. I will always remain greatful to him and wish with all my heart that May God have mercey on him and rest his soul in peace.


There was another movie which I was watching the other day, “The Last Word”. Both my quotes are from that movie. The movie is based on a retired lady who is a control freak and wants a writer to write her obituary while she is alive and she finds that there is not a single person living on this earty who likes or admire her. She finds out that in order to have a great obituary she has to have a few elements:

1. Family.

2. Colleague.

3. An expected person who life you have changed.

4. An X-Factor which highlights you.


None of them presents for her and as being a control freak she tries to control that too by changing herself to a person which meets all above mentioned requirements.


These movie somehow touched me. I asked myself that where are you heading to?? You made people do things your way and now you are out of order??? You always had that spark in you to make everything work as you wished. You were a control freak. Thats what your x-boss Late Mr. Ali Baghli always taught you how to make opposite team play for you and enjoy the game. What happened to me was I was playing from their side and they were enjoying game. I guess it’s time to change that.


Few things I learnt during past few days:


1. They say it-”To forgive is bravery and to talk revenge is cowardice.”

Who ever said this was either couldn’t fight his own battles or was too afraid. It’s bullshit. I do count things, keep them in mind and forgive. That’s past actually. I learnt that in order to proceed further you need to revenge so they know their limitations before messing around with you again and people watching that also learn from that not to mess with you. To do that you just need to have patience and strike at right time and strike for every mistake they made.


2. Have patience

Well that I am following now. I went through time where the people I trusted with my life turned against me. I knew that I was right somewhere but it was useless to tell people that I was right. I understood finally that doesn’t matter how hard I try, its not gonna work as there is a supreme power controlling things and I am messing around and I need to let that power do its job and wait for my time to do job.


3. Never trust

You can’t do that. No friends, no family and no colleagues. Respect them but be blunt to say no to few things and be blunt to let them know that you are never going to trust them. If they are not trying to win your trust they should be that way and if they are trying than they should stop that immedietly.


4. Don’t be emotional fool ever

Doesn’t matter how hard they try to get emotional in front of you, take a stand and stick by that. This is India where every second person needs something from you and try to make you a fool to get that using you emotionally. Be firm and tell tham they have to earn instead of beg. Be bold.


5. Never share secrets

I did. I got stabbed, Ruined(Recovered anyways in a better way), hurt & demolished(As per them). I am thankful to God that not a single person on this earth has idea about me more than 10% of who I really am and if with that 10% if they try to ruin me, they must be mistaking. Once broken never repaired kind of attitude you always have to keep.


6. Live your life to fullest

Yes. The way you want it. You do not need to change yourself for anybody in this world. No matter what that person means to you. Just be yourself. If you are rude, be rude. If you are humble, be humble. Never change your personality for any single person in this world. Because if they really care and love you than they will do it just the way you are. 

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