Seeing Krystal Clearly

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Submitted: May 20, 2017

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Submitted: May 20, 2017



Mick was not quite sure what might have attracted him to Krystal Dewitt, though when being honest with himself he admitted it might have been his obsession with strange things. There was a sense of novelty in objects that held an air of the archaic and obscure; those awkward little moments in time that caused humanity to stare in awe or cringe. Those objects and historical facts, oddities that caused man to rethink and ponder their understanding of the world around them. Those people that caused society to observe and wonder, taking up their thoughts and conversations, filling them with opinions both nice and nasty, while secretly they wish that they could be as free. Krystal was just such a person; an oddity in every definition of the word when used in a grander sense.

He met her for the first time during his freshman year in highschool, she was in his history class. She was the face of gossip and whispered insults, taunts hidden as cordial smiles and friendly gestures from classmates  as they all laughed behind her back. Mick regrettably was one of the group that did just the same, many of them he was close to, however he  did not laugh, rather as he watched her and admired. She was free unlike those around her.

She did not have many friends, she was never with a large group during paired work or lunch time. No she was more often than not by herself actually. Yet just the same as the sun was sure to rise with the fall of the moon the sight of Krystal would surely be accompanied by a smile upon her face, or the sound of her laughter.

But for all of his intrigue with the girl, he could never find within himself the confidence to speak with her. It was quite clear to him that the only explanation for this feeling within him was that he had a crush on her. Why else would her behavior plague his every thought; her beauty always blessing him with an imaginary visage, stirring within him a memory of her dancing in the courtyard alone during lunch. Her thin arms around her imaginary partner, holding him close, her head held high, eyes closed, her hair, long and silk like a bright dyed yellow sash glistening in the sun as she waltzed. Her thin slender hips unconsciously swaying to the rhythm of a tune unheard to all but her ears. Her skirt offering at least a scant glimpse beneath as she spun around with the coming of a gentle breeze.

“Just go say hi bro” was the stock response that Mick received to his constant “Observing” and he never had any reply. At this point he had spent 2 months not saying a word to the girl whom he found more intoxicating than a brand new novels crisp scent.

“She’s weird”

“What is she doing”

“Maybe she’s slow”

“I bet you wont talk to her”

“What did she say?” and then the mocking laughter that followed; the scripted phrases of the plebeians and sheeple that could not comprehend the concept of a rare flowers grace. But Mick was sure that he could. He saw Krystal as clearly as she could be seen or at least he wanted the chance to try.

It was the end of October, right before Hallow -O- Eves. It was during their history class within which he spent so many days watching this object he found more interesting than the radiance of the northern lights. He sat there as he did for so many days prior, the chatter and clatter of restless students and friendly conversation. And then his teacher Mrs. Oscar made the announcement, pulling the attention of all but the most rambunctious of class clowns. Mrs. Oscar was a dainty Chinese lady, well on in her years, her voice thick with a purely Russian accent that hit stronger than any accent Mick had ever heard and she spoke thusly: “We will be having a group project due at the end of November. I will be pairing each of you in group of 2 and one group of 3” and as the class raised their hands to all ask the same question she quickly interjected “No you cannot choose your own groups”. And then she paired them together.

As if some strange game played by God she was placed with him. As Mrs. Oscar called out the assigned pairs, writing the names on the board in the front of the class. His heart began to throttle the inside of her chest; Mick and Krystal’s names were written on the board side by side. Seeing their names together made his body nearly collapse beneath the weight of the moment. Reflexively he looked to his unrequited crush, inadvertently meeting her jubilant gaze augmented with an overly enthusiastic wave.

Their project was simple, write a 3 page paper on the key turning points in WW2, get a card board and make a time line to present to the class. The project was all pretty cut and dry. The month was actually the greatest of his life. It began with Krystal and Mick meeting up at the library during lunchtime. The walk down to the library was one that caused him more anxiety than any time before then, and his nerves struck him more powerfully as he entered, seeing her sitting there, spinning around in the rolling chair in front of the computer, a Bunnicula book in her hand as she read. He made his way to her, calling out her name and she called for him to stop her as she spun around uncontrolled, he grabbed the back of her chair and inadvertently they locked eyes, her bright green eyes pulling him in. The scent of her perfume reminiscent of a sunrise in an early weekend morning.

“Thank you” she said with a sunny grin and giggle.

“……right…..” he couldn’t bring himself to say more than that. His mind was completely blank in her presence. His nerves attempting to push her away socially, she was a talkative thing, interpersonal to a point that it caused him to fall even harder for her. And she negated any semblance of awkwardness between them.  Their first hour together full of laughter and cheesy jokes. After their first day together he was trapped within her grip indefinitely . Being in such close proximity to her eccentricities and games, so intimately involved he would become engulfed and fall in line with her bombastic self. Eventually she seemed to cling to him it seemed, meeting him in the cafeteria lines during lunch instead of the library and walking him to his classes at the end of lunch. He relished every second and eventually he gave her his number: “Novembers almost over so I guess we should start working on the board outside of school” is what he said. But near immediate they spent most of their time talking about nonsense with one another for hours and the project for maybe 15 minutes.

He was not sure what to make of her in all honesty it seemed impossible to truly understand this girl named Krystal; she took to meeting him every morning at the transfer station once he got off the bus. She wore that bright smile so early at a time in the morning where the sun had not even graced the world with its light. He wanted to know at this point whether her unique personality simply created this illusion in his mind that she might have any type of romantic interest in him. Was he just another classmate who she saw as someone who taunted and teased her incessantly because of her free spirited ways? Would she leave his side after the end of the project, had he finally come so close to her now only to have to go back to watching her from afar?

He refused to revert to the way things were, no not again. Having basked in the glow of her warm angelic light he had become dependent, he knew just how exhilarating she could be. He had to make a move, he needed to. As they sat together, shoulder to shoulder in the middle of the grassy courtyard at lunch, the world around them fading to nothing as they teased and snickered. He forced himself to ask her to the movies after school. It was Friday and they had already made plans to meet up and study together all weekend so it would not be much of a stretch to go to the movies and she answered: “How are we going to study at the movies?”. Mick simply laughed, flicking her nose lightly.

“I’ll see you there” he snickered.

School ended and instead of going to the transfer station they walked to the theatre just a few blocks away. Though on the way there an unforeseen detour took their attention and rendered their trip to the movies non-existent. As they made their way there, they were required to pass a park,  within the park stood a grand oak in the center where two tiny kittens wrestled one another in the shade of the oaks branches.

“Stop!!!” Krystal called out grabbing Micks arms and jerking him close to her. “Look, look, look” she called out excitedly. “We can’t pass this moment up” she cheered. Turning to him, her face radiating pure glee. He turned his face to hide his blush, her face was too close to his, she was so adorable.

“Pass what up?” Mick said clearing his throat.

“Haven’t you ever wanted to dance with a stray cat” she pulled him along, forcing him to go with the flow. For hours, they played with those cats, gaining their trust, petting the kittens, picking them up and swinging them around gently as they waltzed around one another with the baby cats in held close in their arms. He knew he had to have her as more than just what they were now. He could not survive without her in his life. She was all that he could think of, all that mattered to him most days. She was the acoustic cord in a somber romantic tune chimed as the song first began to play. She was his Krystal or at least he wanted her to be.

They passed their project with an “A” but that did not really matter to Mick, at some point he had stopped thinking about the grade, probably when he first saw that she would be his partner. 5 months before that point he had never even said a word to her and now they were inseparable. At Christmas time he bought her a necklace, that she was always googling on her phone, it  had a pendant with the likeness of some anime character she like – Hatsune Miku or something. During valentine’s day she bought him a card and baked him heart shaped cookies, with one largest one reading: I LOVE YOU MICKEY MOUSE. It made him blush and he nearly died when she kissed him on the cheek. But all of that affection that he craved for so long from this very girl came with the down fall of her calling him that stupid ass nickname “Mickey Mouse” whenever they were together. After that they began walking around holding hands with interlocked fingers at some point whenever they were together. During spring break Micks parents went on vacation to Florida and she spent most days and nights there with him alone. Summer was the same when his parents went to Alabama. They played videogames, watched movies on the couch and just enjoyed one another company. She even slept cuddled close to him on the couch when she stayed the night and cooked him breakfast the next morning.

“So then what’s the issue?”  Vernon said most days, during their architect period, one of the few times that Krystal and Mick were not together. Vernon was a friend of Micks who seemed a bit too invested in Mick and Krystal’s relationship as of late “I mean you two are basically making out whenever I see you anyway….so just….ya know do it”. Mick assumed he was referring to Krystal’s new found habit of wrapping her around his shoulders and standing a bit too close while they talked. Being friends with Krystal, adapted Mick to several concepts that he had not expected would be so confusing to him, like holding hands while they were walking together, literally every time they were together, saying “I love you” when she left him, the constant kisses on the cheek and snuggling with him whenever they sat beside one another. Generally, as her friend he had given up his right to personal space, and that was what him caused him so much confusion. Did she act this way with all of her guy friends, or did she like him? Was he special to her? Was she simply a friendly girl? Was a kiss on the cheek equal to a cordial handshake or was she baiting him to offer her more?

It was during a time when he was laying there on his back in him room.  It was a Friday and she had just asked him if he wanted to play Dark souls tonight. They had been texting back and forth before then and she was on his mind obviously that entire time. He told her that he would get online later on and then she texted him: “Luv you Micky mouse” with a little kiss face. Then he felt it build up inside of him; he was pissed……so pissed. He did not know why it manifested itself in him that way but he knew it was because…now was the time. He could not take the indecision anymore. The enigma that was this damn woman that he had tried so hard to understand. But the longer that they were together whatever modicum of an understanding he could build in the mystery of Krystal Dewitt there was a new mystery that revealed itself, that he had to try and figure out.

Fuck it though. From here on out he did not care about understanding this girl anymore it was impossible and honestly no man or woman will ever truly understand one another. He just needed her as his girlfriend.

He called her and asked her to meet him at the park. She agreed without much of an argument and he left, changing out of his pajamas, and leaving into the evening to meet her. The air was moist and warm, this as the night began to take the place of the day, though he could feel the temperature dropping signaling the coming rain. He did not know when rain would come but it did not matter he needed his answer, he needed to know whether she would ever be his girlfriend or not….. either way he just needed to know.

The walk to the park was one more gloomy than filled with romance, though the sun still shone a bit dim the light was still bright enough to see. But he felt as if it mocked him, as if somehow the melancholy gray shine and the slow kiss of the new spring wind were gathering one by one to watch him fail.

Then they finally met, she wore a tight orange hooded sweat shirt, with gray tights and white sneakers. Her hair tied into a bun, as she did most nights. When she saw him her face lit up in excitement. She held her arms out wide, as she always did and wrapped them around his shoulders into a tight embrace, standing just a bit too close as always. By now he felt as if he should be used to the moment by now, her lips just inches from his, so close that with just a simple flex of his mouth he would be kissing her….what a confession that would be. He suddenly realized how she was nearly just as tall as he was, her forehead at eye level to him. He could not take this anymore. He pulled away from her and her felt her attempting to fight him but he was stronger and freed himself

“Krystal” he groaned.

“What’s up Mickey mouse you look pissed”

“No I….Why do you do that?” he couldn’t look her in the face anymore, not if he was going to actually go through with this. She moved over to him, touching his face lightly.

“Do what?” she said moving his eyes to look to her.

“Get so close to me” he said wishing he could move away but secretly wanting the moment when she touched him to last forever. “Do you like me?” he could feel a light mist coming as the rains began make themselves known.

She simply looked to him with a face contorted into a look of confusion, her head cocked to the side “Huh?”

“You know…” his face turning flush red, as an awkward smile formed on his lips. He finally felt he could do this, all he had to do was say the words. “Do you want to be my girlfriend?” he finally said it, he finally got it out. And then he heard her laugh.

It started as a grunt but degenerated into a full blown fit of amused laughter. “Well…..” she folded her lips inward. “This is embarrassing”.

“Wha….why?” he knew the answers, running them through his mind, she’s gay, she has a boyfriend, she just sees him as a friend. She’s an alien that came down from an far of kingdom, on a distant planet, in a distant galaxy in pocket dimension of another universe for the soul purpose of leading him on so that she could embarrass him and break his heart. Confessing was a really bad idea. 

“I thought I already was” she giggles, placing a hand to her mouth, her face turning bright crimson with embarrassment.

Mick backed away from her, his face ugly with befuddlement. “How?”

Still laughing lightly she began: “Do you remember February when we went to the movies” she spoke as if trying to jog his memory. “Then we ate lunch at Mcdonalds. I asked you if you wanted a girlfriend and you said ‘Yeah’. Then you asked me if I wanted a boyfriend and I said ‘yeah’ “.

“I’m sorry was that supposed to prove some type of point?” Mick began.

“C’mon” Krystal began “I wanted a boyfriend, you wanted a girlfriend” she gestured to both of them “We OBVIOUSLY liked each other….I just thought it was self-explanatory”

“But that is so vague…..wait” A sudden realization struck Mick then as he pinch the bridge of his nose in frustration. “That was February it’s April now; it’s been like 2 months”.

“Yeah I’m surprised it took you this long to realize I was your girlfriend actually” Krystal said dismissively, with a  grin on her face.

“No….I…..we haven’t even kissed yet, not even a little….ya know except on the cheek”

“Well I try” Krystal snicker “But you always just stare at me or pull away”

“Yeah true….I was just embarrassed and……” He stopped, refusing to fall into her pace. “No, no that is NOT my fault…..wait that’s not even the point. Why do think I wouldn’t kiss my own girlfriend for 2 months?”

“Some guys are like that” Krystal shrugged

“What kind of guy do you think I am?!”

“I just thought you were shy. I mean do you know just how many months of staring at me it took before you actually talked to me?” she giggled before moving a bit closer to him

“Why would you still be dating me?”

“I thought it was kind of cute” Krystal said. “Plus, I really like”

Mick’s words simply caught in his throat as he heard that, his mind going blank at hearing those words that he had dreamed of hearing for so long. He couldn’t think of anything to say, leaving Krystal an opening to move closer, once again wrapping her arms around him and standing just a bit too close.

“Well then” she said softy. “For your sake let’s just make it official” she grinned. “Micky will you be my boyfriend?”

“Ye….” He cleared his throat. “Hell yeah” it just slipped out nervously and made Krystal laugh just a bit. She placed a kiss on is lips, for the first time and they stood there like that as the sun began to fall further and the rain began to come down.

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