" The Tides " and The " Faded Beauty "

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic
These are poems based on spiritual and practical experience .

Submitted: May 20, 2017

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Submitted: May 20, 2017



Our Mind (Man) is like an ocean and every moment different types of tides are coming. Sometimes we are religious, this is called  the ‘Satogun’period .  When we are engaged in Kama this is called  ‘Rajogun’ and when in  angry mood, this is called ‘Tamogun’ period.  These states are happening to every creature of this world.  These states are coming in such a way that nobody can feel them. Most of our life time is spent in the last two states.



My mind is like an ocean,

In which all the time,

Different types of Tides are coming,

Sometimes I am afraid of my karmas,

And want to devote myself to God,

But soon another tide comes,

And I am totally changed,

My goal to realise myself is disturbed,

I again come in this world,

To do all types of Karmas,

Soon stormy winds come in this ocean,

And I am overpowered by kama,

I indulge myself in it,

And feel that this is the only happiness,

All other happiness, joys and pleasures,

Are nothing before it,

Then again some more stronger tide comes,

And I am too much angry,

I want to teach a lesson to everybody,

The water in this ocean begins to boil,

I am totally blind and can’t see,

What is wrong or right,

Sometimes I think about old age,

When I will be helpless,

Everybody will be feeling me a burden,

And dark clouds of death will be roaring at me,

I have to leave this beautiful world for ever,

When this scene comes to my mind,

I feel totally trembling,

This world looks to me like a dream,

And I want to cut myself off from all worldly affairs,

But again the next tide comes,

And the reality left by the preceding tide on the shore,

Is again swept away to mix it with the same ocean,

And I am again in the same state.


This is a real story of a young girl who was residing in the vicinity where I was living.  Her parents shifted to some other colony.  One day I was going to some place and was waiting for a bus at a bus stop.  Incidentally I saw that girl after some nine or ten years.  I was surprised to see that all her beauty and reddishness of face were nowhere. After coming home in the evening, all my past memories were renewed and I wrote these lines.




The beauty and beautiful things,

Are not permanent in this world,

And come to an end one day or the other,

The attractive things of today,

May be the hatred of tomorrow,

This is reality,

‘Man’ (Mind) is the only judge,

And the decision given today,

May be altered tomorrow,

But beautiful things of the past,

Even being not attractive today,

Give something to us,

And that is realisation of temporary existence of every state


X _____________________X__________________X_________________X



Ten years ago she was in her,

Full youth,

And was not left unnoticed by anybody,

The shining face like a full moon,

On the night of ‘Purnima’,

The cheeks were like red-rose,

And lips like petals,

Of the red lotus blossomed in the morning,

The eyes were full of grace and telling,

The secret story of her youth,

The bosom tightly fenced,

In the sleeveless blouse,

Was like stormy winds of ocean,

Trying to spread themselves beyond the shore,

Movement of each part of the body,

And measured steps were also centre of attraction,

I also used to be lucky,

Having a look at her,

I would say she was a Super Creation of `Brahma’,



But all these were for a short period,

When I saw her standing near me,

I couldn’t believe my eyes,

Alas! all her beauty was no where,

The face which was printed on my heart,

Was totally changed by the tides of time,

The cruel time had snatched away,

Her beauty and graceful youth-face,

The face on seeing,

The heart palpitation used to increase,

Was like that Garden,

For which ‘spring’ was never to come,

She was like that bundle of cloth,

Seen by every body on the shop,

But disliked due to its faded colour.

© Copyright 2018 BD Khanna. All rights reserved.

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