My favorite robot

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I am taking a course on futurelearn. This is my first assignment to write about my fsavorite robot

Submitted: May 21, 2017

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Submitted: May 21, 2017



Coming from a mechanical engineering and software enginnering background, robotics came as a complementary skill I had to learn. I only have to add an electrical engineering skill and voila, I had enough knowledge to put together a robot.

What does a robot entail: 

  1. A robot should receive instructions: Instructions come through sensors or internally from a computer program.
  2. The robot then makes a decision through a set of already programed decision.
  3. It then takes action mechanically(robot) or electronically(IoT).
  4. It may send a feedback on the action taken.

My favorite robot is an automated boom barrier. It is so simple and so efficient. An unmanned robot that makes money night or day. To me, othing compares to a boom barrier. It's simplicity and elegance is mind blowing.

Why is it a robot. You make a payment, this is your input. It makes a decision based on whether your balance has been paid off. It raises the boom and the payment is logged in a system somewhere. I love systems that make you money when you are asleep. This is why I love automated boom barriers.

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