Fading Lights

Fading Lights

Status: In Progress

Genre: Mystery and Crime



Status: In Progress

Genre: Mystery and Crime




Silence...it was all silence. The bitter cold, the damp cement.
Crimes, robberies, the lies...it all tied like a bow...

For days, I was alone, or was I?
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Silence...it was all silence. The bitter cold, the damp cement.
Crimes, robberies, the lies...it all tied like a bow...

For days, I was alone, or was I?

Chapter1 (v.1) - Whispers of the Wind

Author Chapter Note

BEWARE! Some parts may cause delusions and trigger people. Don't read if you get triggered easily.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 21, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 21, 2017



Woosh! Woosh! 


The wind blew like never before. The windows moved by the winds powerful strength. Then, it began to pour. The clouds made so much engery, that lightning became a part of the storm. The trees blew like a hurricane, the trash cans flews away, the windows...making it easier for us to hear the wind. 


"Ash, get your ass in here!" My mom shouted, from the kitchen. I didn't want to go in there, since she was grouchy and cooking non-stop. 


"Okay mom I am coming." I told her. 


I got off the couch and stretched my legs, because I sat on them while the storm was approaching. I slowly walked my way, yawning like a cat and not caring. 


I walked into the kitchen to see my mom putting frosting on the cake she baked for my grandmas party. Seriously? "Mom, what the hell do you want?" I groaned at her and wiped my eyes. 


She threw the frosting jar on the floor and headed to my face. She pointed at me. "Young lady, we do NOT talk back to the older fellas, do we?" She gave me the long stare. I was not going to try to fight her. 


"Sorry mom, what do you need?" I said politely. I yawned, hoping she would get the hint. She clearly didn't care. 


"I need you to clean the table and put all the food in the van for tonight. And I am NOT asking." She told me with a stern voice. I grabbed all the food and went out to the van. Back and forth. As I got the last thing in the van, my boyfriend, Xavien, showed up in his Camaro. 


He wore his suit that I bought him for homecoming. He walked up to me as my heart raced with excitement. He hugged me so tightly, I couldn't breathe. "Okay I need to breathe!" I said while choking. 


He let go of me, and kissed my forehead passionately. "Sorry babe, I meant to call but I figured you would let me go with you to your grandmas party, that is, if your mom will let me." 


I kissed his soft lips, holding him so gently...and so breathtaking. "She loves you Ave, but not as much as me." I kissed him even more. Every kiss made the moment more pure. 


"Okay you two! Stop smooching and help mama out! Ash, we have to be there in 45 minutes, so hurry up and get ready." She put the salad in the van. I gave her a look. She sighed heavily, "Ash, you are not wearing emo shit to her party. I am not going to let you wear that in her home. She is old fashioned. Hello Xavien, how is your mom?" 


He gave her a nervous/worried look. "She is fine, thank you. May I come to the party? I have nothing else to do." Uh oh, my mom looks straight-on angry. "Fine, but help your lady find a dress and get her out here by 2:15, it is 1:55. Hurry!" Yes, my baby can come along. 


I ran inside and went downstairs. My clothes were in the dryer, as I am lazy to fold my clothes. Ave found me a nice red dress and white heels. He grabbed my make-up bag. "Babe, you look high. Put make-up on and brush your teeth. It is 2:08." I put on black eyeshadow but some light blue and glitter, eyeliner, mascara, and red lipstick. I didn't have enough time for anything else. 


"Okay, let's go!" We ran up and got outside before my mom locked the doors. I got in the front since my mom was making me drive, all because her food would've spilled otherwise. "Alright, she lives by the theater right?" Mom nodded. 


Here we go! We listened to 'See you again' and we had fun, until a drunk driver sped up to us and....




I woke up, in the woods, it was dark...the van was all the way up the hill. "Mom! Xavien!" I ran up...and my mom was in the back...her seatbelt cut her neck a few inches...Xavien, however, was gone. 


I looked everywhere...he wasn't to be found. "Xavien!" I checked my mom as she kept bleeding out...she was dead....


I was alone, I was bleeding, bruised up, my dress was torn up, my heels broke so I went barefoot, my hair was messy and leaves were in my hair...I was a mess...and I was alone...


I walked...on and on...on and on...I didn't stop...I had nothing with me...I was still alone...finally on the streets waiting for someone to come by...


"Help!!!" I cried out...shouting from the top of my lungs. I sat down on the edge, still waiting. 


Then, I heard something...headlights! "HELP ME!" I got up and waved for help. The car stopped, and the window rolled down. A lady with brown hair and slight make-up, looked at me. "Hey dear, you okay?" 


I panted. "Do I look okay to you? My mom is dead and my boyfriend vanished. We crashed up that mountain...I walked here and waited hours for help...I need help!" The lady looked at the man who was driving...they talked quiet...the man looked at me...but then shrugged off. 


"Okay we will help you, get in. We live 40 miles from here. We will get you cleaned up, get you something eat, let you sleep and send you to the shelter." She smiled at me like she was happy about seeing me. 


Relief came upon my mind, my heart slowed down. "Thank you!" I got in the car and buckled in. No kids? Hmm, interesting! I felt happy and calm, I can get help. We went on for miles...I felt bad for leaving my dead mom behind...but she died...


"Okay here we are!" The gate opened and my eyes were in heaven. It was a nice modern home with gray shutters and a fountain...dogs were outside too...barking...


I got out and one of the dogs tried to bite me. The lady grabbed the dogs collar. "Sorry he is mean to everyone but me. Come in, I will give you a bathe and my husband will make you something to eat..." I felt like I was at home. 


I went inside and it was small, but it smelled really good. I saw steep stairs...a nice couch and a small television. 


"Where is the bathroom?" I asked the lady. 


She laughed. "Let me go with you. I will help you...are you hurt?" I yelped in pain..."Yep!" She helped me get up the stairs. She shouted. "Richard, get the big first aid kit and the holy water with tea!" 


We got to the bathroom, the tub was small but it worked...she took off my dress and my underwear. "Lovely dress...shame it is torn up." She threw it in the trash. I yawned. "Yeah, it was my grandmas party I was heading to...then a drunk driver got to us and the next thing I know...we are down hill...I can't remember much." She helped me in the tub...it was steaming and bubbly. But my wounds hurt so bad. 


The man walked in with a huge first aid kit...and left. The lady grabbed a sponge and washed off the blood and the dirt. She made me feel better. "What is your name young lady?" She asked me. 


"Ashland Atkins. My mom was Savey Atkins and my boyfriend was Xavien Dutch. My dad died when I was 3 years old. Edward Atkins Growts...the head of Spaily Enterprise..." She was so shocked...and surprised by the names...


"Your father, Edward? Tall, black hair, glasses, was always giving others money...he was my moms first lover...she died years ago from cancer, but, let's get you out. We need to clean up those wounds and get you dressed and fed." 


She got me out and dried...my back was really skinned up and my leg was wounded bad. She put a towel around my chest...and got out the rubbing alcohol and poured on my leg...it burned so bad I cried and screamed. She then grabbed a needle..."Woah, why a needle?" 


She grabbed the small bottle of medicine..."You will need stitches. I will call the doctor and let them know to come out here. As for your back...it is needing a shot so it won't get infected." 


She poked my back and it was a nice feeling. The pain went away quickly. She cleaned up my arms and stomach and got me clothes. It was a tank top and nice pajama shorts. She helped me go downstairs and let me sit on the couch since she placed a white towel under me for my leg. 




"That would be the doctor, eat first." I was eating a bowl of pasta and chicken with lettuce and tomatoes. Yummy! 


"Ah here is the young one, yikes that would is large. I will numb it up and stitch it up and wrap it up. I will give you pain meds. Mr and Mrs Fielders, can we speak for a moment?"


Fielders Convo:


"What is it doctor?" I asked. Richard was hesitant. 


"That young lady I know...she is Ash...we found her moms body with her neck being torn off by the seatbelt, a young man was with them but he vanished...we did find him in a dumpster, well...his head at least..the body was found 4 miles away. We can't explain it, but she has nobody left." He said sadly. 


"What about her grandma? She told me they were heading to the party...and drunk drivers ran them over the hill..." I spoke quietly. 


"Yes, she is in a nursing home, that is where they were heading...I suggest you guys take her in for a while. I will put her in the adoption list and let you know when she has someone to care for her. Until then, I suggest you let her stay. She is homeschooled and live in Grandville Plaza, 128 miles from here...be careful though, she does have bipolar disorder...I will take her in the room and get her fixed up. Get a room ready and make sure you are ready." He said like an order. 


"Okay, thank you doctor. Let us know what happens when your done." I said as my husband stared at me angrily. 


Ash view:


"Hello again Ash, I will now take you to the basement...I will explain everything when done. Come on, this would needs care now." The doctor said to me as he lifted me up. 


We went downstairs and the doctor laid out a blanket for me to lay on. He pulled out a needle and gently put the needle in the wound. I cried and screamed...I just wanted to die. 


6 hours later...


"Alright you two, she is all done, she passed out from the pain but she will wake up with more pain. Give her these every 6 hours..." The doctor told the couple. 


Richard spoke up. "David, I am not sure if I can trust this girl...she was looking like hell when she was calling for help in the woods." 


"Richard, she is 16...not 20. She is alone and hurt and scared. If you don't want her here, that is fine, I will take her to the orphange. But I suggest you stop your complaints and help her, it is what is best for her." The doctor yelled at Richard. 


I woke up...on the couch...Richard was watching tv and the lady was watching me, making sure I was fine. 


"I am in sooo much pain!" I cried. I felt the pain like as if the wound opened up. Richard gave me the medication, I laid back down and rested more. Richard and his wife looked at me. Richard opened his mouth. "We have something we need to tell you. Sit up."


I sat up and they both looked at me worriedly. The lady spoke, "Richard and I plan to...adopt you...we were going to send you to foster care but we decided to help you out. And Xavien, he was found...dead...we will homeschool you and keep you until you are 21. Then we will let you go out into the real world on your own. But question is, do you want to be here?"


Are they kidding? I am a handful, but hey, I got nobody else I trust. "Yes, I do. Thank you!" I hugged them both. 


"I will take you up to your room now...let me carry you." Richard said. 


He opened the door. It was a plain room with a small bed, but I am new to them...they need time to get my room prepared. 


"Good night kiddo! Sleep well. If you need anything, we are across the hall." Richard smiled. 


Good night. I got in my covers and turned off the lamp, good night mom, good night Xavien, good night grandma...good night...my new mom and dad...good night. 



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