Veni Vidi Vici

Veni Vidi Vici

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Genre: Fantasy



Status: In Progress

Genre: Fantasy



Dueanime - those who run.
Assassins - those who hunt.
Witches - those who protect.
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Dueanime - those who run.
Assassins - those who hunt.
Witches - those who protect.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Encounter

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 20, 2017




Chapter 1: Encounter

Darren Henderson buried his face in his hands, scattering photos of the most recent murder across his desk. It was the third murder in a month, and all of them seemed to be murdered in the worst possible way he’d ever seen in his twenty years of a policeman. The first victim was decapitated, the second had a knife through the head and the victim in the photos in front of Darren was cut into several pieces and thrown in a rubbish bag. One of the joggers around the area had discovered the bag in the morning.

While seemingly different, a nagging feeling told Darren that these murders were connected in some way. There were never any files on the victims, they seemed to have no family, no friends, nothing. A series of murders had started from Brisbane, and then moved down to Sydney. The most recent ones were from there and even though it wasn’t part of Darren’s responsibility he was still in on the case given that once upon a time he had been in the CIA (it was just a simple desk job, but he saw more than any of the homicide detectives here in Australia). It was strange that despite the murderer’s brutal killings they always seemed to drag the body to a less high-profile spot where it wouldn’t be as easy to find. Maybe they’re just sick like that, Darren thought.

He had been the one to find the phone on the latest victim. It was just thankful he had a similar jacket as the victim or else he – along with everyone else – would have missed the little breast pocket inside the jacket lining. Darren jumped when the phone rang suddenly.

“Helloooo Darren,” Gerard voiced down the phone. How a post-mortem examiner who always came in contact with dead bodies could still be so cheerful Darren would never know. “The forensics have finally gotten into the phone and there’s nothing much. It was obviously a back-up phone, no calls and only one message.”

Darren’s stomach dropped. His hopes had been on that phone to provide them with some sort of further evidence so they could go ahead with the investigation.

“But-“ He brightened as soon as Gerard said ‘but’. “The message he sent was to three different people, unfor-“ he cut off and Darren heard some murmured voice on the other end of the line. “I have to go and tend to some business, but I’ll send you everything.”

“Okay excellent! Send me the files,” he hung up the phone. “QUINN! Come in here!” he called to his partner.

When he’d first moved to Melbourne thirteen years ago Darren was surprised to discover that his colleagues and everyone else in their department addressed each other with their first names. Australians were so chilled back and relaxed Darren was surprised everyone didn’t just go to work in their shorts and t-shirts.

“What is it?” the familiar brunette popped her head around his office door. Darren explained what Gerard had said to him. “Thank merciful lord, finally!” she breathed. “Do you know how much information this could have?!”

“I know,” Darren replied.

“Inspector Henderson! Sergeant Blakemore!” a voice called followed by a knock on the office door. It was Samuel Tyler, the youngest recruit on the squad. He took on his job very seriously and because of this he addressed everyone properly. Quinn had long since given up on trying to get him to be more relaxed. “I think I found something. I was going through the old newspaper archives, hoping to find anything that might be remotely similar to these murders and I found something else. That first victim – whoever she may be – was on the headline of the paper.”

“Oh great have you got a name?”

“Her name is Molly Forbes.”

“Molly Forbes… I know that name somewhere…” Quinn frowned. “Wait… was she the girl who basically just disappeared off the face of the earth?” Sam nodded.

“What happened?” Darren asked.

“Molly Forbes. She was sixteen and one night she never returned home, so naturally her parents reported it to the police but then she showed up like the second day after. She said she was sorry she couldn’t stay and then just left. When her parents ran after her out the house she was… gone. After that her mother swore she would see her at the strangest places but no one believed her. Hold on… no this makes no sense. This happened when I was in high school, she was my age but that first victim was a teenager.”

“That’s what’s weird to me too,” Sam said. “But here look at this.” He moved himself into the office and set his laptop down on the desk. “See, that’s the victim on the right side and on the left side’s Molly Forbes. There is no difference, I am quite sure they are the same person.”

“But… that can’t possibly be,” Quinn gave Darren a thoughtful look. A message popped up on Darren’s computer screen for a new email. “Is it from Gerard?” Quinn asked.

Darren checked it. “Yes.”

He clicked opened the email and scanned it as quickly as he could. There wasn’t anything. Quinn who’d been leaning over him to see the computer screen sagged into the chair opposite.

“We’ve been on this case for a month already. How can anyone be so good they leave behind no clues? And when they do it’s bloody useless!”

“Don’t despair Sergeant Blakemore, I don’t think we’re that much of a failure,” said Sam. “Oh, did Mr Johnson write what the text say?”

Oliver scrolled down further to find out the details of the text. There wasn’t really much detail, there was only three words.

They are here.



“Why is it,” Violet began, “that every single supernatural story starts with the main character being bitten at midnight?”

“Um… why do you ask?” her friend Lily asked.

“Haven’t you realized all stories start like that? I’m watching –“

“Oh who even cares?” Khloe jostled over, successfully cutting her off. “You’re at a bloody party and you’re wondering about some TV show you watched.”

“Well I’m sorry I’ve no social skills I can only live in my TV shows and books,” Violet retorted.

Lily and Eleanor exchanged a look only to be broken by Khloe who dragged Eleanor into the crowd. “When we get back Vi, I want to see you two talking to guys.”

“Why?” Violet groaned at the same time as Lily.

In Khloe’s life her top priorities was fashion and boys, sometimes Violet even wondered why Khloe was her friend. She’d always been coming to parties ever since… well ever since everyone else was old enough to come to these. Violet wasn’t proud, but this was her first party ever and she didn’t like it one bit. Having to get out her preferred hoodies and leggings and actually needing to try and make conversation with other people. She and Lily agreed they would just mostly just hover in the background and stick together. Khloe, the social butterfly, was dashing in between groups, talking to everyone. She mostly dragged Eleanor around only because she was too nice to everyone and never said no to any request. Sophie just never even showed up.

Violet supposed each of their social statuses in the school did have something to do with the way everyone looked. She herself had inherited her mother’s jet-black hair and her father’s green eyes so she supposed that could look ‘striking’ – Khloe certainly knew how to accentuate her eyes with eyeliner and mascara. Besides that though, she didn’t have any particular features about her that stood out. Unlike Khloe, who was slim, Violet was much more… curvier and heavier in places. Khloe was blonde and slim and had shocking blue eyes that seemed to cut through people like a razor.

Lily was pretty in a much more delicate way than Khloe. She had luscious red-hair and a soft, sweet smile, it reflected her personality: sweet and quiet. But what not everyone knew was that in front of close friends Lily was absolutely crazy. Eleanor and Sophie were both brown-eyed and brown-haired, Eleanor was so kind to everyone you couldn’t be mean to her even as friends and Sophie just liked to drown herself in homework and books.

The two girls sat down on the couch right next to the punch bowl and watched Khloe glide into the crowd. They had no intention of talking to any guys there. Oh god the horror. Violet’s closest and longest friend was a boy, but going to a school with only girls limited Violet’s chance at meeting other guys, and she was so awkward and embarrassing around them anyway. Besides, at these parties most of them were drunk and only wanted to hook up with girls and that was something Violet did not intend on doing.

“Didn’t Ethan come today?” Lily asked.

“No he went out with Mike and Raymond I think.”

Just saying the names made Violet’s stomach flutter. She had quite a big crush on her twin brother’s friend Michael Hamilton. It was bad she knew, but in her defence, Michael was always so nice to her and she was a teenager. No one knew though, alright her friends probably knew something, but Ethan definitely didn’t know. And her brother knew everything about her.

“I really don’t want to go to school,” Lily complained. “Two months of freedom and solitude and day after tomorrow it’s hell again.”

“So I guess that means you wont be coming to a party again? If that’s the case then you need to get out of your comfort zone and enjoy yourself before year twelve kills you.”

Wherever Khloe came from the girls didn’t ask. She did have a point though, Violet thought. She was never going to get a boyfriend in high school, it was already her last year and she wasn’t even close to getting one (she wasn’t even close to having her first kiss). Maybe she should just get out there for one night before stress levels go high over exams.

The same thing seemed to go through Lily’s mind because she shared a look with Violet and shrugged which said ‘might as well’.

“Alright? We all in?” Khloe demanded. A chant of a half-hearted ‘yes’ went around their little group. “Okay team, let’s split!”

Khloe, you are weird as, Violet thought silently. Lily voiced it out loud, but only received a gleeful smile in return. Violet turned around, hoping to find her childhood best friend Luke. Their mothers had been best friends in uni and so growing up, Violet only remembered playing with Ethan and Luke. Luke was really nice, unlike other teenage boys who were generally so cocky. Because of that Violet was able to be pretty good friends with Luke even when they hit their teenage years where childhood friends usually drift apart. She, Ethan and Luke still hung out everyday because they lived literally opposite each other (cliché right), they were really close and Violet loved them both.

Unfortunately, she couldn’t see Luke’s familiar golden brown hair amongst the crowd, but she knew he was here because he had been the one to ask Khloe to come. He knew Violet didn’t like these kind of things so he hadn’t even bothered asking her, so Violet was glad. Unfortunately, she was friends with Khloe, and since the day Khloe met Luke she was convinced he liked Violet and tried to set them up. Personally, Violet had never even really thought about that kind of stuff. Luke was like her brother and thinking about dating him was just gross, and she was completely sure Luke thought the same way. So, because Khloe was crazy, she forced Violet to come to the party and somehow even Violet’s strict mother agreed to let her come because Luke was coming and their families trusted each other with their lives.

The crowd suddenly parted and started to cheer at someone or something on the floor. Wondering what it could possibly be Violet tried to looked over the shoulders of some people. She was already quite tall and not to mention the heels she was wearing boosted her height even further but she still couldn’t see. So very carefully Violet stepped onto the closest chair she could see. Two boys were breakdancing on the floor. Cringing, she realised it was Luke and his friend Alex Riley.

“Oh god…”

As slowly as she could Violet stepped off the chair but she still lost her balance. She could have righted herself easily if it weren’t for the huge group of people. Instinctively she supported herself on someone’s shoulder.

He turned around, and Violet instantly wished she leaned on anyone but him. He was too hot. He was grinning (probably from the entertainment provided by Luke and Alex) and his brown hair was tousled like he didn’t even bother brushing it this morning.

“Hey, are you okay?” He had an English accent.

“Yeah fine, just lost my balance,” Violet smiled but strongly suspected it looked more like a grimace.

“Don’t worry I would be trying to get away from them as well,” the boy nodded to the other two boys on the floor.

“One of them is my friend, but sometimes I forget how,” Violet said.

The boy laughed, his face lighting up as he did so. There was something about his facial expression before that Violet had a feeling was not complete amusement. Something… dark. Like he was afraid of something. But when the boy started laughing his face complete lit up.

“I like your shirt by the way,” Violet added, gesturing the Rolling Stones logo. “My brother has the same one.”

“Oh thanks. Is he into old rock bands too?

“Yeah. Do you like them?”

“Sometimes I feel like it’s like I lived in their time,” the boy laughed lightly.

“You would get along with my brother.”

The crowd finally broke away and Luke and Alex were receiving slaps on their backs and mock compliments. Someone who Violet recognised as Matt Wilson was pushed into the boy in front of Violet who fell onto her.

“Sorry,” he hastily took a step back.

“It’s fine, not your fault…” They stood around awkwardly, this was generally how conversations ended for Violet. She never knew what else to say. “I’m er… I’m Violet by the way.”


But Violet never got to find out what the boy’s name was because exactly at that time her phone started to ring. I hate these perfect timings, it’s so cliché, Violet thought furiously while she excused herself from him and went to the side to pick up the phone. The music had started up again so it was a little hard to hear what the other line was saying. It was her dad calling her to say he was almost at the house to come and pick her up. Thank goodness because Violet couldn’t stay here any longer.

“And you mother said to go and get Luke too because Sarah asked to pick him up,” her dad yelled down the phone.

“Okay! I’ll see you in two minutes!”

The annoying thing was that Violet’s parents were very protective of her and still insisted on picking her up and didn’t let her go out unless they knew one of her friends were going too. She understood the concern, but it was little embarrassing in front of other people sometimes. She still didn’t know how Khloe convinced her parents to let her come to this party where they knew there would underage drinking (both her parents worked in law) even if Luke came. This party was alright though. The security was really strict and there were even stricter rules surrounding the purchasing of alcohol. It didn’t stop some people, but at least most people were somewhat sobre. Violet went back into the crowd and found Luke standing a few steps away from the boy from before talking to Connor.

She went up to them and tapped Luke on the shoulder. She was glad he was sobre.


“Oh hey Vi, I didn’t see you all night!” Luke gave her a one-armed hug.

“Yeah we didn’t see you at all,” Connor added.

It was a known fact amongst their friends that Luke’s friend Connor had a crush on Violet – because of Violet, Ethan and Luke their three friendship groups were pretty tight, even though the boys went to a different school. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to not like Connor, but she just couldn’t find herself to be attracted to him in that way.

“I’ve been around,” Violet shrugged. “I did see you and your entertaining performance.” Luke grinned sheepishly. “Anyway, my dad called and said that your mum asked him to pick you up too.”

Most times Sarah, Luke’s mother, would also conveniently ask one of Violet’s parents to pick up Luke on the way too. He didn’t mind though, he was very easy-going.

“Okay cool, I’ll just go and say bye to the guys. I’ll meet you at the front.”

Violet nodded while Luke went off, Connor smiled at her before walking off after Luke. Violet turned around and saw the boy from before again. He was looking at her.

“You have to leave now?” She nodded. “Already?”

“My parents are weirdly overprotective. I never caught your name by the way.”

“I’m-“ But Violet didn’t find out once again because quite suddenly the boy went rigid, his shoulders tensed and he dropped his head. “I have to go.”

Wondering what on earth that was about Violet turned around to leave herself. Before she got to the doors she turned around again in the direction where the boy had been, but he was already gone.



Nick kept his head down and hurried to the bathroom, glad no one intercepted him on the way. His breath was becoming shorter and he was beginning to feel the Switch overcome him. Locking the bathroom door behind him Nick hunched over the basin, gasping as he started to lose himself.

“Why? Why do you keep doing this to me?” he asked.

A laugh echoed through his mind but it also escaped his lips unknowingly. “You’re struggle is like my food and my entertainment.” Again it came from Nick’s lips but he had not wanted to say that.

His grip on the basin tightened even further until his knuckles were white. Then the feeling like a knife sliced through his chest that Nick was all too familiar with took over all his other thoughts, consuming himself until he could no longer feel anything.

Someone banged on the bathroom door. “Hey! What the hell! Open the door!”

Nick breathed deeply, he strode over to the door but just as his hands touched the doorknob a shudder went through him. He unlocked the door and as the guy walked in an odd hunger went through him.

No, don’t do this to me, a voice said at the back of his mind but Nick merely ignored the thought and went on to shut the door behind him, locking it once more. The boy looked around.

“Um… Dude what are you doing?”

“You’re looking quite delicious,” Nick said slowly.

“Hey man, I’m flattered and I admit, you’re not bad looking but I’m not interested in guys…” the boy said uncomfortably.

“Oh that’s not what I meant. That’s not what I meant at all…”

He bared his teeth and watched the boy physically shrink back into the basin. Nick laughed, he lived for the fear in people before they knew what was ahead of them. In another blink of an eye Nick had pounced.



It took Luke a while to finally meet Violet and her dad at the front of the house.

“Hi Darren!” he greeted.

Violet was jealous of Luke’s ability to talk to everyone easily and never needing to fight for conversation like she did. Her father nodded and smiled – Luke was so charming everyone loved him – while the two of them clambered in the back. Ethan was sitting in the front seat. He turned around to look at them.

“Hey Luke!” he greeted.

“Hey, how was the game?” So that’s where Ethan went. Of course he went to the game.  

“Great, Hawthorn won!”

Ethan wasn’t a crazy football fan but he went to most of the important games with his friends. Violet tried to take part in the conversation, but the boys were mostly talking about the football match, which she had no interest in so she ended up asking how her dad’s day at work was while he started up the engine.

“Good, good. The usual you-“

Darren didn’t get a chance to finish when they suddenly heard someone yell out the door.


A familiar head of blonde was sprinting towards their car. Luke poked his head out the window when Connor sprinted right past.


Connor didn’t reply, he only continued to run. Luke got out the car and sprinted after him, he was taller than Connor, so his long legs caught up with him in no time. Violet shared a look with Ethan who looked at their dad and also hurried out the car. Connor was gasping and saying a line of incoherent words.

“Dude! What’s going on? You look like you’ve seen a ghost!”

“He was going to kill me, I swear he was.”

“Connor?” Violet asked tentatively, he looked up at her. “Just tell us what’s going on. My dad’s a cop, he can help you.”

“I don’t work with crazy, drunk kids at parties Vi,” her father muttered to her under his breath.

“He’s not drunk dad,” Violet retorted back to him.

“Some guy, I swear he had fangs and he was going to kill me. His eyes were blood red oh my god.”

“Who?” Ethan piped up.

“I don’t know. I never saw him before.”

“What did he look like?”

“Um I dunno. Brown hair, tallish – about your height Luke – had an English accent.”

Violet was suddenly very interested. “Really?”

Connor nodded and Violet frowned. She didn’t get another opportunity to comment any further though because precisely at that time Connor fell onto the ground.

“Woah, Connor, wake up!”

Luke slapped him but Violet’s father squatted down next to them, pulling his hand away and checked for a pulse.

“He’s fine. Probably just from the shock, do you know where he lives Luke?” He nodded. “Alright, we’ll swing by his place and drop him off first.”

Darren and Luke supported Connor under the armpits and practically dragged him to the car.

“What were you going to say?” Ethan asked Violet.

“How do you know I was going to say something?” she asked.

“You’re my twin sister, I always know what you’re thinking.”

“Well it’s just that I think I was talking to that guy at the party, he was really nice.”

“You don’t know someone ‘well’ just after a short conversation at a party. How drunk was Connor?”

“I don’t think he was at all. Maybe he got spiked or something.”

“He’ll be okay. Probably just misread a situation.”

“Yeah you’re probably right.”

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