Slowly Fading

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Cups, platters came flying down with a loud this!

Submitted: May 20, 2017

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Submitted: May 20, 2017




Cups, Platters came flying down with a loud thud. 

Loud coking sobs took over Elisha’s body. She was only thirteen and was all ready thinking about dying. Elisha didn’t want to die, but it was hard not to think about death with Muscular Dystrophy ravaging her body. She had already lost the use of her legs, and was beginning to loose the use of her arms, loosing the use of her arms meant she would loose the ability to write in her own hand, and become dependent on a computer, then she would loose the ability to breathe on her own and require a ventilator. 

Elisha envied the girls at school who worried about boys, clothes and grades. Those were the least of her worries. She worried about living, worried about fighting because her life was one big fight. She fought for her independence which she was slowly loosing. A little bit more independence taken from her each day. She depended on her Mother more and more. Now she needed her Mother’s help with simple things like going to the restroom, taking baths and dressing. 

Her dependence embarrassed her to tears at times. It left her out of things like slumber parties and roller-skating. Just thinking about her friends skating brought tears to 
Elisha hated being full of self pity, but could not help it sometimes. 

“How am I going to get this mess cleaned up? “ Elisha asked herself tears falling from her eyes. 

Elisha was determined to get the mess cleaned up herself. It was a small task for Some but not for Elisha. 
Cleaning up the mess was no easy test, not for Elisha. Sweeping up a mess on the floor which may have taken someone else a few short minutes took Elisha nearly an hour. She grew frustrated after awhile, but got it cleaned up. 

When she completed the task she had a moment of satisfaction. She was at least able to clean up after herself. This was one of Elisha’s better days. Elisha cherished days like that but knew they wouldn’t always be there. Soon the day would come when she 
wouldn’t be able to cut her own meat, or even lift a spoon to her mouth. It was a hard fact but one she would have to face. 

“Life isn’t easy with Muscular Dystrophy.” Elisha would often say, “But you have to do something to make a difference with your life make an impact.” 

Elisha prayed that they would find a cure, before she died, but already time was running short. She was already thirteen, and most people with Duchene’s died by the time they were twenty one that only gave her eight short years. 

One of Elisha’s goals was to go to and graduate college. She didn’t known if she could make it that long only God did, but if she didn’t it would not be from lack of fighting, and trying. She’d already been working at least two grade levels above in all her subjects because she was so determined to get to College. If she made it through college and lived long enough her greatest goal was to become a teacher. 

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