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Submitted: May 20, 2017

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Submitted: May 20, 2017




The way he rushed in created fear in me. I became startled and tried to abscond. I wasn’t sure if it was of is scary face or the way he bumped in. I had to look at the face hidden behind the curtain. His face was covered was scattered hairs across his cheeks. He was fully covered with blood. As a sensible person, I sensed he needs help…I stretched my hand to help but he objected. He was already far away…already travelled to the eternal world. Any other help would cause more pain to him. A thought came to my mind if I lessen his pain by killing him.
“No” I thought “that would be a murder…and anesthesia which is morally wrong”
“Brother” he said with a passionately tone and breathing heavily. He dipped his right inside the inner pocket of his coat. He brought a package…maybe I should call it gift or present because it looked like one.
“Brother” he repeated the lovely word again “Take this package, make sure you protect it with your life…it worth it” he swallowed his saliva…before he could continue, my door was widely opened, I looked at the door and saw armed men pointing their rifles at us.
“Brother” he shouted…holding me very tight “run…run”.
He pushed me as I jumped through the window and I heard the bang bang as I landed with my two foots.  My sense told me to looked back to the above…I wasn’t sure if it was to ascertain if the man is dead. Immediately an armed man pulled the trigger. It pierced through my right shoulder…blood splashed on the PACKAGE. I started running to an endless point. I forgot to know where I was heading to. I don’t know what the package is…I don’t know…I don’t know anything. I knew they were following steadily. I kept running…I had to keep more paces. I bumped into the market. I am now with the people. I let go of the tension and build confidence in the people. I felt the people would protect me.
“Stop there” a voice from behind said…I turned backward. I was already surrounded. They were all pointing their rifles at me.
“So I was playing hide and seek with policemen” I thought “now I know what the package is…now I know why they were after the dead-man...Now I remember who the old man was…” he was the well-known prominent scholar. The brutal treatment they gave him disfigured his face which made him unrecognizable.
I looked left and right to the now watching market people. I called for help but they rejected me. Instead they showed their scornful face. I immediately sensed they were NOT part of us. They will never support me. They will never assist me. And I raised the package and said
“We are humans, we are Muslims and we are n…” their bullets pierced my body because I could finish our favourite line. It looked as if my chest was opened for rain to fall inside it. The boom boom sound was halted…and the bullets enter my body no more. I deduced they ceased firing and they are gone. And I completed my statement
“…and we are not terrorists” I repeated it many times as I lay on the floor.
The “watching-market people” came to where I laid. I thought they wanted to help me or at least would give me a proper burial. I could feel their legs above my head and on my body I felt their SALIVAS. They were spitting on my body. They started chanting the unwanted melody
“Bloody terrorists” they were chanting as I was vomiting blood.

I lay on the floor for many minutes…breathing heavily…waiting for the arrival of death. The market became empty. Individuals had returned to their homes. The day refused to end…death refused to show his face…pain over pain. I noticed some movement . I raised my head and looked up a little bit as my body could carry me. It was a young boy…looked like fifteen year old boy. He looked at me with his pitiful round eyeballs and squat above my top head. His pitiful face convinced me to trust him and I gave him the PACKAGE. He stretched his hands to receive the book and I delivered the same line to him
 “Boy” I sober…tears streamed down to my cheeks causing commotion with my mucus and my vomited blood. “Take this package, make sure you protect it with your life…it worth it” I swallowed my saliva. The boy unwrapped the package and behold it was the Qur’an…the message of God.

“Boy” I shouted…holding him very tight “pass this message to humans…that we are also humans, we are Muslims and we are not terrorists”

…and I died…journey to the underground world…


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