Friends, Family, and Fortune

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Don't take for granted the life you've been blessed with

Submitted: May 20, 2017

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Submitted: May 20, 2017



We both know the truth. The facts behind the reasons we would rather save most of our energy for the time we can spend together. The time used to make memorable moments worth hanging up and posting on our walls. Those walls will aide in telling the history we made throughout this wonderful life we shared together. Moments of barely being able to resist chuckling at the endless jokes I've shared with you are the moments I wish will lasts forever. The one question that paints a different picture in the back of my head every time you mention it, "Eric, will you stay with me forever?", as I simply reply "No, even longer because that's not long enough". Only thinking about the better future we always had to look forward to made problems coming from the outside world pass us by. Meeting someone that has opened their mind to exploring the universe just as I have has helped me to stay in the clear lane, as we glide through this trip we call life in our custom spaceships perfectly suited for us individually. Though judgement day scared us, but we grown past that theory as we have figured that judgement day takes place at the end of each day before we lay down to rest in our temples. What we have done that day will play back to us in our dreams helping us see the mistakes and blessings we made for ourselves and the people around us.

Before we even got to say our first greetings, it felt like we've known each other long before we had even seen that morning's sunshine. We certain individuals like this that seem to complete us as we all become scattered pieces of a puzzle surely coming together as time passes through us. Here we stand hand in hand, side by side, working towards the amazing fun filled connection we currently share between us and others around us. Our maturity determines the streams we'll travel, but something we managed to keep in mind is that though pur paths split at some point there will always be times where we will merge onto the same stream together. Distance has never detoured our minds from the fact that I'm always there with you forever in your heart. I used to cry alone some nights concerning people leaving me on a long gone journey without notice as to why I couldn't join. People don't miss the water until the well runs dry, but the life we have been granted will not be taken for granted because of our passion for living a happy together. I'm thankful to have been blessed with a friend like you. People like you have inspired me to express views of my life to others around the world, so they can widen their perspectives on their own life before they sleep. The sweetest things come from those fulfilling their passions to create forms of amazing artwork that expresses their love for you. Such creativity seem like small blessings to the creators, but to me it's the little things that fill my heart the most with love.

It's not about win or lose. We all have lost when we took part in joining vultures on missions to murder what you thought was evil, but reality sinks in as you realize that is your brother and sister laying lifeless on the ground over beliefs that taught us we were different. It didn't take much for me to recognize you're me as I am you, meaning this universe we share hold us all in the same place because the organization of our beginning nature proved to be fit for peace. It allows me to see my friends turn into family. It allows me to see my relationship become a bond no man nor woman can ever harm. When it's dark and cold, you come out the shadows making the street lights brighter cleaning my vision of my way home. Now I'm safe in my mind with people like you that love and care about me. Brothers and sisters alike stand tall against evils that seek to kill the Sparks I cause from the positive Ora I have inside me that makes your pains go away. A heart break almost claimed my grave, but friends like you have proved to me that better days were not far away. As I was strong enough to carry on I lived long enough to see brighter days. We've seen the rain we were warned about that brought pressures that built up from overthinking instead allowing a brother and sister to supply cover from the storm. This is a place where the truth stays in the light because we see to eye. People compliment us on our connection all the time, and they use us as a prime example of what true friends are for in this life and the next.

I've got so much love to give in my heart. I'd gladly go back and forth between heaven and hell to be with people like you. The story of true friends has become mere fairy tales to people with limited space in their hearts and minds. If I'm your friend, lover, or brother there should be no doubt in your hearts that I'm officially yours. Let the whole world know my love is real for you is real. Whatever road I choose which could bring about changes surrounding fame, fortunes, or even death. I won't fall short of the loyalty I provided at the start of our friendship. Everywhere I'm looking now I'm surrounded by love and grace. You all are the real Angels and Gods I hoped to meet making each day feel like paradise here in Heaven on Earth. However long you may live, I would want to live the same amount of years minus a day because I wouldn't want to live without you. Imagining us in old age brings me to tears of joy looking back at the walls filled with memories we all created and put together. At age 95 as we sit on a cushioned bench to watch the sunset I will mention the end, but it brush by like the wind does when the world seems to fade when we engage in conversation. The thoughts won't come back until one of us lies on a comfortable bed for resting for the rest of this lifetime. I will look to each of you with the finest smile of all as I say, "oh this is the end of the story already? I wish we could go back to the beginning".

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