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Submitted: May 21, 2017

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Submitted: May 21, 2017



I have never felt more stupid. I guess my mother was right about him. Just look at him. I wonder if I hate him more than I hate myself right now. Do I have to listen to all of that? Can’t I just ignore him and wait until it’s over? No. I want to hear this. Maybe I don’t judge him fairly. But come on!

My mother WAS right and I was so dumb not to realize, especially when he ordered his first latte. But I’m gonna do good without him. Sure, I put on some weight, but I can lose it just as fast. Oh, boy I am mad at myself. See I am 28 years old and yet another relationship is over.

You rock, girl!

Few of these and I’m gonna die alone. This is just humiliating. It’s all clear now. Yet you have to explain it to me as if I was a caveman. Actually, I feel like one. And those gestures, your shirt and that freaking latte. It is all right there. I cannot even order latte anymore. I’m sick even looking at the thing.

Oh, my mother was so right about you, boy. 

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