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it was a normal day, then. the sun set.

Submitted: May 20, 2017

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Submitted: May 20, 2017



“He sat, watching from the bushes.”

“Mommy!” Came the her squeaky voice as she bounced down the stairs and around the corner, her golden curls and green eyes bouncing along with every step. “I’m hungry,” she whined, her mother of long blonde hair and blue eyes. Smiled down at her and handed her some cut apples and peanut butter.

“Scribbling fills the silence.”

It’s 10:00A.M. The mother pulled out a pitcher of iced tea, after pouring herself a glass she sets the pitcher back into the fridge, sitting. At the kitchen table, she watches with a gentle smile as her daughter eats her snack and plays with invisible friends.

“He fixes his glasses as he continues.”

The phone rings, the woman gets up to answer. She laughs into the phone, her face creased from laughter and concern. She takes the phone a sits back at the kitchen table, openly enjoying a conversation, as she watches her daughter. Her entire face softens.

“A snap fills the silence of the bushes.”

She stands, taking the bowl from the floor of where her daughter is she walks into the kitchen and sets it into the sink. It’s now 11:00 A.M. She prepares lunch.

“He broke his pen. He pulls out another.”

It’s 12:00 now, she calls her daughter to the table, to eat lunch. They sit the daughter babbling about various different inconsistencies. She stands and walks to the sink to rinse out her glass, the daughter asks her a question, she turns around, a shocked expression on her face. A smile creases it’s way into her face as she answers.

“It is only past noon. It is still too early.”

It’s 1:10, she comes down the stairs from laying her daughter down for a nap. She turns the news on on the TV, she sips a glass of something red. She looks at the phone, the out the window and she sighs.

“A snap. He breaks his pen again. His eagerness getting the best of him.”

It‘s 2:30, her daughter just woke up, the woman stands in the kitchen, doing dishes and cleaning the counter, again. Her daughter watching TV. 

“The man stands. His time has finally come. She will be with him. It is Sunset”
She moves to watch TV with her daughter, a hand appears around her face and torso, she turns into the face of the man holding her, the last words she speaks. “You!?”

“The man slashed her throat and watched her, as she slowly choked on the blood oozing from her neck, onto the carpet, and down into her lungs. And died, staring at the man.”

The little girl watches with innocent curiosity, the big man reaches to her. She looks at his hand. She runs and grabs her favorite Stuffed animal and comes back and takes his hand.

“The man reached out his hand. The little girl stuffed animal in hand, took it. He took her away.”

“Together, we disappeared.”

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