A journey from nothing to nothingness

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Submitted: May 21, 2017

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Submitted: May 21, 2017



“ JOUNREY From nothing to nothingness”

Go on…. I can’t wait for long,
Pray! maybe caravan had gone,
Peasant girl sweet rhythm of song,
Sweat so sweet in sun over boon,
White crow pulling his leg with bong,
Terrified fox fixing her tail by don, 
Eagles scream meat meat smell of pong,
Hollow shadows hot cool place to sawn,
At tiny moment breeze of wind goes on….

Storm and light, fight, covering each other far,
White and black as two times right for war,
Drums of wisdom sink wine of music!
Earth breaths wide for long run,
Sky puts there feather on turn,
Kissing the earth like pillow wit by night,
Doom darkness as blind person having no light,
Quick of the sketch drawn by art to art,
Her hands full of dust shaking the air goes on…….

Silence from tomb, grave and gravestone,
Heart broke heart giving false sermon,
Everything ,nothing, colouring for wrong,
Spirits dancing by the beat of naked song,
Smoke of pipe gazing sight furlong,
Egotism, self-center and me as clown,
Laughing, crying blowing wind in lawn,
Nazi tank do destroy feelings of German,
This desert place 3rd phase had goes on…

Feelings there is no such place at bottom of the sea,
Machine here could talk and take you by fee,
Twenty and one time we are to be free,
Trifle destruction of world three,
Coming and passing,
From generation to generation flea,
Nothing had achieved they are blind don’t see,
God forbid our bad deeds in the shadow heaven’s lee,
Human are going from nothing to nothingness as to zee.




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