A Cup of Sugar and a Memory to go Please!

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I have had my hand dealt with depression and anxiety, I just chose to use a sweeter defense.

Submitted: May 21, 2017

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Submitted: May 21, 2017



For some of us in the world, we have a problem of not being able to remember what we forget, for others it is the curse of not being able to forget what we remember.

The world was and is quite full of things that leave a bitter after taste in all our lives. As I grew and evolved, so did my voice in the arts, for better or for worst until I assumed death would I part from it, with scars to match the theory.

I dwelled my seven seas of trials and survived my typhoons, my heavy lid and weary limb days. 

I recall the family meetings of "everything wrong with Jasmine and her bloodline." side handed compliments that turned cold under my icey glares.

I needed something to take the bitterness of what I mistook as the only way life could be for me, away.

As a child, like most children, the very sight of candy brought joy and innocent delight, but for me it was much more, another doorway to narnia. 

Healthwise it isn't one of the most proper choices of regular dietary cosumption, but I assume it to be one of those old treasures humans take for granted
: being able to preserve a few sweet things in life that will never change about them.

Is it a sugar hype or some profound expression of internal endurance, do the cavities lye in my wisdom teeth or do they represent the void and decaying sweetness of the world. not too sure really. 

I wish I could add sugar and creamer to this boiling pot of a world, but alas the cracks have become too deep and the temperature will rise every second until at last we have evaporated in our own selfish hatred. 

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