The problem with Airi (Revised)

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The owner of Pendleton Queen Park comes into the Byzantine restaurant in order to complain to Airi about the review she gave to the newspaper about the park. However, he conversation goes into a more darker subject.

Submitted: May 20, 2017

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Submitted: May 20, 2017



The problem



(Please read 'Pendleton Queen Park' in order to get more details about the characters. You can also check out the other stories that feature these characters: Byzantine, Destiny, P.Q.P screw modesty and Scaredy bee)


One day, While Airi was behind the counter of her restaurant, the owner of the park, a Mr. Stan Buttlick, showed up. He had that week’s newspaper held tightly in his left hand. His state of mind showed thru his facial expression: his teeth were clenched, eyes brows arched downwards causing winkles to appear above the bridge of his nose and eyes fixed on their target like a wild animal stalking it injured prey.  He walked toward Airi in huge strides.

“What’s your problem, Airi?” Mr. Buttlick asked angrily.

“What do you mean?”

“You wrote an article on this park for the local newspaper!?” Stanly yelled to Airi while slamming the newspaper on the counter.

“Yes sir, I did write a article. It was published in this week’s newspapers.”

(Angrily) “You sure did publish an article in this week’s newspaper. However, it’s what you wrote that makes me so angry. Here, let me read the first part of your article.” Holding up the newspaper article between himself and Airi, this is what he read:

‘Pendleton Queen Park is a Godless, run down and vile park. The creatures that call this vile place their home is as vile and cruel as the place they live in. The people who visit this place are no better. They are irresponsible and don’t pick-up their litter. It seems like this place is destined to one day be an un-inhabitable dumping ground for all the worlds trash.’

“You see Airi? That was great stuff you started with. I especially like the phrasing, ‘dumping ground for all the worlds trash.’ Because that is exactly how I envision the park’s future. However, you just had to mess it up with your second half:

‘However, I believe Pendleton Queen Park can be saved from such a fate as that.”

(Angrily) “No it cannot!”

“Sir, I have hope for P.Q.P.”

“How can you? Nothing in the world can save this place from the dark future it heading towards, nothing!” The owner said passionately.

“That’s not true, sir. The effort I put into cleaning this place up- “

“I know all about your efforts. You said it in your article. I think it’s in the third paragraph and it reads:

 “Every Sunday when the park is closed my two sisters, Byzantine and I visit Pendleton Queen Park to clean it up as best we can. We use to use equipment that wasn’t very affective but now that Byzantine has brought us so many customers, which means extra cash, we now have better equipment to clean the park with. Also, we began hiring worker, mostly teenagers, to help us clean up the park.”

“How dare you try to clean this place up! Do you not have any respect for the environment?”

“Sir, I have all the respect for the environment, that’s why I work so hard to clean this place up.”

“Ever since I took over this park, Airi, you and your family have been a pain in my side. I got rid of your parents don’t think I can’t do the same to you or your sisters.”

“What have you done with my parents!” Shouted Airi.

“Don’t worry Airi because soon enough you will share in their fate if you don’t start lining up with my vision of how this park should be run.”

Airi didn’t respond. She didn’t know where her parent went off to, however, she always thought that Mr. Stanly Buttlick had something to do with it.

“Do you understand Airi,” Whispered Mr. Buttlick.

Airi nodded her head.

“Well act like it. From now own I don’t won’t to see your restaurant looking nice, like gods you janitor. Also, wear slutier clothing. Our visitors always complain that you wear decent clothing, it just won’t do the job at this slutty, run down park. If you can’t play the part leave this place and head to another park.”

“But I grew up in this park with my grandparents.”

Mr. Stanly yelled at the top of his voice, “I don’t care about your grandparents! I killed both of them, so I don’t have to think about them ever again.

Everybody in the restaurant turned their head and attention towards Mr. Stanly. Their eyes were large and fixed on Stanley.

“You killed my grandparents?!” Shouted Destiny.

“You monster, someone get the cops!” Yelled Aaliyah.

Wanting to soften the horror of what he shouted just a few seconds ago, Mr. Buttlick said, “Don’t worry everybody. I killed them with kindness.”

Everybody, except Airi and her two sisters, were pleased with how Stanly said he killed Airi’s grandparents. To them the act of killing wasn’t wrong, it was the way you did it that they pretend to show interest in. However, they resumed eating like nothing bad was ever even said.

Mr. Stanly Buttlick then turned and exited the restaurant, fully satisfied about how his conversation with Airi went. However, he didn’t go beyond the restaurants door, for He, for no reason at all other than his own stupidity, spit on Byzantine. He then walked down the lane heading towards the park street.

Byzantine didn’t let Stanly get away with the disrespect he showed her. She extended her stingers that were inside her hand and persuade the park owner. She caught up with him before reached the end of the lane and stab him in the back with her 15inch stingers. Mr. Buttlick let out a loud cry before falling on his stomach.

Everybody inside and around the Byzantine restaurant quickly ran outside where the scream came from. it wasn’t hard for them, as stupid as they are, to put two and two together and concluded that Byzantine had stabbed the park owner in his back. “That creature murdered the park owner!” One of the bystander yelled out.

“Yes, she did kill him,” said Airi, “However, you must understand that she did it with kindness.”

The crowd, upon hearing Airi defense of Byzantine, were no longer angry over what Byzantine had done.

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