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What 'he' means to me.

Submitted: May 20, 2017

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Submitted: May 20, 2017



So many things I wanna say,

So many things I can't do today,

I'm wasting all my time,

Refining this note of mine,

and saying...


You are my angel,

You are my star,

You are the ruler,

The King of my heart.

You are my healer,

You are my sun,

You are the keeper,

 The keeper of my heart


But I know I am not able,

I never was capable,

Of saying what I'm reading,

Off this paper like proceedings...

Things like...


You are my diamond,

That glows in the dark,

You are the sovereign,

The emperor of my heart.

You are the color,

That makes everything here brighter,

You are my spark,

The starter of my heart.


Still, I can't say it's not true,

Everything I think about you,

Is scribbled on this memo,

Although you'll never know.


You are my hero,

You are my love,

You are the owner,

The owner of my heart.


Tonight I'm gonna meet you,

The first time that I'll see you,

I'm breathing fast,

Heart's beating fast...


I've memorized every single word,

It's all engraved in my heart.

I start, "Have you ever heard...?"

But I can't 'cos it's too hard.


But, do you see it in my eyes?

Do you hear my silent cries?

I need you so much.

I love you too much.


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