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Submitted: May 20, 2017

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Submitted: May 20, 2017





Sadness bears down upon me

Like waves battling within the open sea

I’m struggling to stay above, fighting not to go under

‘Sink or swim’ it whispers

It tempts me with its soft voice

Lulls me into a false security

‘Come’ it murmurs

‘Just stop struggling’

‘You’ve had enough’

‘You’re just not that strong’

‘No one cares’ it taunts

I close my eyes

Oh I try not to listen

But truth is what it speaks

The words that it weaves

Open the hidden wounds I’ve tried to hide

I take a breath and try so very hard not to cry

There’s a crack in my defenses

It tries to get through

Once again it attempts to lure me in

Its voice tender as if it caresses my cheek

‘I love you’ it coos

‘I will never leave you’ it promises

My barricades crack even more

I so want to believe

Even though I know they are just empty words

Seeds of doubt spring forth

Pushing me closer to its side

Would it just be easier leaving?

It’s not like I’ll be missed

No one cares

‘So true’ it agrees

They always go

Leaving me cold and alone

‘Forever and ever’ it points out

What’s the point of struggling?

Does it really matter?

‘Not anymore.’ It voices understandingly

It has begun to seep through my crumbling defenses

I know this and so does it

‘Follow me under’ it wishes

‘Your pain will be over’ it purrs

This time it’s harder to resist

My arms cease in the struggle

Slowly I begin to descend

Inch by inch

Lower and lower I go

The end has finally come

One last breath before I’m undone

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