Majic Chapter 15: Bonded

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Sorry I haven't posted in months! I hope you'll all forgive me when you read Chapter fifteen!!

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Chapter 15: Bonded


I was plunged in darkness. Then, I saw The Dark One, so clear it was almost scary. He smiled.

“You are about to witness the most beautiful creation.” he whispered in my ear.

Then, he glanced at the door. I, knowing what to do, forced myself to walk through. It was dark, poorly lit. Guards were everywhere. There, in the room, was Lucy. Her veins were black, and her face scarred like The Metal's had been. In each corner of the room, a soldier was at attention.

The Dark One followed me, then nodded at the soldiers. They each advanced at her.

Before I could protect my sister, The Dark One took hold of my hands. Then, before my eyes, my little sister punched the first one. He went down. She then sidekicked the one to her right. I was confused. She never knew karate like that. Then, she put her palm out to the one on her left, his face smacking into it. Then, for the last one, she flicked her wrist. Darkness pushed through her hands, and then it choked the last one to death.

I screamed, then all I saw was darkness.


I woke, screaming. Dirk, my night guard, came to my side in a flash.

“Ma’am, are you alright?”

“Get The Matal and the rest of my advisors now.” I said, which was the only clear thought going through my mind.

He left quickly. I went to the bathroom. I brushed my hair and through a forta over my nightgown. When I emerged from the screen, a servant had brought a tea tray and some cups. I went to pour a glass when Dirk returned with Natalie, Jacob, The Matal, and Ella.

“Is everything ok?” asked Natalie.

“No.” I said.

As we sat on the bed and at the table, I carefully described the scene I’d witnessed.

“It’s like she has his power, like he... transformed her.” I finished, my voice quivering.

Ella wrapped her arms around me. “It’s ok.”

“He might have been trying to draw you out.” said Jacob.

“Even if he is, my sister has been made a monster.” I whispered.

The Matal said nothing, just looked at me, almost as if he were studying me.

We talked about what we would do next, and although I didn’t like it, we would alert the council in the morning. When everyone but The Matal left, we were quiet. He finally spoke.

“Before your meetings, Jacob decided to have you look over Sod and Yul. They are both traitors, but I thinks this should be your choice.” he said.

“Where is Notch and Jen?” I asked.

“Afterwards, I will choose their fates. You may put your inputs in, but I beg you to let me do most of the talking.” he said.

“Fine with me. I already did Harley, so now you get to deal with them. Besides, I’d probably put them to Harley’s punishment, too.”

“I heard about that. Not a good choice. They will fear you more now.”

“I had to show them.” I said, looking away from him. “You know that. If I show them, they might not try to kill me. However, to others, I shall be merciful.” I said.

“So, merciful to Yul and Sod?” he asked.

“Maybe.” I said.I yawned. “What time is it?”

“Ten to one.”

“Then goodnight.” I said.

He smiled slyly and left. Finally. I lumped onto the bed and slept for a while more.




“Stacy, wake up.” said Alina.

I sat up. Stacy was getting a bath ready. “C’mon, I have to make you gorgeous again.”

I smiled at the thought, then went into the bathroom. I bathed, then Alina brushed my hair while I tried to do my own makeup.

“No no no, you have it all wrong! You put the black powder on your eyelashes, the brown ones on your eyebrows after you trim them like this…” then she’d take over and show me how to do it. It was one of my first practices with tailor skills.

Then, I dressed in a blue gown with silver buttons on the edge and sunrises on the neck. I slipped my dirty forta on, which had brown smudges and the color fading.

“It wasn’t made well.” said Alina sadly. “We have limited resources below ground, now more than ever.”

I got into some golden slippers, then we were on the way. We then came to The Matal. He was in an elaborate robe under his forta, with his face shaved and his hair combed back. I then twitched my fingers, and his light blue robe went darker.

“I thought you would look better in dark blue.” I said when he noticed. We, together, walked down the passage to the Main Hall. It was lively. People stared at us, with our somewhat-nice clothes and our power. As we sat down, The Matal gave an uneasy glance, almost as if he were nervous. I put my hand on his arm.

“Is everything ok?” I asked.

He paused for a moment, then said, “Yes, I guess it’s fine.”

I was concerned. “Really?” I asked, raising a brow. He didn’t look back, just said, “It’s ok.” Whatever it was, it was seriously scaring me.

We ate lumpy oatmeal for breakfast. It looked as if we were being underfed.

“Why have the meals got more…”

“Cheap?” The Matal offered. “We needed some of the food money for troops and resources. Trust me, some people are being underfed. Only one meal a day for our surface troops.”

I was baffled. “No. Then I’m changing that. Everyone will get all three meals everyday. No matter what.”

“Well,” he said. “I’m working on it. We just won a battle last week, and raided two camps of food and money. Got about seventeen thousand gold coins, some weapons like knifes, and seven hundred meals of food.”

“Why does noone tell me these things?”

“Because the military… er… wants nothing to do with you.”

I perked up. “Sorry? But I am their queen, and I think I’m useful to the military affairs.”

“Hey, I just got word a few days ago from Jacob.” he said. “Why don’t you be there today? It’s after dinner, we have it.”

Before I could answer, a man came up and bowed.

“Speak.” said The Matal.

He rose. “Your majesties, the trials start in twenty minutes. Shall I clear the room of tables.”

“Yes.” I said.

He glared at me, but bowed and said, “Of corse.”

As he left, THe Matal said, “Some still don’t exactly like you.”

“Understandable.” I said.

As he left, I shifted my view to Ella, who I could spot, running into the hospital with three other healers. They looked like they were in a rush. Meanwhile, the tables were cleared within minutes, and the guards brought the four- Sod, Yul, Jen and Notch- to us. Up from the dais they looked like small bugs.

The Matal nodded at me and I said, “Jennifer, Notch, Yul and Sod, all of you are convicted for plotting and acting against the King and the Queen. Yul, stand forward.”

Yul was pulled forward, trembling. Now, when all odds were against her, she was terrified.

In my best queen’s voice, I asked, “Do you deny said charges?”

“No.” she said quietly.

“And exactly why did you do this?” I had planned that part alone. I put her on the spot.

She didn’t speak. Just stood, trembling.

I arched a brow. “Very well. You are guilty,and you will remain off the battlefields and in the kitchens. Consider yourself very lucky.”

The guard pulled her back. Up next was Sod, whom I also gave the same. But the scariest part that I felt I was doing no wrong, that it even felt good. It was like becoming a monster.

When Jen and Notch came forward, The Matal took over.

“Did you or did you not plot and act against me and The Alimic?” he growled.

“We did.” said Jen. “Because she is not yet a rightful queen.”

“And how is she not?” he asked coolly.

“It’s against tradition.” said Notch. “You must be married.”

I snapped up. Married?!

“And what have you been planning against your queen’s back?” sneered Jen. “With the council? Are you truly lovers?”

“Silence.” said The Matal.

“The Dark One was smart enough to know this. How come you didn’t?” te sneered.

“Enough!” I barked, my own rage boiling.

They fell quiet, with smirks. Truly, they were evil.

“You will be in prison for the next eighty years.” said The Matal. “Dismissed.”

He then stood, crossed the dias, and through the doors. I followed suit.

“Matal.” I said, catching up to him. He turned. “What did they mean by all that? Marriage? Plot?”

He actually paled slightly, then sighed, and said “come.”

I followed onto his chambers, and he shut the door. They were exactly like mine.

“Matal?” I asked quietly.

“You weren’t supposed to know. It was going to be…” e sighed again, and that’s when I realized how old he was. He always looked in his twenties, but lately, he looked more like…. Seventeen? Eighteen? I was only a year or two behind.

“A king can’t just choose a queen, and the people can’t either.” he said. “They have to be married before. However, I’ve ruled since I was twelve, so…”

“We have to marry?”


“And you were hiding it from me this entire time?”

“I was going to propose.” he said. “I knew you wouldn’t like it if you got the news like this, so I was going to propose, marry, and tell you after.”

I couldn’t believe that. “So… what now?”

He wouldn’t meet my gaze. “We must marry.”

I froze. “B-b-but-t I-I’m only-y nineteen.”

“That doesn’t matter. I’m twenty, and I am young of marriage too.” he laughed when he saw my jaw drop. “Yes, I’m only twenty. Not thirty.”

“You just sound so… experienced.” I said in disbelief.

“Well,” he smiled. “I have been ruling since I was about twelve. Of course, I had help.”

I sighed. “When?”

“The council planned…”

I shot up. “The council?! So, you were planning this with them! No wonder she knew!” Anger rose up.

“They forced me.” he said. “They said-”

“That will not matter now!” I roared. I marched out of the room to Jacob, standing outside. “Get the council ready, now!”

His brow shot up. “Why?”

“Just do it.” I growled.

The Matal grabbed my arm. “Stacy, please.”

I pulled away. “I do not care!”

I marched to the council room, The Matal at my heels.

“This isn’t a good idea.” he said. “The council will come back at full force if-”

I marched in, the council somehow already assembled. Jacob looked stony.

“Stacy-” he pled.


I went to the head of the table. “So,” I snarled. “You decided that you would take my life into your hands, hm?”

They stared. “Majesties.” said Kunkou. “What is this? Can you not contain yourselves?”

“I don’t know,” I snapped. “How about I plan your wedding behind your back?”

Some faces when pale, others just still.

“Council.” said The Matal, putting a restraining arm on me. “She found out by Jen. She and I will decide what to do next. However, I believe we still need to discuss something.”

He sat me down before seating myself. I couldn’t say anything, because I knew I’d be in for it. I just sat there.

“Now, we must act soon. Our forces are assembled, and they are ready. The travel to through the tunnels to the base will take a week, and the surface travel another five days.” said The Matal.

“If we want to travel, it must be now.” said Jacob.

The Matal nodded. Meanwhile, everyone was looking at me. Soon, I noticed darkness swirling around me. The Matal took my hand under the table and gave it a squeeze.

“Sorry.” I said, letting it drop.

“If you will marry.” said Werer. “We could always do it in name. No fancy things or ball, or ceremonies. Just a few vows, some guests, and we have a discreet wedding.”

“We need to show unity.” objected John. “Show the people that they are one.”

As they babbled on, I let my mind roll on what happened. Fine day, very nice life, than an hour later we’re discussing my marriage to a man I don’t truly know.

“What do you want, Stacy?” asked Natalie.

I took a breath and looked at The Matal. He shrugged. “It’s your choice.”

“Marriage in name.” I said. “For now. Maybe later we can do something more exquisite. But for now, name.”

“Great.” said The Matal. “It’s settled. I’ve also got some ideas for the new councilmen, but I’ll leave that to you. For now, we have other matters. Dismissed.”

They rose, all bowed, and left. I left to the training rooms, where I would've been half an hour ago.

“Right.” said The Matal. “Today let’s focus on blinding others.”

First, we worked with light. I tried to pinpoint it, then send it in a brilliant white sear to the dummy’s eyes. Then, we went to work with darkness. I covered eyes in thick black ribbons, then concealed it in the eye itself.

“Good job.” said The Matal as we headed to lunch. “You’ll be fine in battle.”

The lunch was unreal. We got fish sent from above, rice, and water. It wasn’t what we were used to, but it still wasn’t awful. Messengers from the workshops, John (the councilmen in the seat for Zalritics, or weapon makers) and Jacob, all preparing us for battle.

As I headed back to the training room, Ella was at my side in a flash.

“Stacy, come quick.” she said. “A boy is dying right now, and no one is powerful enough to save him. Quick!”

We darted back down the corridors, and shot through the hall. People gasped and murmured. Meanwhile, more healers arrived to help. We went into the hospital.

As we came into the wing, a boy sat on a bed, shuttering, mumbling. He was having a seizure.

“He was found with a brain tumor yesterday.” said Ella.

I cast my hand on his head. I called for health. The power seemed to arise inside of me.I focused it on the boy, praying for him. Soon, he stopped shuttering, and he became very still.

The nurses checked on him as Jacob and The Matal arrived. At that point, the boy was clearly breathing. I was overseeing the boy.

“No signs of tumor yet, majesties.” said one girl named Mylee.

“Keep searching.” was my order. They rubbed their hands on his head, knowing that if a jolt of energy came through, it was the tumor. However, none came through the next thirty minutes.

“We’ll tell you when he’s awake.” promised Ella.

I nodded, then turned to go. The Matal excused himself, and he left. I walked with Jacob.

“You are teaching today.” he said.

My gut jolted. “Teaching?” How was this suddenly worse than having to save a kid's life?

“Beginners. Kids who just assumed power. You are teaching how to control power, not to be afraid of it.” said Jacob.

“And were they normal people too?” I asked.

“Yes, and no. Som have majic parents.” said Jacob.

I went into the training rooms. Seven Gravitio kids were standing there. Some were shaking. But one had a fierce look on her face. She had golden hair and skin, bright red freckles, and shining hazel eyes.

“Children.” said Jacob simply. “This is The Queen. She’s going to be teaching you today.”

The children bowed and curtsied. I smiled kindly at them.

“Thank you, Jacob.” I said. Jacob bowed as well and left. I now faced the children.

“Well, it’s nice to meet you all.” I said. “Now, you all have learned to summon, correct?”

They all nodded, the blonde with deep eagerness.

“Great. Now, if you could all summon for me, we can then move forward.”

They all raised their hands. I felt a slight breeze.

“Ok.” I said. “Not bad. Now, please find two random items, each of you.”

They hesitated, then rushed off. I heard one whisper, “What?”

Nonetheless, they all found different items.

“Excellent.” I said. “Now, put the lighter one in front of you. Now spread out. And try to push it across the room.”

Again, they summoned. The blonde and a few others got theirs across the room. Others barely moved.

“Come on. Push. Your magic can’t turn away. It will not not accept the push. You have total control.” I jostled.

After some more trying, they finally got the hang of it.

“Great.” I said. “Really great. Now, get the heavier item and blow that.”

They set their items up once more, then pushed it. This time, though, they all managed to push the books, water bottles, and even shoes across the training rooms.

“Alright. Perfect.” I said, grinning. “Now, try to blow some wind in a wide blow.”

“How?” asked a boy.

“Like this.” I said.

I raised my arms wide, and send a billowy breeze across the class. Some gasped in awe, others looked excited to learn to do it.

After another urge to push themselves, they started sending long, hard breezes across the room.

“Alright,” I said. “You did well today. You’re dismissed.”

That was when the blonde girl came up.

“Yes?” I asked kindly.

“Do you think I can do good magic?” she asked.

“Well, I suppose anyone can do it when you try enough.” I said. “What’s your name?”

“Nivia, ma’am.” she said.

“Well, Nivia, I’m sure you can do great someday.” I said.

She nodded, then hurried off to tell her friends.

I hurried off too. I straightened up as I walked through the corridors when I heard a voice say, “Your majesty?”

“Yes?” I asked, turning to the voice. It was Mylee, the healer that worked with Ella.

“Ella said you were needed in the council chambers.”

I nodded and headed off to the conference room. I entered, and they all looked grave.

I sat next to The Matal as he said, “Jacob, repeat what you told us once more.”

Jacob stood and faced me. “The Dark One will be starting his journey to the base in a week’s time. You must marry right now and get to the base before it’s too late.”

I stared. “W-w-what?”

“Stacy.” said Jacob. His voice sounded hurt, sorrowful. “You must marry.”

Again, I stared for a moment, letting it register. I was to be married. To The Matal. Right now.

I then snapped out of it. I had to. Whether or not it pained me, I had to. Hundreds of lives depended on me. I nodded. “Very well.” I said softly.

Natalie pushed a paper towards me, along with a quill and some ink. The Matal went first. Slowly, carefully, he signed it.


Matal, King of Majics


I took a breath as I took the quill. My hand wavered above the paper, then slowly signed.


Alimic, Queen of the Majics


As I handed it back to Natalie, Werer whispered, “it’s done.”

I faced The Matal. We were now wed.


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