Streets of Fear anthology

Streets of Fear anthology

Status: In Progress

Genre: Horror



Status: In Progress

Genre: Horror



It's the zombie apocalypse!
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It's the zombie apocalypse!

Chapter1 (v.1) - Zombies in the Middle of Nowhere: Chapter one: Just a normal day

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Written by: Sylvermyst

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 21, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 21, 2017



?I live in the middle of nowhere. Ok, maybe that's not completely true, but sometimes it feels like it. I live thirty minutes from town plus there isn't anyone my age around and it's pretty empty back here. I lay back in my orange chair trying to tan with a black bikini on. My auburn hair is sprawled out and my dark green eyes covered by a pair of sunglasses. Somewhere nearby, I'm not really paying attention, a neighbor is working with a blowtorch. I hear my father's radio blaring in his man-cave about something I can't make out. I decide to give up sun tanning because I can't relax with the combination of the radio and blowtorch. I close up the chair and approach the man-cave to put it inside. My father isn't inside, but that is normal because he's probably at one of the neighbor's houses, either Fred's or Chris's. I think for a second about looking for him, but decide against it.

?Instead, I decide to go inside for a cool beverage, but something changes my mind. The radio hosts are talking about an outbreak of some kind. The first thing I think of is zombies, but that's too crazy of an idea. That doesn't happen in real life. I hear a noise behind me and jump.

?"Did I scare you?" says my younger sister, Marie.

?She has long, blonde hair and blue eyes.

?"Yeah, geez for a second I thought..." I say, but stop myself from saying 'You were a zombie'.

?"Thought what?" She says curiously.

"Nothing, but apparently there is some sort of outbreak, well according to the radio anyway."

?"Wouldn't it be cool if it were zombies?"

?"Ugh, no." I say, "I mean that would be A. terrifying, B. scary, and C. pretty sure I wouldn't survive."

?"You'd survive with me by your side, silly." She says.

?"Yeah, yeah." I say. "Let's talk about something else. Better yet, maybe, I should change." I say, looking down at my bikini.

?"Yeah, you definitely should, you know, just in case." She says.

?"Ok." I say, rolling my eyes.

?The likelihood of zombies actually happening is very slim. I go into the house and head to my room to change. I put on a short sleeve, blue shirt and a pair of blue jeans. I also grab my backpack to carry it outside. I might decide to write or something and my boyfriend is planning to come over soon. I look at the clock and see the time is 11:30 a.m. He would be over soon. I smile at that thought. I head back outdoors. I hear only the noise of the radio, the blowtorch must have been turned off. That's odd, was what I thought at first, but maybe he's taking a break. Then, I hear a noise of a struggle

"What could that be?" I say.

?"Myst, you might not want to know." says Marie, coming to me.

?"Oh, why would that be?" I say.

?"Because, one of our neighbors is being attacked by a zombie."

?She sees that I'm about to scream out and covers my mouth.

?"Be quiet, or we'll be killed!" She says.

"Marie, please tell me you are kidding." I say quietly.

?"I wish I were..."

?She points out the struggle to me and we see a tall, black man and a person we've never seen. The tall, black man is my neighbor, Fred. He's struggling against the stranger/zombie. The zombie is missing an arm and seems to be decomposing. He is trying to bite Fred.

?"We've got to help him somehow." I say.

?I run up and grab his blowtorch that he had been previously using. Not knowing how to use it, I just bash it into the zombie's head. Marie has a stick in her hand and stabs him in his head. The man stops moving.

?"Thanks," says Fred. "for your quick thinking, girls."

"No problem." We both say. "Could you help us find our parents, because if there is one zombie...there is sure to be more."

"Ugh, um, here's this back." I say, uncomfortable with holding the heavy, fire breathing machine.

"Thank you," he says. "of course, and let's try to find my wife and child."

I look in our yard and spot my wooden baseball bat and run to get it. 

"This is more my speed." I say. "Now, let's find our families. I say, trying to be confident. "and anyone else." 

© Copyright 2017 C. A Sechler. All rights reserved.


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