Aliens in Our Hash Pipes: A True Love Story

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Just a quick nugget of a tale, idk

Submitted: May 20, 2017

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Submitted: May 20, 2017



This is the story of an alien named Grant who came from the planet Mars to spend time at the river smoking dope and chatting with Dwayne...anywho, lets go back, back to that day...

A couple of humans decided to go down to the river one day and they discovered what they assumed was a human at the time who went by the name of Grant, who asked if they wanted to smoke a joint, and naturally they decided it would be a fantastic idea to smoke marijuana with some random old man that they didn't even know, like what...the...fuck...anywho, one of the humans decided it would be a swell idea to introduce Grant to a fellow by the name of Dwayne. A few days later they came back to the river with Dwayne, and wouldn't you know it, Grant was sitting right there and the first words to come out of his mouth just so happened to be Dwayne's favorite phrase, "Wanna smoke a joint?" Now, naturally being the massive stoner that he is Dwayne immediately said yes without a moments hesitation. Many days later Dwayne went back to the spot at the river where he met Grant in hopes that he would be there to provide him with more free weed, and wouldn't you know it, he just so happened to be there and naturally asked Dwayne if he wanted to smoke a joint and that was the moment that truly sparked their love for each other, after that day they became inseparable.

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