This poem is about a unique experience that shapes your life as a blessing ever lived to gift the endless joy of your heart for this loving world around. May you simplify those steps every beautiful day you live here. :)

Are you surprised when you know me as your unknown friend?
I have always watched you from the sky above,
Anxiously my life in deeds comes within your lifes gestures,
I accompany you in every thought that ignites your freedom here,
When you question one conciousness of a hearts spirit,
I dont know how you may try to give yourself for pain,
There is a corcodile tears that life come undistanced from the crowd here,
People leave places they visit but some gestures bring back us from where they actually started,
Do you feel there is a lot of such surprises around this home?
You feel someone you never met has a story so beautiful about life over there,
Yet the search for a meaning guides you there,
Did you ever had such a freshness in an unfamiliar place God created from your hardwork?
This is our heaven on the Earth given for Gods creation,
If there is lots of offer in this connection you liberate yourself in a journey,
Do you feel something unforgettable about any place you ever been ?
This desire to contribute in new ways lead you back to me,
I am so early in life when you feel there is something so good about this epic here,
There is a instinct that fortells your story here,
Born from love you lived around the spirit for a day creating ambience in every altitude,
I am leaving back an inspiration your conversation ever had,
Made places your visit stream out a difference in its attitude,
One day when you conquer your lifes last undead mission here,
You look around facing the fire telling a story in your heart for a silence,
An imprisonned soul within a cage will liberate forming my clouds below this heavenly sky,
You will rise out of a suite that will unclothe your temple of our creation,
Here a work you live to do will undone your creation of our vacuum,
This vacuum binds us within following the steam of a service,
I am told to tell you that you will find many milestone of this freedom we contribute our duty here,
I an unknown to recite in your thought how you may enlist our lifelong challenge this desire of a epic might remake,
We started from nothing and I am nothing here,
I dont have voice untill life gives something we can guide like our childrens who will be our stars of a life,
Today we forget the pain of our life when we see them do complex things so simple how helpful may be their time,
Still I am prime mindset of a supreme prayer I answer to accomplish the truth from its blessedness,
My satisfaction may percept this balance of life everywhere to foster with joy and satisfaction,

I am Angel Gabriel in bible for the book of life has loved my sincerity,
I am not hermit whose comfort compiled in your voice as a spectator,
I am born from the fire well-heeled from your livelong struggle of our existence here,
I am everywhere not born and tied-up bearing the name of fate,
I am accessory of your assistance in an assimilation of a event known as life here,
I am hatched being the clever testimony you will make out of this life you are gifted again here,
There is a target and deadline I desire from you,
I dont witness crimes like the riches of a pacifist mandate,
I make you fight to safeguard your fortress here,
This world render from the oblation of a life earned to receive God as your teacher ever guide us within,
Outside rack on your shoulder and ruins on your path set off an order of material obligation in your desire,
I dont say you are wrong but I assent all constituents of lifes stream towards a path we cherish from its start,
I am present here to bring out its upbringing like an angel of our Christmas delight,
May you store every skill to fulfil for an audience on this floor to sell yourself for living here,
Nothing is free here in this life for I am messenger within came from the bearer of this truth,
To tell you I reconcile myself towards this life we are given,
From a sacrifice that inscripted innocence of your guardians given life for this self collected charity,
I am wage earner to restore happiness when you emaciate benevolence in the language of peace gathering its beauty everywhere,
You make me unexceptionable for this meritorious bearer of love when you accustom peacetime in this journey,
I am unoccupied advocate to influence quietist melody of lifes rhythm as this is a stock room of experiences,
You are my concourse from the beginning of existence inviting a challenge I like to lead you ahead,
From a mere dust this form kept back every transcedence of seperation when your infinitude became my interpretor,
I am chasing this unknown dream for your welfare that skim all your dreams that let you not sleep,
One day when this set my revelation grateful for one creation your dream gift a hope for all here,
I wish you tumble all this spirit in a vastness may share a light from our Christmas star,
For our world gave us this connection of faith unswerving for our vividness of all this blessing where we are now,
Let us unveil this needful duty emitting from the source of all souls to guide us ahead,
For I am nothing before you,
Yet you are everything before me,
May this prayer for a hearts wish gift you the most beautiful time for everyday you live here.

Submitted: May 20, 2017

© Copyright 2023 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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Lyca cool

thanks for sharing such a great piece.

Sat, May 20th, 2017 5:11pm


Giving for friendship has made this change. Let me know how time will contribute this beginning for a goodnews here. :)

Sun, May 21st, 2017 12:50am

M.S. Sagar

Good attempt.....try to make it lyrical and poetic. I thought you wouldnt mind my suggestion. Stay blessed. May God give the entire success!

Tue, August 8th, 2017 4:41am

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