The Vermin Remover

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The King has a fear of vermin, so he needs a vermin remover. Hmm, what is this all about? --- A true flash fiction in the shortest of terms.

Submitted: May 20, 2017

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Submitted: May 20, 2017



"Sire, --- the King summons you!"

"Again, what is it this time Captain?"

"A spider, Sire, it is on a wall in his bed chamber. I believe he said that it is hairy and very large."

"Oh, very well."

The two men exit the room and begin walking down a long hallway.

"Being the King's vermin remover has its downside, Sire, and late night retrievals might be counted among them. Don't you think?"

"True, that is very true Captain, and I really do not mean to complain. After all, I am well provided for; I have a place in the castle to sleep and good food.

Also, I get to travel. Wherever the King goes, I go. That is wonderful."

"It is unfortunate that the King has these phobias, but in a way it is fortunate for you Sire, employment wise."

"Very true Captain, so very true."

The Captain of the guard raps lightly on the door to the King's bed chamber; and is told to enter.


"My King, how may I help you this evening?"

"It is a Monster of a Spider and it is over there on that wall! It just sits there and stares at me, take it away, take it away!

"Yes my King, but you should leave the room as I gather it up, least it scurry across the ceiling and drop on you. 

"Oh yes, that is an excellent idea. --- Captain!"

"Yes my King?"

"Escort me to the kitchen; I require a snack while the beast is removed.

"Yes my King," the Captain replied as he held the door for the King's exit.




"Alone at last.

Now come to Daddy, little one. You have done an excellent job in the King's chamber tonight and I will reward you with a tasty treat.

Yes, you get the day off tomorrow, mousey will be on duty.

Come, come, we do not want to keep the King waiting too long; he might decide to replace us.



D. Thurmond / JEF --- 05-19-2017

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