Pendleton Queen park (Newer version)

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Three sister who run a park restaurant get visited by a giant bee creature.

Submitted: May 20, 2017

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Submitted: May 20, 2017



Pendleton Queen park



Pendleton Queens park (P.Q.P) is a 64- ark public park with pine trees (rotten), lakes (also rotten), and fields (the vilest of fields). If you were to visit the park, as I would strongly recommend you do, one of the first things you would probably noticed is the park rules written in blood red upon a white and green rectangle. The rules of the park go as follows:

1). No Swimming (the lake is filthy)

2). No Alcoholic Beverages (just playing! we welcome you to get crazy drunk)

3). Dog must be on leash (just playing. We don’t really care)

4). Don’t throw your trash onto the ground or lake (You can ignore this rule)

5). No Skateboarding (trust us you can’t anyway)

6). No Firearms (you might shoot yourself. On second thought bring it anyway.)

7). No Threating the Wildlife (you can also ignore this rule)

Once you familiarized yourself with the disgusting rules, you walk, or must likely drive, a short distance into the park. Almost immediately you notice a restaurant standing a small distance away from the parking lot. The restaurant was square in shape, small in size, one man standing on another man’s head would be the perfect reference for how tall it stood, and light-brown in color with a wooden awning covering the entire front entrance of the building. The restaurant’s name ‘The park feast’ was written in huge white strokes upon a small black board standing on the right side of the building. Clearly to you, the restaurant wasn’t taking part in whatever evil prank Satan was playing on the rest of the park, for it wasn’t covered in trash like the rest of the it. Instead, if you had taken it and stuck it into another more well-kept park, the restaurant would have fitted into it like a restaurant in a nice dream or in the woods of a beautifully described fairy-tail. That wasn’t the case for this restaurant, for it stuck out from the trash around it not like a sore thumb but more like an elephant in your mom’s closet.

If you were to walk into the restaurant you would probably notice a young, light skinned girl named Airi. If by any chance, you get the curious enough about the management of the restaurant to ask, “Who oversees this restaurant?” She would probably reply, “I do. Can I help you?”  Once you order your food, you would be told to take a seat somewhere inside of the restaurant. “Your food will be ready in a minute.” Airi would say to you.

After waiting somewhere around ten minutes, depending on what you order or whether the restaurant is busy, you would either be served by one of Airi’s two younger sister. If Aaliyah served you, you would probably have a good dining experience: you wouldn’t be pressured to leave a big tip. However, if you are served by the youngest of the girls, Destiny, you would be pressured greatly by the more straight forward and aggressive little sister. if you take the time to compare the two sisters to their older sister, you would notice some similarity’s and some differences. The first difference is the skin tone: Airi was much lighter than both her sisters. Also, she had beautiful brown eyes while both her sisters had plain dark eyes. The similarities aren’t so easy to pick out. The only thing you knew for sure was that they shared the same dark hair color. Even though Airi looked very different from the other two, you could still tell they were all real sisters.

The story I’m about to relate to you (the reader) is how the extraordinary was interjected into the ordinary lives of the siblings, if you could call their live ordinary even before this great event.

It all began on what should have been a very normal day for the three siblings. They were taking orders and serving their customers, like always, when suddenly a strange looking girl entered the building. The strange girl had smooth, dark skin, ears that came to a sharp point, dark eye balls with blue iris’s and a huge brown afro that hid two antennas protruding from out of her head. Attire wise, she wore a fluffy white cotton scarf around her neck, her chest and waist areas was covered in yellow cotton that formed like underwear around her, cotton formed like stripes down her legs and she wore white cotton bracelet around her wrists and ankles. She was slightly taller than Destiny but also equally as chubby.

“This place is my new hive!” Shouted the bee girl, “so everybody get up and leave at once.”

The entire building went silent.

“Who is that?” Aaliyah asked Airi.

“I don’t know, probably someone child cosplaying.” Airi replied.

“I swear people need to take better care of their kids,” said Aaliyah

“I’m no one’s kid!” replied the Bee.

Walking towards the bee, Aaliyah asked her if she had lost her family.

“That’s none of your business!” she replied, as her cheeks started to appear pinkish. “I’m here to conquer this place and make it my new hive.”

Turning her attention to her elder sister, who was behind the counter, Aaliyah said, “I remember when Destiny use to role play as a bear trying to find some honey.”

“Yes, I remember that,” said Airi while giggling.

Overcome with the feeling of embarrassment, Destiny quickly denied ever pretending to be a bear on the hunt for honey.

Aaliyah continued to mock Destiny, “I remember she use to wear a bear costume whenever she went to bed.”

Destiny became so angry at Aaliyah’s comment that she tried to wrestle Aaliyah to the ground, however, she wasn’t strong enough to do so.

“I’m going to see if I can find her parent,” said Aaliyah, “y’all two hold it down until I get back, ok?”

Airi gave Aaliyah the go ahead.

“Follow me,” said Aaliyah. She then preceded to lead the bee down the restaurants lain towards the street.

“Ok bee girl, what your name? you better not say bee girl or I’ll slap you,” Said Aaliyah.

“My names Byzantine of Hive C-11”

“Byzantine,” said Aaliyah, “That’s a cute name.”

“Thank you,” said Byzantine.

“What does Hive C-11 mean?”

“It’s the Hive I”- Byzantine remembered she had been kicked out- “use to belong to.”

“What do you mean use to?”

“I was kicked out… again.” Said Byzantine, as her voice waned.

“Sorry to hear that.”

“I’m making my own Hive so it’s all right!” Said Byzantine, cheerfully.

“I’m Glad to hear that. May I ask where are your parents?”

“My mother is back at my old Hive. Didn’t you hear me when I said I was kicked out”

“Your mom let you get kicked out of your house?”

“Of course, she kicked me out. who else has that right except her?

“How about your father, where is he?”

“I never knew him.”

“So how did you get here?”

“I flew here.”

“Really… you flew here. I’m not believing that.”

“I did fly here.”

“You’re clearly a deranged kid who’s pretending to be a bee to escape the reality of your home life.”

“If you don’t stop making fun of me I’ll sting you!” Shouted Byzantine.

“With what stinger?” Asked Aaliyah.

Aaliyah had a smirk on her face as she watched Byzantine lift her left arm towards her. However, her conceited smile turned upside down and dumbfounded when she saw numerous spikes sprang up from all around her hand ending at her wrist.

“So, are you going to give up your place peacefully or am I going to have to take it from you?” Asked Byzantine.

“You can have!” Shouted Aaliyah.

“Good,” said Byzantine. She then began moving the wings on her back as fast as she could. In a few seconds of her wings flapping, Byzantine feet was no long on the ground. Byzantine, not so sudden, departure from the ground caused Aaliyah to fall backwards on to the ground in shock and further surprise.

“How are you doing that?!” Aaliyah shouted in further fear.

“If you were a bee all you would have to do is flap your wings.”

“How do you get your wings to move? I thought they were just made of plastic.” Said Aaliyah, as she stared at Byzantine wings going up and down at a high speed.”

“They’re not plastic. I was born with my wings like any other bee.” Said Byzantine.

Wanting to feel Byzantine wings, Aaliyah stretched out her arm towards Byzantine wings. However, Byzantine moved out of her reach before she could do so, buzzing as she did so.

“Don’t try to touch my wings human! Buzzzzz-buzzzzz” shouted Byzantine.

“Wow, how did you make that buzzing sound?” asked Aaliyah.

“All bees have that ability, human. Why are you so stupid?”

Aaliyah didn’t answer Byzantine question. She just stared aimlessly at Byzantine wings

Getting tired of all the questions Aaliyah was asking, Byzantine flew back inside the restaurant. “everyone get out of my new hive or I’ll sting you with my stingers!” At first no one moved, however, that all changed when she showed them the stingers coming out of her hands.

When all the costumers had left, Byzantine focused her threats on the one person who was still there: Airi.

“Why haven’t you left yet!?”

“I can’t leave, I’m in charge of this restaurant,” said Airi, nervously.

Byzantine Pointed her hand full of spikes towards Airi as she came closer to the counter, Byzantine replied, “I don’t care who put you in charge. If you don’t leave now I’ll kill you with my stingers.”

Airi quickly replied, “Would you let us stay here if I gave you some honey?”

Byzantine quickly detracted her stingers back into her hands, put both hands on the counter and yelled joyfully, “Of course I would! Do you have any honey? If you do, give it to me”

Airi began opening a jar of honey she had gotten from underneath the counter. She then grabbed a spoon, scoped up a large amount of honey from the jar and held it out for Byzantine to eat.

Byzantine wasted no time in accepting the bait: within seconds the part of the spoon with honey on it was inside of her mouth.

“Let’s make a deal Byzantine,” whispered Airi, “If you let us stay here, we will pay you with honey. Do we have a deal?”

Spoon still in her mouth, Byzantine nodded her head in agreement.

Turning her attention to her Two sisters who was still standing outside of the restaurant, Airi shouted “We have a new employee girls,”

“What!!!” Yelled both sisters.

“She can’t work here” Said Aaliyah.

“Why not?”

“Because she’s a monster. What could she possible do around here?”

“She can be our mascot.”

“You want her to be our mascot?”

“Yes, I want her to be our restaurants mascot.”

The two girls continued to argue with their older sister over her decision, however, they couldn’t get her to change her mind. Airi went full steam ahead with her ideas: She changed the restaurant name from ‘The park feast’ to ‘Byzantine’, made the menu’s bee themed, made shirts with Byzantine name on them for her and her sisters to wear and posted Byzantine in front of the restaurant door to attract customers.

Airi plans worked out even better than she thought it would. In a short amount of time, it wasn’t the park that threw customers to the restaurant, now the opposite was true, it was the restaurant that threw the people to the park. New and old customers poured into the park every week just to get closer to the restaurant, and soon the park, mascot.

Byzantine wasn’t bothered much by the crowd that surrounded her, for she was protected by a sign that read ‘Do not touch the bee’ in yellow and black words. Also, she was always too busy eating the jar of honey Airi gave her to mine the people around her too much. If you of the customers did ignore the sign and tried to touch her, Byzantine would make a loud buzzing sound that would scare them off.

As for Airi’s two younger siblings, they soon began praising their older sister.

“Wow, Airi you were right Byzantine is a great mascot!” Shouted Aaliyah.

“We have way more customers thanks to your idea!” Shouted Destiny.

“We shouldn’t have doubted you. Of course, you know what you’re doing.”

“I never doubted her in the first place.”

“Stop lying, Destiny. You were just as scared of Byzantine as I was.”

Destiny denied ever fearing Byzantine and she mocked Aaliyah for being the one who was scared.

Airi hugged both her younger sisters, “let’s not fight over it. Let just enjoy the extra money that were making for charity.”

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