To be Remembered

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The nature of a memory and what makes it so precious.

Submitted: May 21, 2017

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Submitted: May 21, 2017



If only one could capture the raw beauty of a moment in the frames of photos, that can be placed in dusty albums to be looked back on later, I'd never want to shut my eyes.

If one could hold the unprocessed essence of genuine happiness inside the linings of the heart, I'd wish to never die. If memories could be bore on tokens of great value only by means of good intent, I'd never be poor, sick, old or void of a single emotion that I could have risked never having felt if it could not be held.

As darkness dawns on the glow of that glass dream, i have come to realize that my wish is no different than asking to trap comets in mason jars, harvest the glow of the moon in the satchels I embroidered from its ebony sheet, collect stars in my pockets, or pick sun beams out of a flower bed... for sometimes quantity overcomes quality , they happen once ,twice in a lifetime or never ....

if everything could be touched, collected and stashed way where then is the true intimacy of its nature? To think that something as simple as an old thought can hold treasures worth more than one can dare to dream but never be sold as its preciousness is beyond human comprehension, such is the way of things that can only be remembered ????

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