Missing Dog Ad

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Submitted: May 21, 2017

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Submitted: May 21, 2017



Missing Dog Ad--

"Power and Delusion" Magazine



"Missing, Donatailia--a rather hefty dog with a hairstyle that hasn't been in style since the 950's--err-that's never been in style, missing since Jan. 20th--may be frightened, which causes him to lash out viciously. Unable to act in a rational way, and has difficulty not being a dick in social settings--well, he has difficulty not being a dick in any situation--if seen, do not attempt to catch him, unless you have a catch pole, several tranquilizer darts, and thick work gloves. May answer to 'That Dumb Bastard'. Call 1-800-Rabies if spotted. Trained professionals will be dispatched to try to control him, but the truth is, they appear to be stymied as well. You may be better off having nothing to do with him, like the trained professionals. Reward for NOT reporting him, paid by the owner."



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